rad will smith


December sales are always wild to look at in bookselling – here are our top ten bestselling books from our busiest month of the year. In crayon, of course.

Throw Me In The River
The Smith Street Band
Throw Me In The River

You’re an angel, I’m a mess,

Darling, I’ve got nothing left,

Skin I wore when we first met,

Surely has by now been shed,

And I’ll paper over what I lack,

I’ll fill in the pores and cracks,

I hope whatever you were running from,

Didn’t catch you when you thought that you were gone,

And I crossed another border,

Further from home for the third time this week,

And I wish I had the intelligence or identification to buy a phone,

I’d give anything to hear you speak,

Say something sweet,

Say something nice to me…