rad to the power of sick

We’ve survived. Let’s all just enjoy that for a second. There are plagues that have hit every single one of us reading this, and we’ve survived. There are moments when we’ve been at our worse and we powered through and we’ve survived. There are times when we wondered what the point is to keep going if we can die at any moment in our lives and still, we’ve survived.

We’ve lost friends, money, homes, and entire lifestyles. We’ve been sick, we’ve been forgotten, we’ve been overlooked, we’ve been rejected, and we’ve survived.

That’s fucking rad. I hope we all keep surviving, and I hope that we can all enjoy those times when things are pretty cool for a while.

ummurlhere  asked:

helo i love u and i hope u have a day as sick as u B)))) *kickflips into the distance*

I LOVE YOU TOO THANK U AAAAAA ure so nice also ure super rad i hope u have the coolest day cos ure the coolest kid