rad pic


some pics for the new star special!! cause like, it was super fucking good and i had to draw something for it, something turned into two things and now i’ve been doing nothing but drawing from 2 till 8,,, but ya kno, sometimes thats just what you gotta do.

Guys guys guys.

Why is everybody in the tags acting like Moon had no aim and totally messed up her first shot at Toffee? That was totally intentional. She missed on PURPOSE. She shot off his finger to scare him/his army/the monsters. She never had any intention of killing him, she just wanted to end the war/rebellion quickly.

The reason why she didn’t just kill him was because if he died, Eclipsa would have been released par the course for their bargain. Since she never actually killed Toffee she never had to honour her deal with Eclipsa. So she got to have a powerful spell that would scare off from attacking her kingdom, WHILE avoiding the consequences of making her deal. Pretty much she pulled a ‘have her cake and eat it too’ move. 

Why do you think the whole time Star was pushing her to retaliate against Toffee she was insistent that they couldn’t face him? Because the moment he dies, Eclipsa is released. She was pushing as hard as she was to avoid killing Toffee entirely to avoid honouring her vow. But now?

Toffee is dead.

So Eclipsa will be free

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