rad owls

So i don’t see a lot of people talk about this, but-

Liking bands like Linkin Park, Evanescene, or Owl Coty isn’t cringy.

Linkin Park is fucking awesome, their songs hold powerful and meaningful messages. Evanescene has a lovely voice, her music is fucking rad. Owl City is creative, calming, and beautiful. Music isn’t fucking cringy just because people turned it into a meme, ridicules it, and makes fun of it. Enjoy your fuckin songs, man.

Isn’t this just lovely?! A gorgeous commission I bought from @owlygem, the queen of snoots! Thank you so much for your precious time, Owly! 

I love every bit of this! The position and composition is absolutely lovely. And the chemistry between them is believable and portrayed beautifully through the expression and postition! The shading is stupendous and the addition of Sheila and Sir Hootsalot warms my heart <3

Thank you so much! I love it so much! Look at my babies <333

Just some lovely Bows n Arrows


I did a TOTAL MAKEOVER of my necro and finally I can dress her in bikini armor to show this rad owl tattoo. Though I really like “I fought a bear and won“ face, I just couldn’t make it work with the armor skins I needed and since I wasn’t happy with these few looks I’ve tried, she wasn’t getting much love >.> Also she has two fully leveled crafts on her plus almost 50% of the map discovered, just couldn’t scrap the girl and make a new necro…

Waaay, WAAAAY better now. Also this subtle abs :3

She’s the first one to get a second equip set - Triple Trouble husk killing condi set with ascended Teq weapons is not good for discovering the map, too slow for killing trash mobs, so I’ve got her some zerk/assassin.

Now I need druid’s staff to be a melee weapon, so I can make a ranger with this badass scarred face. Think it’s going to work better with some more covering armor.