rad owls


I did a TOTAL MAKEOVER of my necro and finally I can dress her in bikini armor to show this rad owl tattoo. Though I really like “I fought a bear and won“ face, I just couldn’t make it work with the armor skins I needed and since I wasn’t happy with these few looks I’ve tried, she wasn’t getting much love >.> Also she has two fully leveled crafts on her plus almost 50% of the map discovered, just couldn’t scrap the girl and make a new necro…

Waaay, WAAAAY better now. Also this subtle abs :3

She’s the first one to get a second equip set - Triple Trouble husk killing condi set with ascended Teq weapons is not good for discovering the map, too slow for killing trash mobs, so I’ve got her some zerk/assassin.

Now I need druid’s staff to be a melee weapon, so I can make a ranger with this badass scarred face. Think it’s going to work better with some more covering armor.

“… and so i write”