rad notebook

Yay! Mr. Mail Man just knocked on my door, and had this for me, this certainly just made my whole month. I’m soooo happy.
Thank you for your sick merch, for being you, basically.. Thank you for everything. You and Solas never cease to brighten up my day. 

Much love, smooches and hugs! *finger-guns*

That notebook is RAD AND I’M IN LOVE

Thank you so much for buying my merch! *finger-guns back*



This is my “I’ve got 20 minutes before work and I’m shopping with my sister who doesn’t know I lift” baby haul. 😂
Got all this at TJ’s. And yes, I was hungry, so I was like “why not?”
super rad vintage notebooks: $4.99
Starlight LED Wire String Lights: $7.99x2
Contessa Sterling Silver Earrings: $19.99
Freakin de-lish gummy sharks: $2.99
Total: $43.95 w/o tax.
Did I need any of this stuff? Prolly f'in not. But I always feel like it’s a wasted stop if I don’t lift something. Like I missed a golden opportunity, ya feel? 😂