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Me? Care about a mortal? As if.  


My two favourite things in games are exploration and dialog (seriously, give me prompts, all the prompts), so suffice it to say I’m enjoying the heck out of Andromeda. Too much, maybe - this game is huge, when do I get my time back.

Also appreciate that the universe’s missing women problem seems to have been resolved - rad lady aliens everywhere! (And no busty Turians, thank the spirits.)

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oi skrub write some monster symmrat stuff and fuel my unhealthy obsessionn with snake symmetra k thanks lov ya

(Sorry that it’s not under a cut. I’m on my phone, not able to sleep again lol)

Spring time.
Finally, when the air is warm, plants are blooming, animals are returning, and the silence of a cold rebirth is coming to an end.

Satya stretched out, being awoken by her den becoming warmer. As her arms went outward and her hair shifted, an odd sensation and sounds of things falling caught her attention. She was leaning back with her arms up, turning her gaze towards the ground. With her arms slightly bent from the stretch, she lowered her left hand to the ground and her right to something popping out of her hair.
Shiny and small stones.
Little colorful papers and pieces of butterfly wings.
There were tons of little things littered about, near her body. She flicked her tongue out. His scent lingered. She smiled thoughtfully.
This strange little mouse. He sure was an intriguing character. She had tried to make him a meal, once, only to be interrupted to save herself from becoming a bird’s meal. Since then, the strange boy has been her companion. She feels sheepish when thinking back on that time and how their newfound relationship came about.

She dusted off her shoulders and stretched more. Tiny bits of this and that continue to fall to the ground. She swears for a moment that she’s covered in gold dust as well. She unwinds her tail, shoving a rather shabby blanket aside. The blanket must have been another surprise from him, since she normally never had one, save for a comforter that she set on the floor of her bed.
Uncurling and slowly waking up, Satya sees how many things her little mouse actually brought her.
If presents were currency, she’d be a rich woman.
Small precious stones, polished minerals, different feathers of different shapes and sizes, glittering dusts, pieces of paper shaped into stars, fish scales, shark teeth, sea shells, evergreen sprigs with delightful scents, and a few pieces of jewelry littered her bed and body.
She was taken a back.
He had come so many different times during the cold months, just to do this. And the cold was usually dangerous just because of the adverse weather.
Many other creatures slept during this time or hid, due to the Uprights being much more capable of catching one of their kind.
She was in awe.
She looked over to the shelf that held the opal he gave her. It glimmered in the dim light that peaked in from the front of her den. What was the point of all of this? Why did someone who she almost killed so nice to her? She thought about him, the way he spoke, how his eyes shined when he would tell her about things he had learned. His body language any time she’d look at him with a hard to read glance. His smile, how his whiskers twitched, his ridiculous laughter, and his unusual scent.
She could feel her heart beating a little faster. She leaned on her right and lounged, bringing a hand to her face to prop herself up.

Despite the fact that she had almost killed him and had so many opportunities to do so, she found that she truly had become quite fond of him. She chuckled to herself. A snake and a mouse, being friends. It was like some kind of fairy story. That thought stopped her line of thinking, because most fairy tales had an odd pair like a snake and mouse fall in love, but there is betrayal due to instinct or mistrust. She frowned. If she never saw him again, or worse, she was the reason for him to…
She covered her face in shame.
Fate was a tricky one.
And with a rather unusual sense of humor.
She knows she has to eat to survive, but to have never known him, had the bird not interfered, would she have ever gotten to know someone so incredible?
She sat in silence, grateful that fate had different plans for she and him.

She then heard a shuffling sound by her door and murmuring. Was it an intruder or, could it be…

“Piece'a junk!” He muttered, her metal roof snagging on his tail. He let out a deep sigh and spoke under his breath, “Hope I didn’t wake her, s'gettin’ warm these days.” He made his way carefully down the passage, tail thrown over his shoulder, nursed by his good paw. The silence of the den seemed almost unnatural. Sure, it was quiet as she slept, but it had more of a, something is being quiet on purpose, feel to it. His nerves started to twitch. What if something happened to her? He started scuttling quickly, hoping he wasn’t to late if anything bad did happen.
He looked towards her bed, noticing her missing. “She’s not there..oh please be out lookin’ for food…please-”

She lunged at him, pinning his legs and torso under her tail, with his arms out spread under her hands, in danger of being pricked by her nails.

“Satya! Oh thank God y’re'alright. I was worried something may’ve got you! Oh! I’m sorry if I woke you up! Today was crazy and I wanted to see if you were up yet and I hope you’re not mad about the mess and-”
She silenced him with a kiss, moving her hands from his arms to cupping his face and gently rubbing his scalp. His whiskers tickled her nose.
She slowly pulled away and looked at him with a mischievous glint and a light flick of her tongue, “Hello my little mouse~”
Catching his breath, Jamison began to smile, “Well how'sit going to you to! Whew!”

She slithered off of him, and he sat up, throwing an arm over a propped up knee with an ear to ear grin on his face. She situated herself close to him, “Thank you for all of the lovely gifts! At first I thought I was covered in dirt and dust.” He chuckled, “It’s alright. You’re welcome.”

They sat there in silence, with smiles on their faces.
“It’s so good to see you again, Satya.”
“And it is wonderful to awaken to you, Jamison.”

Whatever fairy tale they had, Satya made sure that they would somehow make it work.

Honestly, as weird and niche as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is, there’s such a wide variety of locations and genres in each part, that it’s almost impossible to find something in it that doesn’t really resonate with you.

-Part 1 we got superpower kung-fu mixed with classic horror all set in Victorian England

-Part 2 we got ancient Aztec sci-fi mixed with Nazi conspiracy sci-fi with more kung-fu set in various locations (mostly Italy) around WW2

-Part 3 we got 1980′s version of Around the World in 80 days, and from here on out everybody now beats the tar out of each other with imaginary friends

-Part 4 is a slice-of-life/action/comedy/murder mystery set in one town in Japan in 1999

-Part 5 is set in 2001 in Italy and focuses on a FABULOUS squad of mafiosos trying to rise up in ranks in their gang and overthrow the kingpin

-Part 6 is a prison drama set in Florida in 2011. Features a (badass rad) female protag with some other badass rad ladies.

-Part 7 is an AU/reboot set in late 1800′s America and is about a horse race across the continental U.S.

-Part 8 continues the AU/reboot in Japan in 2011 after the Tohoku Earthquake. Mostly a mystery with action, comedy, and drama interwoven. Largely regarded as The Weirdest One (and it’s not even done yet).

All this variety and it still manages to be one cohesive story, with characters and elements from previous parts making returns and other callbacks to show that each part is connected in some way, and built upon one another.

So in TL;DR: Please read/watch JoJo. It good.

Short Thing: Getting Older

Hi! Just a short weird little thing I wanted to talk about and maybe see what other people thought. I’ve seen a lot of fan art or fics, that are about korra and asami getting older. Usually they’re old and happy together and I love the idea of them being rad older ladies, who are still total dorks and totally in love. But when I see them, I get kinda sad. And this goes into the other kinds of pieces i’ve seen, that have shown one of them, remembering the other after they’ve passed.

And that, destroys me. And in a weird way too. Cause obviously, I’ve seen or read or played thousands of things where characters i’m invested in or care about die. And I’ll be sad sure, but at even the thought, or the slightest hint of the death of one of these two? Emotionally i just go to the dumps. Like the idea of it horrifies me lol. That probably just means i’m way too into this. Like it is for this reason, I’m actually in the camp of I don’t want another avatar series. Cause that by default means Korra will have passed, and I can’t deal with that lol. Like when they announced Korra, obviously that meant aang would be dead. And i didn’t think anything of it. But suggest Korra will die, and my brain just cries NOOOO! I already suffered enough just seeing one of them in pain while the other was their to support them! That hurt enough!

Now I think this is probably for two reasons. The easiest is that I think it’s clear I love these dorks more than I usually get into characters. And my friends… THAT is saying something lol, just trust me I get way into characters. And I think reason number two is that they’re two parts of a whole. If one goes, the other has to deal with that loss. I love their relationship and I think of one of them having to go on without the other and that just hurts. A lot. Not to say I don’t think they could handle the loss. I think they would handle it with grace and dignity similar to how Katara lives on. It’s just interesting to me, that the concept of either dying causes more emotional distress in me than literally anything else has for me in fiction.

Just a rambling thought. And I’d be curious to know what anyone else thinks! Personally, I would like to imagine after they’re time they got to run around, still head over heels in love in the spirit world like Iroh. I don’t know how that would work given the whole avatar cycle thing but don’t talk to me about that. Happy in the spirit world! Happy and together!!! I think i might be in too deep here lol.

bands with rad ladies in them

ok so this list is waaaay far from complete but here’s a list of some of my favorite bands with women in them. it’s a pretty diverse list (like seriously - classic rock to metal to indie pop), so there should be something for everyone. most of them are female fronted, there are also a couple girl bands and bands with women playing instruments. each band is listed with their genre(s) and also a song that I feel exemplifies them pretty well (although that’s mostly personal opinion). a couple also have some cool facts added bc why not. feel free to add your own faves!

  • Paramore - pop punk/ alternative; “Brick by Boring Brick” - probably one of the better known female fronted bands, and by far the best known in the pop punk/ emo scene.
  • PVRIS - rock; “My House” - they’re a very new band but they’re becoming popular very quickly which is super rad because one, they’re amazing, and two, the lead singer Lynn Gunn also plays guitar (which is cool bc lots of bands have female singers but not very many have women who play instruments) and is openly gay.
  • We Are The In Crowd pop punk; “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”
  • Crystalyne - pop rock; “Punks Don’t Dance” - they’re super underrated imho so do yourself a favor and go check them out
  • Tonight Alive - pop punk; “What Are You Afraid Of”
  • Hey Violet (formerly Cherri Bomb) - pop punk/ alternative; “I Can Feel It” - they’ve been associating with 5sos a lot lately but don’t let that tarnish your opinion of them bc they’re an amazing all girl band!! and as if that weren’t enough, they were super young when they got together - they were all fourteen year olds, I think.
  • Bikini Kill - riot grrrl punk; “Rebel Girl” - required listening if you wanna be a real punk (as opposed to a fob punk)
  • Be Your Own Pet - punk; “Black Hole”
  • Against Me - punk/ alternative; “Unconditional Love” - the lead singer is a trans woman (Laura Jane Grace) which is hella cool
  • CHVRCHES - pop rock/ electronic rock; “The Mother We Share”
  • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - riot grrrl punk; “Bad Reputation”
  • Halestorm - rock/ metal; “I Miss the Misery”
  • The Pretty Reckless rock/ alternative; “Heaven Knows”
  • Save Ferris - ska punk; “Nobody But Me” - honestly they’re what got me into punk
  • Fleetwood Mac - soft rock/ British rock; “Go Your Own Way”
  • Bratmobile - riot grrrl punk; “Feels Blind” - also required listening for punk girls (haha jk it’s punk there’s no required listening but seriously do yourself a favor and check ‘em out)
  • The Cranberries - Irish rock; “Zombie” - THEIR LEAD SINGER’S VOICE IS SO PRETTY OH MY GOD
  • Flyleaf - alternative/ metal; “All Around Me”
  • Cobra Starship - pop punk; “The City’s at War” - the lead singer is a dude but their keytarist and backup vocalist Victoria Asher is a (rad) lady
  • Neon Trees - pop rock; “Love in the 21st Century” - again, the lead singer’s a dude (but he is openly gay which is great), but the drummer is a girl HOW COOL IS THAT seriously how often do you hear about female drummers
  • Echosmith - indie pop/ pop rock; “Cool Kids”

Happy birthday to this lady here. Josephine de Beauharnais was born Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie June 23, 1763 in Les Trois-Îlets, Martinique. Obviously her trash second husband was like BUT JOSEPHINE IS A BETTER NAME (also Napoleon liked to re-name everyone he loved) and Josephine was like “sure babe w/e”. 

I have a deep love and affection for Josephine and think we, personally, should get married as I’d make a 100% better spouse than Napoleon but you know. Whatever. 

Happy birthday you rad lady! 

things that happened at exo newark

- junmyeon’s english was surprisingly good! Good Work!

- minseok is a) so tiny in real life b) a really fucking good dancer, like so unappreciated omg

- jongin got pizza but then forgot where he went; also impressed by the size of Duane Reades/ american pills

- Chanyeol wore that hoodie: dab counter was 4 ½

- Kyungsoo went to Sleep No More; failed to mention his feelings on strobe light and penis room 

- jongdae saw Chicago; was a perfect angel 

- jongdae and chanyeol harmonized on R. Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly because junmyeon said his favorite movie was Birdman

- people lost their shit over yixing every time he appeared in a VCR

- exo saved a white family from their marital troubles and a lifetime of no casserole

- so many sehun fangirls, but chanyeol’s tshirt was the only one to sell out

- junmyeon tried to get us to sing in Korean to little effect

- baekhyun tried the water bottle flip challenge; he did not succeed

- kaisoo had a moment™; tried to share a mic and failed horribly; was cute

BONUS - a rad v. old lady showed up wearing a Tao jacket because OT12 for life

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Hello! I love you're Sherlock sketches (that pin is amazing) and i really love your thoughts on him. I'm a big fan of the original books. While I'm also a fan of the BBC show, Disney movie, and Rathbone movies, I'll admit that they have their flaws. In your opinion, what do you think is the main thing that people misinterpret about his character? Why is it that no one gets seems to get Sherlock Holmes right? (Sorry if that makes no sense) Thanks!

Ah thank you so much! Ahh…so preface: I am no Sherlock Holmes expert! I just really loved the books (read ‘em a lot as a kid). I’m aware that there are a lot of different exegesis/analysis of the character–particularly who inspired him (Dr. Bell, Doyle Himself, etc). But these is just my general thoughts/understanding? also: LONG POST AHOY!

 Confidence vs. Arrogance: Ok, so this I feel is a pretty big one that people get wrong! Sherlock Holmes possesses an enormous confidence in his brain and in his work–and it is described as “bordering on arrogance” but not actual arrogance itself (at least most of the time, he does get on Watson’s nerves if he presumes too much, hah). When Holmes’ confidence is misplaced, he is quick to criticize himself, apologize to whomever, and move the heck on, so that he can fix things…which…the more arrogant portrayals of Holmes struggle to do. Also, Holmes is “eager” (probably the most used description in all the books) not because he is compensating, but because he just loves his job. Thusly, he isn’t as concerned with “getting his man” as he is with solving the crime/protecting innocents. You’d be surprised how many villains get away at the end of these books (Holmes believes they get their just desserts eventually).

  • “‘No, it is not selfishness or conceit,’ said he, answering, as was his won’t, my thoughts rather than my words. ‘If I claim full justice for my art, it is because it is an impersonal thing–a thing beyond myself. Crime is common. Logic is rare.’” (Mystery of the Copper Beeches)

Misunderstanding “The Machine”: In modern interpretation, Watson’s comparison of Sherlock to a “machine” gets lost in translation, I think. In modern sensibilities, we see machines as cold, clinical, incapable of feeling (ie. robots). It is a common critique of Holme’s character in many modern adaptations. However, Watson’s comparison is…more specifically related to the arena of sexuality and romance. “Holmes is as inhuman as a Babbage’s calculating machine and just about as likely to fall in love.” This “inhumanity” is less a commentary of Holmes’ emotional spectrum, and more a bemused observation that Holmes has like 0 interest in having The Sex with anyone. Leading to my next point…

Sherlock Holmes doesn’t hate people: I don’t know what the modern obsession is with having smart/clever character be these sardonic butt-holes with a disdain for the human race and how their brilliance is an excuse for any sardonic butt-holery they do. It is boring and lame, and Sherlock’s character falls prey to this A LOT. But here’s the thing, this guy does not hate people–he just doesn’t always exist to please them (at least in a Proper Victorian sensibility). Holmes does get emotionally involved all the time! He sympathetically listens to people’s stories, he comforts clients when he feels they need it. He is enraged at a man who flagrantly insults his wife, a step-father who abuses his daughters, he talks a woman down from suicide, defends another woman’s perceived infidelity, he even talks to a baby, and yes, it is the purest thing. He also keeps another companion when Watson moves on. Also, he and Mycroft get along? There’s literally a whole couple pages of them goofing off together and complimenting each-other. 

  • “Finally he shook one of the dimpled fists which waved in front of him. ‘Good-bye, little man.’” (The Sussex Vampire)
  • “‘You must not fear,” said he soothingly, bending forward and patting her forearm. “We shall soon set matters right, I have no doubt.’” (The Adventure of the Speckled Band)

Holmes doesn’t hate women???: Eyyrgh, ok so no bones about it, Sherlock Holmes is a product of his time. He says a lot of socially accepted “truths” about ladies–how they can’t be trusted, how they are silly, hair pins, etc. And that is annoying and wrong and we all can agree on that, I think. However, he is always civil to women, and rarely talks over or belittles them–ESPECIALLY when he knows they are being abused or in distress. Also, Irene Adler humbled him Quite A Bit–and a lot of his previous overtures on women change through his experience with her and the other rad ladies he works with. I think he partly senses how systematically misused women are–and he is pretty quick to defend them (See: The Copper Beeches, The Lone Cyclist, The Veiled Lodger, The Speckled Band, The Greek Interpreter, The Dancing Men, Charles Augustus Milverton, The Yellow Face, The Sussex Vampire, among others). Maybe not, but he takes their side 9 times out of 10. Of course, he’s not interested in boinking any of them, so modern (male) writers get confused by this and mistake sexual disinterest for misogyny. :/ 

Also a big pain with me and the modern adaptations is that they change the narrative of the stories to make some of the lady characters awful/justify some shoe-horned in remark against womankind. I got particularly riled by the Brett version of The Greek Interpreter, where the girl (abused in the original book) is secretly in on the whole plot and Holmes sneers at her for heartlessly enabling the death of her faithful brother. Where the heck did this come from???? The book has a great ending (where the girl literally Stabs Her Abusers to death, and escapes the heck outta there), I just don’t get it. >:[ (They did this in the Hound of the Baskerville movie too. akjhfddk) 

Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough! Thanks for asking!