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I haven't been on here in a whiiiile but last time I had a totally innocent stalk of your life there were corgis in the works? - I think? - Did I dream this? What happened to the corgis?!? What could be more amazing, rad lady, badass beard dude, bread-dog.

Oh it’s coming soon. 2017. ✊🏼🍞

 Bug in the System AU.

When the system is in danger from DataHawk’s viral attacks, users Marinette Dupain Cheng and Adrien Agreste don their Avatar forms “Ladybug” and “Chat Noir” to protect the Grid and its Programs from De-Rezolution! 

So, I worked on this AU for the entirety of the past 2-3 days. It took me forever to get this done, and especially so with Ladybug’s suit. But to be honest? I’m fairly proud of it. Now, as I stated in my Work in Progress announcement  from yesterday, this is my most recent work. If you’d like to take a look at the previous ones, I’ll list em here:

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy it. I may consider doing a felix/bridgette version later on down the road, but that would take quite a bit to complete, so I’d have to think about it. Anywho, enjoy. 

Stay rad everyone.

After a Week of nonstop work…

Well, as per my previous announcement.

Here it is at last, my contribution to @starrycove ’s Break Dance AU. Marinette edition. I worked my tail to the bone on this one, and I really hope you guys enjoy it. Because I am oh so very proud of it. In addition, a few changes have been made to the usual design of Mari’s appearance. 

For example, the shoes have been turned into slip-ons. Also, the shoes, gloves, and top, are all made of the same material as ladybug’s usual uniform. The paint on her face is a little more dabbed on, and less of the “dripping” look that most people seem to prefer (I had a lot of trouble just getting it to look as it is.) The sweats are a little tighter, but other than that, the design is more or less following along the lines of the typical design we see usually done in the Breakdance Tag. 

For this one however, I used this piece of art as a reference: Blue–hoodie’s Break Dance AU Fanart.

If you’d like to see my previous edits, follow these links:

Thank you for your patience guys and stay tuned for my future edit pieces.

Until then?

Stay rad everyone.

Ps: Background image source credit

My zine submission to my friend Elly’s WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS zine! it’s about rad woman in pop culture. I think tree trunks counts as a rad lady?! rad female cartoon elephant hmm hmm hmm!
I think tree trunks is generally sassy fantastic and in the mystery dungeon episode shes totally kick butt!!
if you want to submit to this zine theres still some time left!!