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Me? Care about a mortal? As if.  

 Bug in the System AU.

When the system is in danger from DataHawk’s viral attacks, users Marinette Dupain Cheng and Adrien Agreste don their Avatar forms “Ladybug” and “Chat Noir” to protect the Grid and its Programs from De-Rezolution! 

So, I worked on this AU for the entirety of the past 2-3 days. It took me forever to get this done, and especially so with Ladybug’s suit. But to be honest? I’m fairly proud of it. Now, as I stated in my Work in Progress announcement  from yesterday, this is my most recent work. If you’d like to take a look at the previous ones, I’ll list em here:

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy it. I may consider doing a felix/bridgette version later on down the road, but that would take quite a bit to complete, so I’d have to think about it. Anywho, enjoy. 

Stay rad everyone.

You know what? Ladies, baby lesbians, lesbians, baby bi girls, bi girls, new rad ladies, lesfems and radfems, women and girls in trouble, women and girls questioning, women and girls who need help, women and girls who need solidarity and understanding–you’re why I’m here. I’m never going to be enough for some people. I want to be enough for you.

renamon replied to your post “So how bout them lady krogers”

if bioware doesnt let you fist a female krogan they have truly failed

Take this and go in the naughty corner. 


May I humbly recommend you watch this little film by the wonderful Hilary Oliver (and other rad ladies).

Being Here - by Hilary Oliver

Sometimes it takes a trip to a wild place to remember just how brave, connected, vulnerable and free we can be. Where is your wild place?

Writer and director: Hilary Oliver | Juniper Media
Director of photography: Becca Skinner
Editor: Whitney Oliver
Additional footage: Hilary Oliver
Sound mix: Amy Stolzenbach
Music: White Lies | Odesza


My 30th birthday was January 27th.
I decided a few months ago I wanted to do something aside from drinking at home so I put aside some money to go to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO FLORIDA!

Turns out it was also the Harry Potter celebration weekend where the cosplayers came out in droves and they had actors on site for a Q&A.

A facebook/deviantart friend gave me the most amazing hookup, my two long time buddies made the flight down from Columbus with me and I got to meet a super rad lady I met here on tumblr ages ago.

What an insane weekend!

Flight home is tomorrow morning and I get to continue my life as being 30.


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the plant mama | 12.3.16

rad green cactus sweatshirt by nicandthenewfie

cactus lovers and plant lovers alike would dig this cool pullover sweatshirt … and this lover of all things green digs it too. i heart the slouchy fit and front kangaroo pocket. nice packaging as well, nicandthenewfie!!