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Have already read stuff that has changed my headcanon’s and portrayal of Mrs. Coulter. Namely, the fact that approx. 6 months after Lyra’s birth, Mrs. Coulter was already trying to regain custody of her. Which is a real quick turnaround, goddamn. Also, the way the man says he didn’t want to tell her where Lyra was because it wasn’t like letting Lyra back into her mother’s care, it was like letting Lyra back into her mother’s custody, and it’s such a distinction it sent chills up my damn spine.

Also Farder Coram is in this a whole bunch and he’s a fucking badass? Like super sharp and clever, a natural liar, sneaky, and he literally kicks this dudes ass in an alley. Like hell yeah I’m here for mother fucking Farder Coram.

12AM Poetry with kitkat1003

3 Squips

A program that tried its best
But it can attest
It made its host a mess
Had to reassess
Thought it would be laid to rest
Brought back just like a ghost
To a different version of its host
That was not yet broke
Dealing with the pain of the failure before
Protecting the new host, the plan at its core
Desperately trying to more
Made a mistake with those Dews at the convenient store
Doesn’t quite know what it’s still here for

The one we all know and hate
It thinks it’s great
A mad plan it initiates
It isolates
Its host it manipulates
Expects him to appreciate
The darker twist of fate
Doesn’t ever understand the doubt
Why its host wants out
Never planned for a reroute
Make its host life a living hell
That’s the Squip we all know well

A program quite like we’ve never seen
Never mean
Always nice, crisp, clean
A rad machine
Different host
Windswept white hair from the coast
Doesn’t have any baggage
Doesn’t like to boast
A man
A program with a plan
Doesn’t know if can
Because the one it wants to save
Lost all that it gave
To the power it craved
For the one person it needed to save

A boy only 16
Wanting to be chill and clean
To get a date with Christine
What does this all mean?

D and M are teaming up but still
D has to to take the shot to kill
Or Volya will
Spread until
The end is coming
The chips’ll fall where they will
Can’t keep running
Just Be More Chill

this is really well done, kudos to you for that !


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Thursday, APRIL 27th, 8pm EST, @rad-magick will be hosting a class on linking sigils and introducing the Witch Haven Server’s Linking Sigil.

The lesson will cover what a linking sigil is, introducing everyone to the concept of the LS, and how to operate them, then at the end there will be a small spell/rite activating the Witch Haven Linking sigil.  As always, you will receive a PDF lesson and your certificate.  We hope to see everyone there on Thursday!

Everyone is invited to participate (as long as you agree to the rules of the Discord server.)  Those that participate on THURSDAY will receive: a PDF packet itinerary/workbook with loads of information designed specifically for this class AND a participation gift, which you will receive at the end of class.

If you are new and planning on joining us, we have a set of rules we follow on the server, one being that we require you to use a headset/headphones when in the voice channel.  It is simply to ensure that everyone can hear what is going on.  You can read more the full set of Witch Haven rules down below or learn more about the server over here.  

Once again, class starts at 8 PM EST sharp! Make sure to message one of the mods with your Tumblr name and age so we can properly categorize you in chat.  Hope to see everyone there!  Click here to join the server!

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Ooooo those are good ideas for darks costume :3 I like the idea of him being a vampier aswell. So What would the other egos be? And ya I'm dddiiieeeiinnnggg over here to, I really want to know that the project is!!

Well, I think Wilford could be a ringmaster! His suit would have a lot of pink, he’d had his striped jacket, but instead of red and white it’s a bright pink and white.. also.. GLITTERRRRRRR and it’d have intricate little designs on the back. He had a cane and gloves and a top hat just YES

google.. uhh.. Steampunk robot?? maybe he could make himself look like an animatronic? that’d be rad af

the host could be daredevil :o

ed edgar would be a cowboy, no doubt in my mind, as a texan I just feel it in my bones

yandere would be some fuckinn magical girl cause he’s a goddamn weeb. I feel like he’d be a character from Madoka Magika, or sailor moon?? 

also, lemme just talk about anti real quick cause i love this gross boy so much:

Anti would be a demon, fuckinn claws, black eyes, long forked tounge, tail (debatable) you know.. maybe he could probably make himself look scary as fuck. Maybe he could make his jaw unhinge and have a shitton of teeth and his voice could sound EVEN MORE distorted and maybe he could transform septic sam into like some eldritch abomination and it would be rad as shit

I crossed paths with some rare fungi this summer and fall, homeslices.

One of them was not rare per se but rather in rare form. Battarrea phalloides (the Scaly-stalked or Desert Stalked Puffball) is a really bizzare, unique fungus. The spores are elevated on a tall, woody (but lightweight), and often shaggy stipe. This all emerges from a universal veil, and the spore mass often retains a whitish remnant of that tissue on top.

The species if fairly uncommon to rare throughout most of coastal California, but can be abundant and reliable in certain localities of preferred habitat - shitty soils, usually under pine, Brazilian Pepper, and Myoporum trees.

I encountered this one while on a walk with my Rad Host Melina, and her dogs while I was staying in north Oakland this summer. It may be the tallest Battarrea ever recorded. It was truly impressive.

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If they science is good, and interesting, why does the host matter?

When every single science documentary ever is hosted by a man it furthers the idea that women don’t belong in science.

Science communicators are the face of science to the outside world, and they are often the first scientists young people ever see, so when they are all men it implicitly tell people that science is for men. This also goes for POC, because NDT is pretty much the only well known science communicator of color, and it’s great that he gets the recognition he deserves, but it’s not enough. 

Science needs more diversity at all levels, including the hosts of science documentaries. 

I wanna tell you about this super fucking awesome panel at AMKE 2014
The panel is hosted at 4:00PM - 5:30PM on Friday!
Me and tons of other cool tumblr users you may know are in it as well!
(There will be a list of the people’s tumblrs at the bottom)

This panel is a Dangan Ronpa panel in which you will be witnessing how the system of the show goes.
-You will experience a total cool n’ chill Q&A with the characters so you can get to know the students!
-Then we will have the audience chat with Naegi Makoto and friends to get alibis and evidence on who the killer might be.
-Then it gets serious! We have a School Trial ready for all you to witness! Enjoy cries, laughs, and stare downs as the students debate(Not masturbate) on who the killer is!
-If the students vote for the person who is the killer correctly then the murderer will be dragged off and executed!
-However!! If they vote the wrong one then everyone will get executed and the murderer will go home!!

-Like I just said, anyone is welcome! And we mean that! Even if you are not into Dangan Ronpa or you wanna get into it. This is the perfect panel because it’ll be funny, entertaining, and maybe sad?
-Plus we will have music and fun sounds during the panel of music so you can listen to some good tunes!


Tumblr Users in the panel!
bangaraangex (Playing Mondo Oowada and is the cool host!)
1ucyheartfilia (Playing Junko Enoshima and is the rad co-host!)
shsl-kyoudai (Playing Ishimaru Kyotaka!)
gilderoy (Playing Naegi Makoto!)
halfdeadsollux (Playing Kirigiri Kyouko!)
luxio (Playing Byakuya Togami!)
itsraingarmin (Playing Touko Fukawa!)
maidofcosplay (Playing Chihiro Fujisaki!)
mac-n-shack (Playing Leon Kuwata!)
asnandy94 (Playing Aoi Asahina!)
ximiju (Playing Sayaka Maizono!)
centaurstenabulge (Playing Sakura Oogami!)
archaeologistaradia (Playing Celestia Ludenberg!)
kumashiro (Doing the groovin’ moovin’ music!)