rad haircut

im so sick of my long hair, will i finally decide to cut it out?, bleach it and become au roadhog once for all?

any other suggestions for rad short haircut styles are welcome

Calyss Watches the Clone Wars - 11

01x08 - Cloak of Darkness (14CO)

Luminara? This name is familar. Must have seen it somewhere on Wookiepedia, I guess.

Hey it’s Rad Haircut again!
Now comes with handcuffs.
Look man I’m not kinkshaming you, I’m just sayin’ you could find a better partner than Nute Gunray.

This dude looks like a jerkass. I’m not saying that he is for sure. I’m saying that he looks like one and following the rules of character design, he probably is.

Ahsoka has the greatest expressions.
Btw, where the fuck is Anakin?? How come his Padawan is one a mission with an other Jedi?

Look at this angry muffin. ‘tis not the Jedi way, Ahsoka.

“Tell us what we want to know right now, or I will gut you like a rokarian dirt fish.”

She’s so fierce.

“Padawan, terror is not a weapon the Jedi use.”
“I wasn’t serious. But the only way he’ll talk is if he’s scared enough.”

Is it bad that I’m disappointed that she was only playing bad cop?
Lmao if I was in charge of *makes vague gesture at the universe* all my favs would be on the Dark Side and every work of fiction ever would be some grim dark fever dream punctuated here and there with bad jokes.
Wait! Why is there bulky droid in the ship??? How did that happen? FOCUS ON THE EPISODE DAMMIT.
Whoever decided to put those “painted” textures in this show is an artistic genius. Everytime there is a close up I’m like ☼.☼

I’m so biased. Whenever Ahsoka is not the Model Padawan with Anakin I’m like “so annoying” but Luminara just throw her that look 'cause she contested her assignment and I’m like “DON’T EVER TALK TO ME OR MY DAUGHTER EVER AGAIN”.

“We have to protect the prisonner.”

I thought for a second that it was the dumbest order ever (right there with Order 66) because who gives a shit about Nute Gunray? But then I remembered that whole scene where Ahsoka and Luminara are interrogating him and I’m sorry random trooper, this order actually makes sense.
I feel some epic duel coming between Ventress and Luminara.

What the shit.

Ventress would be a pro at Dishonored. So much stealth.

Oh no, Jerkass Captain wants to talk to Ahsoka. ‘tis not good.
5 secs later: *Ventress enters stage from above* well so it wasn’t good but it wasn’t Jerkass’ fault at all. My bad.

Look I like Ahsoka’s fire, but boasting while dueling Ventress? Wait at least ‘til you’re knighted, kid (she won’t ever be, is she?? ب_ب)

Oh, here comes The Duel.

Ooooooh, nice.

And here is why the Jedi Code sucks: Ventress switch off her light sabers. They have to know that she isn’t the type to surrender if she hasn’t something planned (like BOMBS). But, they won’t strike her because she’s unarmed. And so she escapes and will leave to cause other deaths.
And you know what? That’s one of the cause of the fall of the Republic. If Anakin had killed Palpatine at the moment he learned he was a Sith, it would have been fine. But instead, he went to Windu.

*Ahsoka rants to Jerkass and his mates*

She so cute.

Oh, here comes The Duel.

Okay, Jerkass seems to actually be a correct guy but…

*Luminara verbally slays Ventress*

You go girl o/



Ventress has the best Mad Laugh.

And she rides explosions like Jim from Treasure Planet and I’m. A. Fan.

This show is problematic. I’m rooting for too much people. It’s not right.

I’m not rooting for Jerkass, tho. His face is too fucking dumb.


anonymous asked:

br o how the fuck are you so attractive show me your tricks

good lighting and a rad haircut, my face is actually awful i just cover it with my hair hello bUT THANK YOUU

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