rad fighter

AU where Renee runs the student radio and Doug gets a slot on it at like, 2am, doing shitty call-in ‘advice’ bits and performing his own songs about space and love when everyone is too pissed to pay attention or tune in and the only people there are Minkowski and some pretentious scholarship kids, Alana and Jacobi doing maintenance and keeping checks on ratings for senior Kepler. Hera is a dear listener who stays up too late to study or do shots or both, falling slightly in love with the dork in the static. Lovelace is a senior who runs a segment on exposing the bullshit of campus life and making herself known as a rad journalist and fighter. Blessie is a succulent Minkowski gave the wrong dosage of miracle gro to and now the tiny recording booth is full of flora


Farewell My Brightest Fighter

Guys. It’s done. The first episode of the magical girl cartoon I helped create with tarahelfer & a whole bunch of other talented people is finished in all its sparkly, gooey, adorableness.

luv u Marcy baby<3

skelentov  asked:

What are Mabel and Dipper's jobs at the Mystery Shack? Also, could Giffany be a real girl around Soos's age and self-proclaims herself to be his girlfriend?

basically the same as their counterparts. dipper is a cashier and mabel is a handyman…dipper always has his nose in a book so he’s pretty bad at his job, but mabel is rly good at fixing things w only glitter glue and yarn.

actually, giffany and rumble mcskirmish already have decided places in this au !! they just swap roles; giffany is a super rad fighter game character who wendy summons, and rumble is a character in a dating sim.


The Groose is on the loose.

And you thought I wouldn’t take the chance to make this kind of post?

Reminder that although Asha Greyjoy IS a super badass lady CEO who takes no shit and is super tough, that’s not all there is to her character!!! Asha thinks of her mother’s home at Ten Towers more of a home than Pyke and admires her mother’s strength as a woman outside of battle!!! She was super excited to take a boy she liked on a trip to have him taste peaches for the first time!!! Lady characters can be badass and rad fighters and still be sweet and soft in certain circumstances!!!!!!!!!!!