rad feminists

*Man hits his wife, rapes, behaves aggressively, drinks, smokes, does drugs, etc etc*: “but he never had a good relationship with his father and he’s got issues 😢”

*Woman goes through terrible, traumatic experience and speaks out about it*: “OMG MOVE ON get over it you can’t let it rule your life you need to stop going in about it and just live your life and move on”

positivity post uwuwuwuwuw

 for terfs with ugly ass bangs ∩(︶▽︶)∩

for terfs with shit eyebrows n shittier winged eyeliner (*⁰▿⁰*)

for terfs who say they’re the real lesbians bc they “don’t like dick” (≖ω≖✿)

for all terfs with literal blood on ur hands (๑╹っ╹๑)

you. are. valid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly hate terfs, I disagree with them politically and usually they have shit personalities too.

But if I was asked “Who is worse? Terfs or anti terfs?” Id have to say anti terfs.

All I ever see from them is “I hope terfs choke”, “I hope terfs die”, “I hope terfs fall off a cliff”, “I hope terfs get murdered”, and posts full of paragraphs of extreme insults.

Ive genuinely never come across such a persecuted group, nazis on this site get better treatment.

And it makes the lgbt community look bad too. If all you have to say to an opposing opinion is that you want them to die, you immediately put yourself in the wrong.

The only violent things from terfs that Ive seen is a picture of a witch holding a trans persons head with a radical feminist book (or something similar). They may have a bad opinion but at least terfs aren’t as pathetic and childish as anti terfs, at least they can somewhat hold a decent argument.

I can see why some men are so upset with Feminism and Feminists. Before the Women’s movement, we basically had to get married to gain access to the resources to live. So, a lot of women settled for mediocre men. Now we don’t need marriage to survive because we can earn our own money, and many of us choose not to settle. The result? The mediocre men can’t find a partner they think they ‘deserve’ and they’re PISSED.

radfem related ask meme!

i always see lil ask memes floating around and i personally love asking n answering questions and finding out more about the people who fill my dash so i decided to make an ask meme just for us radfem ladies <3 xx 

ya’ll know the drill, put the numbers in an ask box to get the question answered and reblog for some supportive (and maybe a lil curious) peeps in ur box! (also feeel free to ask me any of these, goes without saying)

  1. how did you find radical feminism & what was your first impression of the movement? 
  2. when did you begin to call yourself a radical feminist? 
  3. how long have you been a radical feminist?
  4. were you previously a lib fem? 
  5. who is your favorite tumblr radical feminist?
  6. radical feminist must reads? (or must watches?) 
  7. best experience as a radical feminist?
  8. worst experience as a radical feminist?
  9. your opinion on what the most pressing issue for the feminist movement to solve. 
  10. best radical feminist meme.
  11. radical feminists you look up to?
  12. favorite herstory moments? 
  13. how does your country affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  14. do you believe liberal feminists are feminists?
  15. what was your Peak Trans? 
  16. what do you do for women in your everyday life? 
  17. suggestions for baby radfems?
  18. favorite feminist artists/art pieces? 
  19. your feminist anthem (can be a song, poem, speech, book, etc.)
  20. what parts of radical feminist do you agree with most passionately? 
  21. what parts of radical feminism do you disagree with? 
  22. what parts of radical feminism confuse you (or confused you when you first learned about them)?
  23. are you GNC? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  24. are you LGB? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  25. are you mentally ill? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  26. how does your race affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  27. what do you wish radical feminists talked about more?
  28. what do you wish radical feminists talked about less?
  29. do you have more radfem friends online or in real life?
  30. your liberal feminist pet peeve. 
  31. are you “out” as a radical feminist? 
  32. how do you feel the issue of gender should be tackled?
  33. how do you feel the issue of sex work should be tackled?
  34. how do you feel the issue of male violence should be tackled?
  35. how do you feel the issue of kink should be tackled?
  36. best thing about being a radical feminist?
  37. worst thing about being a radical feminist?
  38. do you like discourse? 
  39. when were you most proud to be a woman?
  40. something you wish you could tell your younger self. 

feel feel to keep adding to this!!! 

to feminists like myself

There is no shame in being an MRA and a feminist. Fight for mens rights and womens rights. Or else nothing will get done. I see the injustice women face everyday in the news, and it pains me, but i do not jump to labeling men as sexist pigs. I see the quiet sorrows that men face because they are scared to come forward because they have no where to go and nobody to talk too that will not laugh at them. I do not label all women as Anti-men. But the problem is that we divide ourselves. We are at a needless war of the minds. MRA’s are mad and extreme because nobody listens to them. Radical feminists and SJWs and TERFS are mad for the same reasons. Im even mad and Im an MRA and a feminist. Please, stand up for the wrongs in society no matter who it is wronged against. Men. Women. Nonbinary people. Animals. Children. Black. White. Latino. Asian. Muslim. Christian. Atheist. Anyone. Instead of saying black lives matter or all lives matter or blue lives matter. Lets say, Human lives matter because we are all human and we are all in this fucked up shit hole together.

“Im going to make a public post on a public website insulting and talking about a group of people, use tags so they can see it then ask then not to interact or I’ll block them”

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