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the most relatable thing about Angelica Schuyler is that as soon as she starts feeling for someone and they seem to like her back her immediate response is “what the hell is the catch” honestly same girl.


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you're one of my favorite radfem bloggers because you're not transphobic at all when so many are. i disagree with the word terf and think its just a code word for lesbian at this point, but from what i've seen a lot of radfems are actually transphobic and as a trans man it really rubs me the wrong way. do you know of any other bloggers that have similar views as you?

Radical/rad-leaning/lesbian feminists whose views on trans people I rly jive with: 
@sleepyducky (my gf!!!!!!!!)

Trans “TERFs”:

Radical/rad-leaning/lesbian feminists who (as I remember) don’t really do much trans discourse:

Not really radical feminists but you should follow them anyway because they have Good Discourse:

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Honestly though why does it matter if someone labels themselves as a feminist or not. If someone believes in & fights for equal rights then who the fuck cares. If you get upset that someone who fights for equal rights doesn’t label themselves as a feminist then it’s obvious you’re more concerned about labels than the actual issue.

To many people on tumblr seem to find it okay to bully people/celebrities when they do something they find offensive.
You didn’t enter life a social justice warrior. You bullying people for doing something problematic is problematic itself. Please recognize this hypocritical and negative behavior. Be the change you want to see.

I love how feminists are so quick to call men who don’t agree misogynists and yet they often actively take part in misogyny against any woman with opposing views Credit for picture: feminist crazy quotes’ facebook page

modern Schuyler sisters au
  • angelica is a totally rad intersectional feminist and part of the black lives matter movement
  • she also skateboards
  • and runs a really successful tumblr about politics
  • she’s at Barnard College majoring in womens’ studies!! which is where she meets Alex
  • eliza is constantly referred to as “the cinnamon roll”
  • she has an aesthetic blog!!
  • she’s adopted, and when she used to be made fun of for it as a child she’d think to herself how lucky she was that her parents chose her
  • she adopts children herself after Alexander’s death, because orphanage aren’t really a thing in the US anymore, and because she knows how important a loving family is :,)
  • peggy has a meme blog
  • and she still feels v overlooked
  • also she’s the only lgbt schuyler sister and falls in love with a woman ;)
  • also she survives because modern medicine is lit
  • they were all in a short-lived destiny’s child-inspired girl group back in their teens
  • they’re still awesome, obviously ;)