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 for terfs with ugly ass bangs ∩(︶▽︶)∩

for terfs with shit eyebrows n shittier winged eyeliner (*⁰▿⁰*)

for terfs who say they’re the real lesbians bc they “don’t like dick” (≖ω≖✿)

for all terfs with literal blood on ur hands (๑╹っ╹๑)

you. are. valid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

radfem related ask meme!

i always see lil ask memes floating around and i personally love asking n answering questions and finding out more about the people who fill my dash so i decided to make an ask meme just for us radfem ladies <3 xx 

ya’ll know the drill, put the numbers in an ask box to get the question answered and reblog for some supportive (and maybe a lil curious) peeps in ur box! (also feeel free to ask me any of these, goes without saying)

  1. how did you find radical feminism & what was your first impression of the movement? 
  2. when did you begin to call yourself a radical feminist? 
  3. how long have you been a radical feminist?
  4. were you previously a lib fem? 
  5. who is your favorite tumblr radical feminist?
  6. radical feminist must reads? (or must watches?) 
  7. best experience as a radical feminist?
  8. worst experience as a radical feminist?
  9. your opinion on what the most pressing issue for the feminist movement to solve. 
  10. best radical feminist meme.
  11. radical feminists you look up to?
  12. favorite herstory moments? 
  13. how does your country affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  14. do you believe liberal feminists are feminists?
  15. what was your Peak Trans? 
  16. what do you do for women in your everyday life? 
  17. suggestions for baby radfems?
  18. favorite feminist artists/art pieces? 
  19. your feminist anthem (can be a song, poem, speech, book, etc.)
  20. what parts of radical feminist do you agree with most passionately? 
  21. what parts of radical feminism do you disagree with? 
  22. what parts of radical feminism confuse you (or confused you when you first learned about them)?
  23. are you GNC? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  24. are you LGB? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  25. are you mentally ill? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  26. how does your race affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  27. what do you wish radical feminists talked about more?
  28. what do you wish radical feminists talked about less?
  29. do you have more radfem friends online or in real life?
  30. your liberal feminist pet peeve. 
  31. are you “out” as a radical feminist? 
  32. how do you feel the issue of gender should be tackled?
  33. how do you feel the issue of sex work should be tackled?
  34. how do you feel the issue of male violence should be tackled?
  35. how do you feel the issue of kink should be tackled?
  36. best thing about being a radical feminist?
  37. worst thing about being a radical feminist?
  38. do you like discourse? 
  39. when were you most proud to be a woman?
  40. something you wish you could tell your younger self. 

feel feel to keep adding to this!!! 

hey radfems/rad leaning feminists/baby radfems!! i’m interested in knowing what y’all are studying in college and if you are planning on going to grad school, what for?

(this applies to radfems who are not yet in college/grad school or have already graduated!!) 

for example: im majoring in biology (possibly minoring in criminology) and have plans to *hopefully* go to med school 


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anonymous asked:

you're one of my favorite radfem bloggers because you're not transphobic at all when so many are. i disagree with the word terf and think its just a code word for lesbian at this point, but from what i've seen a lot of radfems are actually transphobic and as a trans man it really rubs me the wrong way. do you know of any other bloggers that have similar views as you?

Radical/rad-leaning/lesbian feminists whose views on trans people I rly jive with: 
@sleepyducky (my gf!!!!!!!!)

Trans “TERFs”:

Radical/rad-leaning/lesbian feminists who (as I remember) don’t really do much trans discourse:

Not really radical feminists but you should follow them anyway because they have Good Discourse:

If you want to be removed from this list let me know.

Feminism shouldn’t be about equality.
The problem isn’t that we are treated unfairly or “un-equally.”
Women are treated unfairly but they are also being HURT.

Women are raped, abused, murdered, forced to remain pregnant against their will, encouraged to practice unsafe eating habits, taught horribly unhealthy relationship roles, belittled, taught to hate themselves and their bodies, etc.

“Equality” doesn’t convey that problem.

This isn’t just a matter of fairness.

This is a matter of stoping the physical and psychological abuse of women and girls.

Liberation > Equality