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So last night a bunch of my friends and I went to Denny’s for some breakfast-for-dinner and I couldn’t decide on what I wanted, so I told the waiter “I want a lot of eggs.”

“How many eggs do you want?”
“How many can I get?”
“I mean if you get a Make Your Own Slam you can get up to 8..”
“I would like a questionable amount of eggs, please. Scrambled, so that I don’t know how many there are.”

And boy did he deliver.

The manager came out to present the eggs (because, as our waiter joked, this plate of eggs was too much of a health risk for anyone but the manager to be liable for serving me), and said “….who’s responsible for this?”

I started crying out of excitement/joy/fear (no lie. it was embarrassing)

Anyway, this heavenly plate of eggs filled the entire plate and was about an inch deep (there were 2 layers of eggs in it! with cheese in the middle!!)

The waiter kept joking “You’re not getting a box. You have to finish it! You chose this!” I tipped him 100% out of pure shame (plus he was a rad dude).

Thank you Denny’s. Thank you.


Lupe is my new favorite Adventure Zone character, okay?

∞ what it takes to be INFINITE ∞

listen … this is so dan … this is SOOO!!! DAN!!!! just … acknowledging things without saying anything at all. i love him so much i’m actually crying right now wtf … i felt this way so often last year when he started casually talking about boys being cute in nearly every live show and video, when he made the sexuality comment in his diss track and dressed in fucking sequins and wore rhinestoned hats .. and i feel it again. he’s the king of just existing and having that be enough, no pomp and circumstance necessary. rejecting labels!! existing outside of the spectrums and the binaries!!!! resisting social categorization!!! refusing to be othered by a society that still always sees heterosexuality as the default and the norm. sometimes dan is lowkey the most rad. what a good dude. i love him <3

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Thanks to you, *Nothing bad*. I have always wanted to be a junkrat main..But this is something that happened. Im a gril *George forman is my name*. *All jokes aside*. I join team chat alot, When i was playing junkrat this guy started to complaine how he had to play a girls character, i spoke up and said if he could calm down. He then started to say how i should be playing the character for my gender. I got alot of hate and had to change...Alot of people have forced me to play Mercy.

That’s fully jacked dude, I’m sorry to hear you had to encounter such a bunch of absolute patchwork tits. Nobody oughtta be forcing you to do/play anything you don’t wanna, especially if you’re using a character you’re good at or that you just plain enjoy! That really irks me as well but also like– how bad at the game must they be anyway if they base their picks on what genitalia they assume them to have rather than the usefulness of their abilities?

Wouldn’t take any advice from those kinda people lmao, you play Junk all you feckin’ want mate!

(Also in future – ‘cause lord knows we all have the unfotunate fate of running into dumbos like that sometimes – if you go into the menu options for ‘social’ > ‘recent players’, if you select their username then you can report and block any players who harass you like that so you’ll never run into ‘em again in your games. There’s also the option to selectively mute people in team audio chat!)

trans dipper stuff !! !

• the reason he wears a hat all the time is when he was like 9 and started realizing he wasn’t a girl, his parents wouldn’t let him cut his hair short but they would let him buy the star hat. so he put his hair up in it and wore it all the time. when he turned 11 or 12, they let him cut his hair short, but he kept the hat bc he was so used to having it on his head.

• and like what if his parents didn’t ever let him cut his hair? or really accept that he wasn’t a girl? and then on the bus in the middle of the trip to gravity falls he just got up and muttered something like “nope, i can’t stand this anymore” and got up and headed for the lavatory at the back of the bus. and Mabel jumped up after him and started banging on the door and yelling bc what if he’d done something really horrible?? but then he just opens the door with kiddie scissors in his hand (from mabel’s Craft Suitcase) and his hair is all weird and messy but it’s //short// and he’s grinning kinda and “sorry i scared you mabel. there was just no way i was gonna meet people i’ll be spending the summer with while i had long hair.” And that’s why his hair is so messy

• in the previous scenario i mentioned, dipper buys his binders from the same site mabel buys her sweaters from, so the parents don’t really bother to check through pages and pages of receipts that say things like “MEOW WOW MID-PURPLE BEDAZZLED SIZE M” for Trans Activity

• stan somehow doesn’t?? know??? enough abt his grandchildren to know that dipper is trans? which is why he gives dipdop the whole pituitary gland talk. like he’s been so out of touch that he hasn’t had much knowledge about dip and mabel before now so he’s just like ‘hi dipper hi mabel!’ when they step off the bus and calls dip by he pronouns and dipper is so relieved

• mabel reads everything she can get her hands on about binder safety and being respectful on pronouns and stuff like that when dipper comes out to her, and she sticks bedazzled post-it notes that say things like ‘remember to cough!’ and stickers that have like 'UR A RAD DUDE’ on them in neon bubble letters, in places dipper will see them

• she swears to dipper that if their parents kick him out, she’s packing up and leaving with him.