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When you were a gymnast what was your favorite event? (I'm in a girls team and probably my favorite event is floor. Watching the boys teams, I thought it was cool to watch them on Rings or High bar) :) Have a rad day dude

My favorite event was either floor or high bar! I really really loved tumbling! Twisting was my forte!

This super rad dude just hit 15 million subscribers! Isn’t that crazy, I’m so proud! ❤

I included the bigger series he’s done since the he hit 14 million, and I also included us! ✨✨

(Added a lil Robin and Woosh too!)

((I also realized that he’s played a lot of cool games with strong female characters lately. That’s neat!))

((Shit dude I drew Anti kind of intimidating for once??))

But congrats my man! I’ll see ya at 16 million!! ❤❤


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not gonna lie followed u for that goku sushi post but tbh i love ur art v much keep bein rad 👌💕

8w8 damn dude thank you so much!!


y’all ready to play some footLÚCIOBAAAAALLLLLLLLL

Camboy AU

Bryce liked to have his social life and his midnight activities separated. No one needed to know that he was a camboy at night and barista at day. He really doubts that anyone would recognized him and hopefully no one does.

Sadly,things never did went his way. It started when a drop-dead gorgeous brunette entered the coffee shop that he was working in. Bryce swore that he’d willingly drown in those dreamy eyes of his. Especially when the cutie came sliding up to the counter to him with that smug smirk. 

“ Hey cutie. “ He has the confidence to back it up too.
“ Hey yourself. “ Smooth,Bryce. Smooth.

“ So,what’s gonna quench your thirst? “ Bryce shivered as the man’s eyes raked up and down his body. Ah fuck. This is not good for his health. 

“ I’d say you but I don’t think that’s an option. “ Well he’s not wrong there. Bryce gave him his own smirk before leaning toward slightly, “ Not right now,no. Maybe later,handsome. “ The older male laughed but gave his order nonetheless. His name was Ryan. Huh. Rolls off his tongue very nicely.

After getting his drink,the man left. Just like that. Well,maybe Bryce will see him again. 

Low and behold,not 3 days later,the man came back looking.. scared? Huh. He came up to the counter and Bryce gave him a smile, “ You’re back so soon. “ 
“ Yeah uhh..things came up. “ 

Wasn’t really his business but okay.  “ So,what’ll it be now? “ 
“ Uhh.. The usual… Bry69. “ 

Bryce’s hands froze over the cash register. His heart stopped for a moment but he quickly looked up at the man. So that’s why he’s so bothered. “ Alright then. “ The man– Ryan –paid for his drink and sat down. Two can play it that game,Bryce hummed. He made Ryan’s drink and wrote his name on the cup but he also wrote an addition on the cup. When he called out Ryan’s name,he handed the cup over to him with a wink and flirty smile. 

Ryan left the building,staring at his cup with bewilderment. It had Bryce’s number on it. Fuck. Oh fuck fuck fuck. Did he just get lucky or what?

Hope you enjoyed this drabble! <3 The au was thought of by @immatureturd ! and we kinda made up some ideas for the au :D brohm was one of the ship so yeah


Designs for my OCs Azriel, Yuma and Elias. I’ve got a rough idea of their backstories but they all live as courtesans in the royal palace.

need you like air i breathe// old man logan

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Requested by @let-it-go-and-live-again 

I was wondering if I could request something? Where the reader can read thoughts and pick up energies from other people and the more she’s around Logan the more she realizes that she’s falling in love with him. Every time she brings it up, he gets angry and says it isn’t true and they fight, which leads into passionate “so what if I do love you?” kisses? Thanks!

This is pure angst probably up until the end. I couldn’t let it go… don’t kill me. The beginning of this is following the new timeline in DOFP.

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Let me list some of its features:

  • Accurate beak shadow casting!
  • It’s acne-treated!
  • It doesn’t know how to swim!
  • It goes away when you go away!
  • It has a 90% performance rating!

Just over a year ago, I failed horribly at creating shadows that looked good and didn’t suck up my graphics card. Now it works great, and it definitely complements the visual style!

The graphics are pretty advanced for running off of a 2D game framework!

mlm playlist for when you want to dance to Gay Dance Anthems™ that don’t sound like they were played at Eurovision or a sung by women what is up with that 

Homosapien - Peter Shelly

Dairy Queen- PWR BTTM

Do You Want To- Franz Ferdinand

This Boy’s In Love- The Presets

Hey- Le1f

You Made Me Gay- Gravy Train!!!

Rock Lobster- The B-52′s

All Over Your Face- Cazwell

Youth (Gryffin Remix)- Troye Sivan

All The Boys- PWR BTTM