rad crocodile

things that happened at the legendary minor chat dirkjohn meetup
  • rad drank almost all of a blue raspberry and cinnamon slushie, we told them not to, then they got mad at us for making them do it
  • i bit rad’s dick off with a toy crocodile
  • rad was wearing a barry bluejeans cosplay
  • jade looked good as hell. i already complimented her but i thought i should mention it
  • nell was wearing a “dear lord im gay” shirt and i was jealous
  • we went to blick. when checking out rad just randomly ran away into the store and came back 4 minutes later
  • we went to chinatown and got candy and food. i bought a wooden alligator there. we saw a pokemon mug that said “Like the lovely Picacho!” 
  • rad dropped a pad on the floor that they had written “oppa marriage style” on. they left it there
  • rad ate something off the subway floor? they claimed they did and that it was munchy. we think theyre lying
  • we went back to nells house and i had my nails painted while we listened to two people playing two trucks out of sync