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I love that post you did a while ago about Pidge actually enjoying Lance's company and how Lance can be himself around her like how sweet! Do you have any headcannons about their relationship? (Either ship wise or just as best bros?)

Listen, I have so many thoughts about Pidge and Lance. Enough that I had to drag myself out of bed and onto my laptop to answer this, because my phone just won’t do. I’m gonna start with brOtp Pidge and Lance, because that’s my jam. 

  • After their initial meetup kerfuffle at the Garrison, Pidge and Lance actually become very close.
  • They’re actually known around the Garrison for their joint effort shenanigans: “Gunderson and McClain are running a poker tournament in their room again tonight.” “I hate playing against them, they always wipe me out of my allowance.” 
  • Total Weebs™. Pidge used to make fun of Lance for watching entry level anime and completely imparted her fathomless depths of anime recommendations on him. 
  • Lance taught Pidge how to swim.  
  • Pidge= makeshift stuffed animal.  Lance has a bad day and just needs to hold onto something or someone, he’s carrying Pidge right onto the couch and squishing his face into her tummy, because she’s soft and warm and plays with his hair and tells him that it’s going to be okay.  
  • Not afraid of crying around each other. 
  • Pidge makes an active effort to learn Spanish (like her attempts at Altean, only more successful).  She doesn’t really ever speak it to him, but it’s important that she learns her best friends first language. 
  • Lance has Protective Mom Mode: “Pidge, sunscreen, this planet has no shade!” “I got you a headband so you can keep all of that hair out of your eyes, it’s dangerous on missions.” 
  • Radio Lance, sings to Pidge when no one’s around and she’s lonely.  Does a rad cover of ‘Steal my Sunshine’ by Len.

I hope my presentation has convinced you all to get on the winning team of Best Friends 5eva Pidge and Lance

A little preview of Fishing For The Truth, a comic I made for Beyond 2
If you want to know what Nile, the super professional paranormal investigator (who’s also a nb kid) is searching for in the sewers, and even more interesting, what they will actually find down there, consider checking out the Beyond 2 Kickstarter! Especially if you want get cool rewards, for example the first volume of Beyond, or cute postcards!


Hey! Check out this super rad acapella cover of Dagames’ Build Our Machine that showed up on my youtube feed today!

Aight, so a bunch of people asked me how I do the thing:

this is my basic approach to how I make basically anything (although put in a less chaotic and stupid format)

  • For shadows I have around 2-3 layers gradually getting darker of detailed shadow and one blurred to shit main shadow at a low opacity. Same goes for highlights.
  • If I know theres going to be two lightsources in my picture I do the bigger one first (the sun/moon or whatever) and the secondary one last (I.e the fire, or a lamp or some sh*t)
  • I put most of the layers on a multiply/overlay so you can still see the paper texture under it.
  • Metals have like x3 the shadow/highlight layers as everything else
  • The border was drawn on the fly- half of it was drawn and then I just duplicated it and flipped it.

Idk, if you guys have any more questions/ need tips message me about it. (I suck at this tutorial buis)

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i ship amy jamie kendall and a million dollars #OP4

We’re the best OT4 ever.

We live in a rad af mini castle covered in ivy.

There’s a river and lots of pretty trees and a wing dedicated to sewing and cosplays.

Every night is a slumber party and no one goes to bed hungry.

-Jamie (Gryffindor)


ahh, drawing yams in cute clothes made me feel better ⁽⁽ૢ(⁎❝ົཽω❝ົཽ⁎)✧ slight filter difference bc im still not sure if i like blue or pink undertones better… hm

look me in the eyes and tell me he wouldnt look amazing in fairy kei i dare you

here’s a drawing of my new oc no one asked for


etsyfindoftheday 2 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 4.21.17

customized leather passport covers by shopalwaysrooney

this gal definitely needs to go on a faraway trip this year … and i’d love to take one of these passport sleeves with me. i love the polka dots on the first one, and the personalization possibilities on the second. other quotes and ready-made designs also available!


Counting Stars (Araki cover)

//Gently slides my art over// look at this gal

Her name is Galaxia and she’s a space slime lesbian who will end the world by accident because someone shanked her

But that’s only is her stoner magical girl gf can’t find/help her