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signs using planners
  • aries: writes in it more than they should
  • taurus: ends up taking notes and drawing cats and tacos
  • gemini: organizes their life using a planner
  • cancer: tries to make it perfect, fails and cries
  • leo: prints selfies and sticks them on each day of the planner
  • virgo: wakes up at 5am to take note of everything in the planner
  • libra: organizes everything in order, neatly
  • scorpio: throws it out the window
  • sagittarius: writes in it depending on their mood
  • capricorn: writes EVERYTHING and takes note of small things constantly
  • aquarius: uses it once a month
  • pisces: doodles on every page

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I honestly wanna be friends with you cause you seem like a very cool rad and funny person to be around but I feel like I'd make a bad first impression so I get scared easily ;; also I love your art so much it's so cute and just great and funny when you purposely make it funny :'0


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