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It’s time to play RAD: ROBOT ALCHEMIC DRIVE on Press Buttons n Talk.  Boy, this game sure is….a game.  AMAZING voice acting too.


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 9.19.17

illustrated items by hannahhitchman

i love hannahhitchman’s drawings — the detail is awesome, and the content is super-creative and cute. this pair of finds are at the top of my list, along with some of her star wars stuff! what are your favorites?


Vans Girls at Camp Gritty
It’s Do or DIY: Button Bar

Embroidering our backpacks just wasn’t enough, so we upped the decorative ante with a button bar for campers to add some more flair to their Realm Backpacks. We saw everything from funny phrases and matching cabin crew names (shoutout to “Brandon’s B5 Babes”) to intricate handprinted watercolor buttons. You better bet we collected buttons from all of these talented campers to pin on our own backpacks!

Shout out to these campers for letting us repost their rad photos: Photo 1: Buttons/Backpack by Skye Bronte & photo by Caroline Kolbe Photo 5: Buttons by Ashlie Chandler & photo by Jazzy.


Yesterday: GIFs are great! But actually making them kinda sucks.

Today: GIFs are great! And any video (or burst!) on your iOS device can be GIFFed, edited, and posted using the Tumblr app.

Here’s how:

  • Open a new photo post.
  • Pick a video (or a burst!). 
  • Poof. Now, it’s a GIF.

You can crop it. Zoom it. Trim it. Make it fast. Make it slow. Make it loop. Make it rebound back and forth. Make a whole bunch and arrange them into a photoset. See what other people are making over in the #made with tumblr search, then go have fun with this thing already.

Available on iOS right now, Android in just a little bit

And now, a few exciting tips:

  • Don’t underestimate bursts(!)—they produce extremely handsome GIFs. 
  • The shorter your GIF is, the better it’ll look. 
  • The rebound button is rad. Try it out and enjoy the resultant smoothness. 
  • Speaking of smoothness, 1.5x is a really smooth speed. 
  • GIF a slow-mo video, then speed it up in the GIF maker. An incredible, pudding-like smoothness. 
  • Too much face for one selfie? Make a photoset. 

Above is a highly intelligent and thought-provoking set of top-quality, A grade photographs of me, captured in 2014 by me. The subject matter includes me, and me again. The images are not only breathtakingly full of swag, but hold a much deeper meaning. This is hidden behind the well-thought out and mysterious colour scheme,(courtesy of Instragram ‘Metropolis’ filter) which plays a central role in the composition of these marvellous pieces, in which I ponder the meaning of life and also possibly examine the overwhelming desire I hold to eat many, many chicken nuggets.