rad bikes

Anybody else have more yoi ships than Victuri? I mean, gotta love them, but who else do you guys ship? Here are the two I have so far:

Leo and Guang-Hong

They’re so cute! They’re both similar in age, both are the innocent ones in this scene, and they seem to get along pretty well. Plus, they both have pink-ish phone cases.

Also, this one:

Ahh! The narration just kills me!

They’re friends for now, it seems. But they do have a lot in common: they’re both loner types, they complement each other nicely (Yuri’s the aggressive loner and Otabek is the silent loner), and they’re both kind of hardcore in their own way. Plus, Otabek rescued him from his fans. Can we say ‘knight in shining armor’? (riding a pretty rad bike, too)

That’s it for my other yoi ships, but if you have any, do tell!

The signs as types of pop

Aries: bubblegum pop

Taurus: pop rock

Gemini: pop rocks (yum)

Cancer: Ring Pop

Leo: that satisfying pop from popping bubble wrap


Libra: the pop you hear when you accidentally blow a fuse in your house. Commonly followed by a dramatic, sad sigh and a call to the electrician

Scorpio: the pop when they crack their knuckles (god that’s gross)

Sagittarius: country pop

Capricorn: k-pop (ok then have fun with that)

Aquarius: popping a wheelie on their bike (so rad)

Pisces: ice pop (for a hot summer day)


siggyshrieks‘s HILDEGUN “HICCUP” AKA TRANS GIRL HICCUP screams probably a long time after transitioning when she finally gets better clothes and more confidence and can do better eyeliner wings YAA still a lizard/ dragon nerd extraordinaire who has a rad bike and a rad buff gf

o ya so i’m not rly the biggest fan of hiccup being made rly rly feminine for no reason bc the oocness that comes with it??, boy or girl, but i don’t really mind as long there’s an explanation on why he’s gonna be girly or try to be BUT tHIS aU!! basically gives a good reason and at the same time it doesn’t erase Hiccup’s personality?? so WOW?? it’s rly cute too bruh pls take a look at it YeA

I know Hiccup looks a little too girlish than what you draw her like but that’s mostly because of my style, especially the eyes xD PLEASE BEAR WITH ME i do this with everyone i draw i was a kawaii-ish artist so

edit: i flipped the canvas. the bangs are pointing the wrong way bit at least the leg is on the correct side wheeze