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Daniel Radcliffe + awards acceptance speeches. (2001-2014)

Keep On

Keep On- Junior Doctor

Lately I’ve had a hard time trying to fall asleep and I’ve tried everything from medications all the way to counting sheep. I paced about my room in a desperate attempt to tire myself out physically, hoping that I’d be tired mentally soon as well. After the twentieth time or so walking around my room, I made my way to Phil’s room where I knew he would be fast asleep. I lay next to him and stare at the ceiling.

“Having trouble sleeping again?” Phil mumbled.

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Helloo everyone! I wanted to thank you all for being awesome, so i tought of a Tumblr Award!


  • Must reach 20 notes (or it never happened :/)
  • mbf that deer
  • reblogs this post to enter until the 28 of february
  • Winners will be announced the first of march


  • A follow from me :D
  • A promo 
  • A link to your blog on my blog (for a month)
  • A comission (drawing or animation) or a gifset 
  • MY FRIENDSHIP (if you want it)


  • The Hashtag Award: best url
  • The “I’d frame that” Award: The best icon
  • The WoOooaAaAaAh! Award: best theme
  • The Angel Award: best Supernatural
  • The Timelord Award: best Doctor who
  • The +Subscribe Award: best Youtubers
  • The Fan Award: best multifandom
  • The Haha! Award: best joke (yeah, why not? send it here)
  • The HELLA RAD Award: best overall


okay guys i’m super duper (super) close to 3k!! plus my bday is coming soon and my blog is going to be one year old (what??) in light of all these things happening, i decided to do a small tumblr awards so let’s get started:


  • must be following this bean 
  • must reblog this post [you can like to bookmark]
  • i’m kinda aiming for 50+ notes [or i’ll hide in a hole]
  • there will be 1 winner + 1 runner up!! (depends on the notes)
  • keep in mind, this is for gmw blogs [except for the personal favorites]


  • riley matthews award: best url
  • maya hart award: best creations**
  • farkle minkus award: rad blogger
  • lucas friar award: best posts
  • isadora smackle award: nicest blogger
  • zay babineaux award: best overall
  • yogi + darby award: personal favorites (2 winners)


  • winners get: +f from me (if not already), my love & friendship if u want ♡, a spot on my updates tab for a month, 3 promos,1 gif request for gmw, + headcanons/poetry for yr ship (even though i suck)
  • runner ups get: +f from me (if not already), my love & friendship forever, 1 promo, + headcanons/poetry for your ship


  • **if you want the mh award, please put yr creations tag in the reply thing of this post (this is terrible english, what am i saying)
  • ends august 19th!!
  • idk be nice to people & ily guys ♡ ♡
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I just want everyone in the skeleton clique to know that, even though their performance at the MTV Movie Awards was great and something we should all be proud of, it wasn’t Twenty One Pilots’ television debut. Their performance of House of Gold on Conan was, and you guys should all check it out!


I MADE ONE for you too because it is technically also your birthday as well and

-it is lame and everything but i do it out of love U//v//U

Hi, welcome to my tumblr awards! I recently reached 10K followers and I never really celebrated it with anything.. so I guess this is my 10K tumblr awards :) also I am a bit obsessed with andrew garfield again after tasm2, he is just so cute!

  • must be following this gurl
  • reblog until 4 may 2014 9pm CEST
  • Relogs only 
  • NO LIKeS pls! ;) 
  • one winner, maybe a runner up depending on the notes

The awards

  • Nicest Blogger(s)
  • best Doctor Who
  • best Supernatural
  • best game of thrones
  • original graphics/edits
  • best Multifandom
  • My Favorite
  • Best Overall 
  • hella rad award
  • fab award
  • special flower award



  • + follow
  • 3 promo’s on request (to 10,2K+ dashes) 
  • big promo with the anouncement
  • spot in my updates tab 
  • my love and friendship, BE MY FRIEND (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧