rad as balls

I heard my friend @stevenmemelord was sad because of the lack of G-rated Connverse content. I miss it too!! I hope maybe this will make you feel better??

Here they are post-‘Steven-space-adventure’, too relieved to see each other and giddy to be embarrassed that they’ve been holding hands for the past hour :)

Hi there! I made these candles forever ago and I’d prefer they go to someone who would use them! There are 3 seashell candles and 3 acorn cap candles– the acorn ones float! Stuff I also have:

  • Yarrow and Vervain– not much, but still enough to be trade-able!
  • A few sticks of dragon’s blood incense
  • Small green aventurine stones– originally on a bracelet
  • Handmade rough quartz pendant 

Stuff I’m looking for:

  • Bones (skulls are rad)
  • Crystal ball stands (sturdy ones, please– I already have a rickety one :))
  • Candles… always candles
  • Stones! Selenite, amethyst, moss agate, fossils, and literally anything else you have on hand!
  • Statues & figurines (a plus if inhabited by spirits)
  • $$$
  • Hit me with it! I love hearing what people have!

Thanks for checking this out!

Contact me @panickywitchcraft

Grand Admiral Thrawn is the only Imperial officer to get a cool design painted on the bottom of his Star Destroyer. Which means he had to get special permission from somebody like the Emperor to make that happen.

Imagine how that conversation must have gone.

“Yes, my servant, you may trick out your warship, for the custom paint job you have requested is rad as balls. Go forth and make the Rebellion super jelly, in the name of the Empire.”