rad art!!

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Ur art is rad and im aching to know how does It feel to be stoned?? I wanna be stoned too,,

Yknow when you’ve been up all night and its 3 am and u have that rare moment where everything is funny and nothing you say makes sense yet time seems to have stopped in place and you feel a buzz of tired euphoria that just simmers at the back of your mind? It’s like that but w the added effect of your usual “munchies”. Everyone experiences a high differently, I’ve only ever had a bad trip once and it felt like I was floating and my brain had turned into a pile of paint and someone was mixing it all around w a paintbrush and my paranoia went up to the highest it’s ever been. But all other times have been good. Some extra symptoms I feel personally along w the tired euphoria and munchies and finding everything funny are heightened sense of taste and hearing, my perception of time slows way the fuck down (I will think it’s been an hour when it’s only been 5 min), temporary memory loss (nothing too bad my brain just has a harder time making connections but it helps allow me to relax from stressful things I don’t wanna think about), mild hallucinations (nothing serious and probably isn’t the right term I just have an easier time seeing my imagination play out irl and I notice the vibrancy of colors more and brings my more creative side to life. It’s why an ongoing joke is a stoned enough person can sit and stare at a wall for hours, probably cause their imagination is running fucking wild and is all the entertainment they need), and an increased libido