Hannigram S4 That moment when you’ve been happily married (for 2 years) to a man who knows how to make you shut up

Imagine Person A is in a huge rush and must take an elevator from the first floor up to the fifteenth floor to arrive on time. Person B, on the other hand, is totally in control of their lives, and is taking the elevator from the second floor to the nineteenth. Person A gets on first and is in the elevator, tapping their foot anxiously, as the doors open on Person B. Person B saunters in and presses the button for the nineteenth floor. The doors close, and the two are left in silence as the elevator dings at each floor, nobody else entering. The elevator dings … . and dings … . And Person A sees a number thirteen light up … and ding – And – The elevator struggles to a stop, a loud crushing noise sounding from above. The lights flicker for a moment, and then go out.

Person A and Person B are both stuck inside the elevator.

Bonus: Person B and Person A already know each other. Well, sort of. More like Person A knows of Person B. They, uh, might have a crush. Maybe.


I get the distinct impression that 90% of shit that goes on in poketale starts with a “SANS NO” and ends with a “sans /yes/” at this point.

But yeah, he’s an adult by pokemon standards. I’m just not too sure about the ‘mature’ part. And neither is Papyrus.

*catches ball and tosses it hiiiigh up in the air* Catch, @friisans ! Trainertale still belongs to them.

Imagine you and your favourite characters have the same taste in music. Imagine them just laying in the shady grass on a comfortable summer day, one earphone each, enjoying your favourite tunes, your favourite characters tapping their foot or nodding along. Waiting at the bus stop, cuddling at home, cooking in the kitchen together with your music playing in the background.

* my bird is singin’
* her flowers are bloomin’

I got a couple asks about my take on a Monster version of Flowerfell!Frisk, and well, a harpy came to mind! Maybe broken wings, if you want an explanation for falling down. Flowey/Asriel would be a doll? And played around a little with the Human UF/FF!Sans design from @oduwanszawelnyi.

Thanks for the 2k followers btw guys!! ; 0 ;


BRITTANY AND I have started a new TMNT au–SPACE AU.  I designed Donnie and Raph, and Britt designed Mikey and Leo.

Expect a fed up and pissy engineer Donnie, a bodyguard and morally good Raph, a wise cracking con man Mikey, and an ambiguously antagonistic space pirate Leo.