HEY EVERYBODY, RACO HERE!! Okay so I’m gonna try something a lil crazy here. I’m going to be at Sakura-con here in Seattle for the next three days (April 18th-20th). I made a bunch of stuff that I’ll have with me around at the con to sell and trade for other merch! I dont have a table or anything like that so I’ll just be dealing out of my bag? (which I’m not 100% sure if thats allowed or not but I’m gonna do it anyway??) So yeah! Try and find me wandering around the con and you can get some cool stuff!! 

I think for prices for stuff I’m looking for 1-2$ for stickers, 5$ for prints and idk for buttons yet! I’m also totally willing to do trades if you have merch to sell too! Also, if you’re cosplaying one of the characters depicted in my merch you can have one for free! So yeah!! I’m entering the Skullgirls Encore tourney so you can spot me there for sure, I’ll probably be hanging around the gaming areas mostly. I shouldnt be too hard to spot, look for a 6ft loser wearin’ a 7-11 wife beater. I’ll prolly stick a sign on my back or something too idk??

It would be psweet if you could reblog this so more people can snag my stuff! My supplies are somewhat limited each day but you shouldnt have a problem getting something. Oh, also on April 20th I’ll have some ~special exclusive merch~ to celebrate a lil’ somethin’ on that day! HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!! UPDATES ON (AT)PITBUSTAR ON TWITTER