Learn from me Ladies: Never go easy on a boy!


I will be the first to admit that I made Power Within mistake numero uno:

I played easy on a boy and LOST!!!

I posted earlier how I have been playing racquetball with my boyfriend lately and we are VERY competitive with each other.  I’m sure it would be very humorous to watch from the outside but we are the worst to each other once we step onto the court.  We laugh at each others mistake, throw fits if we mess up, and often try to hit each other with the ball with returning it to the server.  It gets PRETTY MESSY in there!  With that being said, you can see why I am very upset from losing a best out of 3 series. 

It happened last Tuesday, we were playing doubles with a few other friends, and decided to stick around a play a round between the two of us.  Well it happened to be that my arch enemy was wearing his “street” Nike’s, and from all the shifting and moving around, started to get a big blister on his big toe by the third game.  At the time we had a 1 to 1 match and we were playing best out of 3. 

This is getting me SO upset even just typing this… but after his complaining and moaning of how he couldn’t run because of his toe, I felt bad a let up a little.

WHY?  you might ask.

I’m not sure!  I was ahead 13-10 (first to 15 wins), and I guess I thought I had it in the bag. But what actually happened is that I let go of my ambition, wasn’t playing at 100%, and got lazy.  I was on my heels not in a ready, position, and since I was playing easy was able to hit the ball right at him.  Of course he wasn’t doing the same, and he would hit the ball which way and that, making me run and sprint at a laid back position.  I ended up losing 15-14!

I was SOOO mad at him and his stupid blister, but mostly at myself for being fooled by such a thing!!!

Please learn from my mistake and always do your best! Just remember this quote,

“winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is”