Tumblr, you need to hate the right people.

Hate bad cops not all cops. 

Hate bad men not all men.

Hate racists not a specific race.

Hate transphobic people not cis people.

Hate homophobic people not straight people.

Please, stop being hateful towards so many good people in the world

Stop lumping entire genders, jobs, races, sexualities, and gender identities into one hateful group because think about it: You get angry when you are lumped together hatefully so why do you do it to others? 

Treat others how you want to be treated. 

Be the bigger person.  

I just went off on Twitter about this, but it’s worth repeating here.

Stop giving attention to YouTube “celebrities” that continuously say racist, sexist, transphobic, slut shaming etc bullshit. This is a general rule of thumb, but I’m going to specifically drill down on people giving attention to racist content creators.

Stop letting known racist trolls profit off black rage. It doesn’t matter if you hit dislike, it doesn’t matter if you cursed them out in the comments, a view is a view. YouTube views equal MONEY. These people are purposefully saying hateful things to get you upset and profit. They WANT Black twitter to drag them. They WANT their video to go viral so they can rake in those adsense dollars. Google doesn’t care if people are mad at the content, all they see are view$. If you’re really that desperate to put someone on blast, make a gif set. Stop sharing shitty videos. 

Stop sending me messages with, “Woa have you seen this racist video X did? What do you think of it?”  You already know what I think of it. How do you expect me to feel about some white person doing blackface, dissing black lives matter or saying the n-word? I avoid this content because it upsets me. Stop sending me problematic videos and asking me to weigh in or go after these people. I currently have 20 messages in my inbox about the latest “why can’t white people say the n-word?” video and I’m really not interested. 

Don’t tag me in tweets with racists. I don’t need those people in my mentions all damn day. I’m not going to argue with these people on your behalf. 

Don’t send me screen caps of something your racist friend/significant other/classmate/etc said. 

It’s not my job to go after every racist on YouTube.  I don’t have the time or energy. Every. Single. Time. I open my mouth and say something about these SAAAAAME creators, I open myself (and the people I care about) up to harassment. I’m not doing it anymore. If you have a problem with something someone said, tell them so. I’m not your attack dog. 


These are all the yik yak’s at John Hopkin’s University. That school is full of prestigious assholes who are predominantly white or asian. Yaw wanna spout some shit online, but you wouldn’t dare say it to a black persons face or you would be catching some hands an then some.

Fuck John Hopkins University and fuck the racists fucks that live there. Think about it yaw, these are our future doctors and shit.

Kentucky Senate Passes GOP Bill Allowing Discrimination Against Interracial Couples
It's only a matter of time before this bill becomes law and Republicans drag Kentucky back to the 1950s.

From the article:

It hasn’t passed yet, but considering the Senate and the House are controlled by Republicans, and Tea Party nitwit Matt Bevin is the Governor, it’s only a matter of time before this bill becomes law and drags Kentucky back to the 1950s.

Gods of Egypt is a Racist, Whitewashed Failure of a Movie

Gods of Egypt is a Racist, Whitewashed Failure of a Movie

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Gods of Egypt has been a problem since the final casting was announced and people started petitions against it. And yet Lionsgate Films and the director chose to ignore people’s upset over a whitewashed Ancient Egypt pantheon of gods. And now their movie is a big, fat financial bomb. Good. Serves them right. When reviewers got ahold…

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Dylann Roof is mentally ill?

Do I think Dylann Roof is mentally ill?  No.  I think he’s an ignorant fucked up racist who made his choice.  He planned his attack and knew what he was doing.  I don’t see racism as a mental illness.  Why would I discredit all the people who actually do suffer from some type of mental illness?  I honestly don’t even want to hear it.  

So I heard about Donald Trump saying how all hispanics are rapists. Turns out he raped his ex-wife in 1992 and his lawyer says and I quote “You cannot rape your spouse” which disgusts me since I had an abusive grandfather who raped my grandmother.

He disrespects women and their rights.

Do you really trust this man to have the lives of YOUR WIFE and YOUR CHILDREN in his hands?