Ever refuse to use a product because their ad campaign just rubs you the wrong damn way? Like obviously there’s racist or sexist advertising but what I mean is when its less overt.

Like Panera bread and their “good clean food” nonsense. The phrase “clean eating” just grates on me so much. Like unless you dropped your chicken nuggets on the floor, they aren’t more “dirty” than a 9$ cup of soup and you aren’t “dirty” for eating it. Is it ill advised to eat nothing but chicken nuggets? Sure, but eating them isn’t some filthy guilty moral failing. Idk. Its not a big deal at all but it bugs me every single time I see it.

Dove misfires massively on its latest video adverts. 

Dove has apologised after releasing a series of “racist” images that appeared to show a black woman turning white after using their soap.

The Facebook advertising campaign used a series of three images, showing a black woman peeling off her T-shirt to reveal a white woman underneath her skin.


This is horrible!
This South African organization literally depicts a “black” child as… a wealthy “white” woman’s lap dog. Complete with feeding him treats for fetching the newspaper.

This goes to show that even those with (I’m assuming) good intentions often do not understand their own (over)privilege. Let alone the position of others. This is never more true than with the (socially constructed) concept of race. The producers of this piece of shit  video understand the privilege associated with class. However, the fact that race and whiteness was created to distribute privilege, while blackness was created to take it away, is lost on these…::ehum::.. folks.

The everyday abuse and ostracization of POC and their bodies is exemplified in this video, where in an attempt to expose on social injustice, they partake in another.

‘MURICAAA. I mean, you do you. If you’re racist and want to advertise it to the rest of the world with a bad tattoo, great. But those flags, man. Why are they so crooked? What’s going on with the stars, aren’t they supposed to be symmetrical? Why are the skull’s jaw bones fused together? Then there’s the line work & shading… ahhhh… 

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we were watching a yt vid about racist stereotypes in advertising and i started tearing up ik the girl next to me is like what tf is wrong with this bitch! but at last…there was no correlation or causation, just poor timing lmao


This racist TV commercial is still airing, despite multiple complaints about the disgraceful content. Utterly shameful.
If you think this advertisement isn’t racist, then think about it this way - would it be acceptable for an American Airlines commercial to have a white guy with tape stretching his eyes, wearing a black wig, pretending to be Japanese?

- Commentary from Original Poster of Video

Below is commentary from one of the top rated (and debated) commentator on YouTube

All types of ‘faces’ are. Red race, yellow face, brown face - these are all real things that are mostly done by white people. They are offensive because (and i dont really know how anyone can honestly debate this) white people have oppressed 'minorities’ for centuries. It’s not something unique to just black people. When a black person does 'white face’, it may absolutely be offensive to some people but it’s never oppressive. You can’t say the same about black, yellow, red or brown face because people are still fighting to contradict the stereotypes that were established by white people against the people they were attempting to portray. ESPECIALLY when it comes to asians whom are largely overlooked and ignored when it comes to representation in film.

I can’t tell you that 'white face’ isn’t offensive because i’m absolutely sure it is to some people but I would love for someone to demonstrate to me how white people have been systematically oppressed by people whom do white face. I would love to see how it’s personally effected the white race as a whole. Because I could literally sit here all day and tell you the negative effects of black, red, brown and yellow face. But there’s really no point if you simply deny it and say that it’s not offensive.

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I have friends in Australia, and to my knowledge, Tony Abbott only cut 54 million dollars from the Indigenous community because the Labor government spent so much money in the previous eight years. You (and everyone around you) will be paying off the 30 billion dollar debt for the rest of your lives. So will your children. And their children. Do you still want that 54 million dollars? If so, you have not been listening.

Your Australian friends must be such remarkably good sources on economics. So much so that their figures are out by nearly half a billion dollars.

Here’s some real sources for you: 

The cuts to Indigenous spending is one of the largest cuts in the entire budget. What is not being cut is the $4.5 billion in subsidies the mining industries get. In fact, they’re getting even more allocated to them with this budget. The money is being taken from the least privileged among us and given to the most.  

See, certain portions (predominantly Murdoch owned) of the media have been spinning this story for so long that Labor spent all our money and we have a ‘budget emergency’, and a lot of Australians believe it. I mean, if it’s in the paper every day how could it not be true?

What’s the real story?

First, that there is none. Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world right now:

  • Our national debt is lower than any analogous country
  • Our net government debt is 12.1%, compared to 74.7% average of other advanced economies
  • We have an AAA credit rating from all three credit rating agencies (one of only 10 countries in the entire world) 
  • Labor blew out our debt in order to stimulate our economy during the GFC, an act widely recognised by world-leading economists as saving us from going into recession
  • Between 2011-12 and 2012-13 [Labor’s term] the budget deficit fell from 1.7% to 1.2% of GDP — the largest year-to-year drop ever. 
  • The Liberal Government has doubled the budget deficit in their own modelling by making changes to spending  and by changing the assumptions in the model

The Liberal Government is cutting the Carbon Pricing ($7.6 billion a year) and the Mining Tax (22.5% of annual profits). The former charges the biggest polluting businesses for the carbon pollution they emit as a means of encouraging them to lower their emissions. The former is a tax on the multi-billion dollar mining companies for profiting off resources that they do not own. An industry that has actively displaced many Australians from their land, but most notably Indigenous persons. An industry that has invested millions of dollars in horrendous racist advertising and campaigns to effectively destroy Indigenous Australian Land Rights movements. 

By removing those taxes and at the same time introducing new random spending measures (e.g. the parental leave scheme), it’s leaving an approx $50 billion dollar hole in the budget. A hole they are filling by taking it from the most vulnerable demographics: Indigenous, young, poor, sick and uneducated. The last 4 categories all being those than Indigenous people are more likely to belong to than white Australians.

And all this while it is currently costing us $400,000 a year per person to keep asylum seekers in offshore detention. While drastically cutting our spending on foreign aid, our inhumane treatment of people fleeing their countries to seek refuge here is adding about $10b to the budget.

The only ‘emergency’ is that we have failed to profit long term from the mining boom. We have failed to legislate on carbon pollution and have pandered to the interests of the carbon-intensive industries. Something else that is going to cost us dearly long-term. We have not only failed to invest in renewables, but this budget is also slicing the existing funding for that as well. The irony being that investment in lowering carbon output and investing in renewable energy and the creation of the necessary infrastructure is widely recognised by leading economists (e.g., Michael Molitor) as one of the best ways to create jobs and stimulate an economy. 

And lastly, to answer your question despite it being based on a false premise: yes. Yes I do want that 54 million, and the rest of it. I will gladly pay high taxes for the rest of my life to see that money being invested into the Indigenous communities [and the environment as well]. Don’t ever ever tell me that any government spent too much on Indigenous communities. When Australia is the worst of any developed country for Indigenous health according to the World Health Organisation, we are clearly not doing even close to enough. 

this JUST happened

so u kno how i’m talking about how POC in the graphic design industry have it tough? we force representation because otherwise everyone would be white all the time.

my designer friend put an asian man in one of the images (he creates facebook graphics for a major company) this is the exchange that went down between him and his art director:

AD: “ummmmm…do we ever use people looking directly at the camera? something is off….can we crop his head off…?

(keep in mind she is talking about cropping the head off of an asian man in a picture to advertise their products that requires human interaction)

AD: ” and the way he’s holding the basket looks weird"

My friend: “ okay, i will rethink this one”

AD: “great!!”

(friend swaps out image of asian man for white man)

AD: “ omg looks so good, love this beard, it goes with fall”

if ya’ll had ANY idea how often this happens…

this is why whenever white ppl say shit like “make ur own” i always flip shit. it’s not like we dont try—it’s that when we DO put it out there ya’ll get all uncomfortable like one second out of the spotlight is the end of the world.

watch—i’ll create a tag just for these instances so u guys can see for urselves how fucking racist the advertising industry is.

I’m a 21 year old Chicago Xicana self-proclaimed ghetto-nerd/crop top aficionado/ Junot Diaz fangirl finishing up my degree in Advertising and Latino Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I’ve spent the past two years navigating the waters of PWI academia and nothing makes me prouder than being part of a growing number of Latinas in higher education. While i’m negotiating what I am going to do after graduation in May, I am hopeful that one day I will contribute to the deconstruction of sexist, misogynistic and racist advertisements.