racist tree

  • Racist Comic Nerd: Black Panther isn't realistic.
  • Captain America: *a man is made into a weapon, gets frozen for years and then wakes up in modern times*
  • Iron Man: *rich guys makes himself a high-tech suit of armor*
  • Hulk: *random dude gets doused with radiation and turns into a huge, green giant when angry*
  • Spider-Man: *boy is bitten by spider and gains spider powers*
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: *contains a talking raccoon with a Boston accent whose best friend is a walking, talking tree*
  • Racist Comic Nerd: Yeah, Black Panther? Totally not realistic.
  • Black Comic Fans: *stare into the camera like they're on the Office*

anonymous asked:

Anybody else remember when the YouTuber Pewdiepie thought the "Kill All Jews" signs was funny and saying the n-word. Remember the people who tried to downplay the significance of what he did, like pundits after this horror show this weekend. Pewdiepie's "jokes" resonated with the same people that saw the president's flaccid rebuke as a greenlight. How many have engaged in the tepid tea of false equivalencies and white victim narrative culture but this weekend we saw the steaming hot version.

It’s all branches of the same racist tree.

paper is racist

paper is white. whites are privileged. why can’t we have black paper or brown paper or yellow paper? because industry is racist. trees are brown anyways so they just waste bleach that otherwise could be consumed orally by trashy white crackers to make it white.
also cultural appropriation.