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Everyone should delete their Uber accounts and tweet screenshots of you doing so to @uber and @uber_nyc. Not only is their CEO Travis Kalanick working and supporting the Orange Demon as a member of his Economic Advisory Board, but today the NYC Taxi Driver Union decided to strike and stop pick-up services at JFK to protest the Muslim Ban. Uber disregarded this in and swept in to offer their services in order to make money.

If you can’t make it to a protest but want to be a part of a number that people notice, delete your Uber account. Tweet a screenshot at Uber to show them we will not financially support businesses who not only back a fascist but stand behind his racist policies just for the sake of profits.

I get really sketched out when people bring up California’s former history as a part of Mexico as a point of pride. Mexico was also a colonial state, and the time of Spanish then Mexican rule resulted in the deaths of 160,000 California Natives. Mexico actively engaged in *many* massacres of Native peoples in California. I understand it gets brought up as a way to critique oppressive/racist nationalism and border policy in the US, but for certain that can be done without celebrating another violent colonial history.

Why “real racism” is a racist concept

Fandom loves to talk about “real racism.” Not about racist policies and acts themselves, but about racism out in the “real world” that affects “real people.”

Fandom and online racism, by contrast, is not real because … all I can think of is because a person of color can’t be physically assaulted through a screen. 

The implication that fandom/online racism doesn’t affect real people and doesn’t affect the offline world, or that it isn’t important like “serious” racism, is a silencing tactic. You don’t look like a superior ally if you ignore fandom racism with the excuse that you fight “real world” racism. Fandom racism is real world racism.

If you don’t like it when people of color talk about race in fandom spaces, you likely aren’t more welcoming of it in school and work environments. If you make excuses for fandom racism, you’ll likely excuse education and employment racism. Sure, when there’s KKK violence, you’ll be outraged. When Trump puts the lives of Muslim refugees in danger, you’ll take note. Maybe you’ll even protest. But understand, racism doesn’t begin and end with extreme acts. One of the reason racism has flourished in the United States is because it has been defined by extremes, to the point where seemingly small things that people do without a second thought, things that culminate into big things like segregation, are not considered racist.

When you disregard one kind of racism as too trivial to matter, you’re allowing it to flourish, and that does have real world repercussions. 

So please, cut the crap. 

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“I’m not going to flirt with the TA for a higher grade, Angelica!”

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Racist policies often kept African-American women out of the suffragist movement. The headquarters of Colored Women Voters, located in Georgia, was one of many early 20th-century organizations that fought for African-American suffrage.

Source: CUNY

Yesterday Holder responded to Session’s racist announcement to enforce the racist mandatory minimum sentencing policy for non-violent drug offenses.

I find the part at the end as the most important: this is an act that can be reversed by congress.

I don’t get people who are like “not everyone voted for trump because they supported his racism! they just supported his policies!” like oh they didn’t support the racism just the racist policies okay

Okay, so corporate has a policy: we can’t take returns of electronics if they’re open. We’re not supposed to. Add onto that: PS4’s company itself won’t let us resell the console if the manufacturer’s seal has been broken.

So a guy comes in, wanting to return a PS4. I can’t do the return: plain and simple. He gets upset and I understand why, he did just buy it yesterday. But he gets in my face about it and starts getting super angry. So I call the manager. He comes over and they argue until my manager agrees to take the return. We can’t resell it, so essentially we’d have to completely throw away a perfectly fine PS4 bundle. Manager walks away, I go through and do the return.

But his return got denied. The computer printed a little note explaining it to him. It had to do with his credit card or how many returns he’s done recently or whatever.

He got so angry and was raising his voice and started cursing and I wanted to point out this is a toy store, there are kids around. And then he accuses me and my manager of being racist (it was policy. And there is 0 way to override a denied return even if I wanted to. E was talking like it was my choice)

He then proceeded to refer to the two managers that had talked to him as “little bitches”, called me a bitch too, and then he took down MY name for when he called corporate… I was being as polite and apologetic as can be but I’m afraid if he lies or says something bad… I think my managers would vouch for me, but still. He was so angry. I’ve gotten people who yell at me plenty times before, but this guy scared me because I was already having a ton of personal problems I was dealing with that day and I just had to take an early break cause I felt sick. It was just… awful and I hope he forgets to call corporate or corporate laughs at his fucking ass. What a fucking jerk.


Palestinian student Shorouq Dwayyat, 19, sentenced to 16 years in Israeli prison

In another example of the lengthy sentencing practices especially targeting Palestinian youth and women in Jerusalem, Shorouq Dwayyat was sentenced to 16 years in Israeli prison by a Jerusalem court on Sunday, 25 December. Dwayyat, 19, from the village of Sur Baher, was also fined 80,000 NIS (approximately $21,000.) She was shot by an Israeli settler and seized by occupation forces on 7 October 2015 in eastern Jerusalem and accused of attempting to stab an Israeli settler. Witnesses reported that she was harassed by the settler prior to the alleged incident.

Dwayyat is a student at Bethlehem University who was studying history and geography. She graduated from high school, achieving a result of 90% in the national secondary Tawjihi examinations in 2015.

Classes at the university were cancelled for two days after her shooting and arrest in October 2015.

Dwayyat was severely injured by the four bullets lodged within her body, unlike the Israeli man she was accused of attempting to stab, who suffered no serious injuries. Following the court’s ruling, the Israeli Interior Ministry stripped the imprisoned Dwayyat of her Jerusalem residency, claiming “breach of trust,” using the case as a mechanism to further the Israeli state policy of attacking Palestinian existence in Jerusalem. Amjad Abu Assab of the Prisoners’ Committee in Jerusalem said that “this is a racist policy…with the aim of killing the spirit of challenge by Jerusalemites and preventing any manifestation of rejection of occupation in the occupied city of Jerusalem.”

She is one of 52 Palestinian women – including 12 minor girls – imprisoned in HaSharon and Damon Israeli prisons and now is serving one of the longest sentences. The longest-held Palestinian woman prisoner, Lena Jarbouni, is serving a 17-year sentence in Israeli prison.  The recent trend of particularly elevated sentences include those against Maysoon Musa (15 years), Nurhan Awad (13.5 years) and Israa Jaabis (11 years).

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Yo, pro social scientist here. That paper about the asset value of whiteness doesn't suggest the gap is "unexplained." The authors literally say structural racism is the explanation for racial inequality, and (this is the important bit) that it needs to be addressed like a structural problem. They're saying treating the individual symptoms of structural racism (education, wealth, etc.) is hella ineffective because it doesn't get rid of racist AF policies, laws, and institutions.

ok, FINE

I get that Hulu wanted to have a racially diverse cast in their adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, but removing the racist policies of the Gilead regime—and pretty much all references to race and racism whatsoever—just seems…odd.

I mean, it’s obviously not just women who are oppressed by the regime. The book and the show make it clear that LGBTQ people, nonbelievers, abortionists, etc. don’t fare well either.

So why would this ultranationalist right-wing theocracy be like, “We hate women, gays, atheists, baby-killers, etc., but black people are okay with us.”

I don’t know, there just seemed to be a lot of missed opportunity for racial commentary.

I mean, for fuck’s sake. In the book, the regime rounds up the “Children of Ham” (black people) into concentration/labor camps and presumably aims to commit genocide against them. But in the show, race is just…never mentioned or acknowledged. It’s weird.

That being said, it’s really my only criticism of the show so far. Well, that and Serena Joy and the commander being too young and Nick’s actor being a bit bland.