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Teacher allegedly gave “most likely to blend in with white people” award to black student

  • These cruel superlatives just keep coming.
  • After reports surfaced on Friday that a Houston-area junior high school teacher gave a seventh grader a “most likely to be a terrorist” award, a subsequent report from KRIV says another unflattering mock award exists.
  • According to KRIV, Sydney Caesar, a black student, received an award deeming her “most likely to blend in with white people." 
  • These "awards” were given to students enrolled in AVID, a college prep program, KPRC reports. Read more. (5/27/17, 3:34 PM)

Doctor Who a decade ago: Oh, silly Martha, racism isn’t something you should have to worry about as a time-travelling black woman! In fact, racism wasn’t really even that big of a thing, right gang? Just be cool and these 1600′s white people will fully accept you! Oh, and here’s the Great Depression! These are called Hoovervilles! They’re cute little towns where people who don’t have anywhere else to go live to find love, acceptance, and fairness! This Hooverville’s lead by an inspirational black guy who gives white people, including Great Depression Andrew Garfield, the whitest guy, advice before inevitably getting killed! By aliens of course, not by racists, cause that would be crazy.


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Can you explain to me the chubby mccree thing? where it comes from? why the fandom loves it so much? why there is no chubby hanzo? is because sushi is healthier than hamburger?

its mostly a personal preference, I feel he looks nice with some chub on him, and it goes well with my headcanon of him being a twig when he was rebellious teen in a gang, and then getting some muscle after coming to blackwatch and having regular meals and excersise routines and also having to be in shape for missions and such~~, and them becoming chubby as he grows older and is on the run, eating irregularly and mostly fast food or food from diners which are things he can eat quickly….also drinks alot which we can sorta see in the reflections comics…. idk I just feel he looks really nice like that.

As for Hanzo, I have seen a couple of peeps draw him chubby and I like that too, but in my headcanon, Hanzo is very strict about his diet and his workout routines that I dont see him allowing himself  be any other way…. idk he is a workout junkie in my hc because its something that keeps his mind occupied.

Also please rephrase that last part because its very stereotype-y and not cool 


It would be really nice to go into the Yousana/Yousef tag without seeing the same corny ass anti shit. I honestly can’t wrap my head around how some of ya’ll truly think a single dude (who did not commit to Sana nor is he her property) kissing another single person qualify’s as being a fuckboy when those ugly white boys ya’ll geek over both cheated on there previous girlfriends lol

Yousef is treated so unfairly and this fandom is just flat out fucking racist because characters of color are never given the benefit of the doubt.  

Race Matters, But Not The Way You Think

Some time ago, I made a post stating that I feel that modern Heathenry is largely racists who don’t know they’re racists arguing with racists who know they’re racist about who is more racist. Now, I think I will expound further on this.

From what I can gather, there are two main groupings of Norse/Germanic Heathens/Asatruar:

The first would be Universalists, or what I tend to call the average-liberal-heathen/pagan, who generally believe that Heathenry is equally for anyone who wants to be heathen, regardless of race, nationality, or practice. They usually have a very leftist political affiliations and harp strongly on equality and being inclusive.

The second would be Folkish (or some flavor of that), or what the first group like to call racist/nazi heathens. Generally, they seem to believe that to be able to be included in Heathenry or be able to be a “real heathen” one must be…..some kind of white person, preferably of Norse/German/“viking” descent.

I believe both groups are wrong about why race is or isn’t important.

To begin, I don’t think anyone will argue that culture doesn’t exist, or that cultures aren’t different (cultural diversity and all that). And what is religion/spirituality if not a part of and a reflection of the culture from which it emerged? And can we not all agree that in order to fully understand a religion, we must also take into consideration the cultural context?

Culture itself is formed over time by groups of people through shared experiences because of events through history and geographic location. Is it unbelievable then, that people who perhaps had a family who has lived in that culture for generations would not have a deeper understanding of the culture’s spiritual beliefs? And is it unbelievable that those groups of people would not have evolved over time to favor certain traits that would allow them to survive better in that context?

This then, is the genetic component. The sensitive topic that Universalist Heathens don’t want to touch. If there is a person whose ancestors lived in a situation where, say, independence was a more favorable trait for survival, then the children of those who survived would have a higher percent chance to be a more independent person (not to mention if they grew up in that culture, that trait would be praised, developed, and encouraged).

But, this is not 100%. It is not foolproof. Humans are individuals, who could be born and develop with a number of combination of traits, not to mention anomalies and mutations. Therefore, one could not say that ALL people of Northern European descent are fit to be or even inclined to be Heathens. Nor could one say that ALL people who are not never have it in their nature.

I am ethnically Chinese, almost 100%, but I can not relate to Chinese culture or the way most of them think on a fundamental level. This is not only because I was born in the U.S., a western country. My father who was born in Taiwan also has many stereotypically “western” traits in his way of thinking (among other things) as well, and we are considered “weird” by other East Asian people. I suffered ostracization and bullying from other Chinese or East Asian children growing up because I was different. Imagine how my life might have been changed, or limited, had I been born in China, surrounded by only Chinese people, and you might start to see a concrete example of how ancestry does have an impact on the average person of a certain race.

However, because I grew up largely around Chinese people, there are also things I understand and know intimately about Chinese culture that I am often surprised to find is not common knowledge to the average white American. And the more I visited Norway(the place I feel most at home), the more I realized being American and growing up in American culture, even if I disagree or feel uncomfortable with a lot of it, has shaped me differently than if I had grown up in Norway. I still responded to my surrounding influences, either for or against.

Therefore, I am compelled to take that into consideration in my practice, in my Heathenry. I have to acknowledge that I am not Norwegian, or Icelandic, and that I am not even an American of European descent (whose families still have traditions that echo those of the old world, however faint they may be). That is my starting point. A different context of understanding the world.

The past shapes the present and the future, whether it’s nature or nurture, and we are so afraid to admit that to ourselves, often even on a small scale. We wish to distance ourselves from our own past foolishness, or our parents’ or ancestors’ mistakes, so much so that we want to believe that our past has nothing to do with who we are now, but the effect is there whether we acknowledge it or not.

I conclude that an average person of Norse or Germanic descent would be a better Heathen than an average person who is of a different descent. However, we are not average people. We are individuals, and any one individual may find something in particular stirs their heart for one reason or another. I only ask that we all examine where we came from, and where our paths of choice come from with honesty, respect, and a desire to Know.

Two men protecting Muslim women murdered in Portland

Two brave people stepped in to protect two women against a man spewing hate speech yesterday afternoon in Portland and were murdered. When people in power normalize racism and xenophobia it emboldens those with similar beliefs. This is why Trump and this entire xenophobic, hate filled racist “conservative” movement ( among many other reasons ) needs eradicated.

Two men were killed in a stabbing on a MAX train Friday when they tried to intervene as another man yelled racial slurs at two young women who appeared to be Muslim, including one wearing a hijab, police said.

A third passenger who tried to help was also stabbed, but is expected to survive, said Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Officers arrested the suspect as he ran from the Hollywood transit station into the neighborhood near Providence Portland Medical Center in Northeast Portland, Simpson said. Police are still working to identify him and the three men stabbed.

Fuck xenophobia. Fuck racism. If I see someone yelling at anyone non-Christian or of color in public, I’m kicking them in the face. #Racism #Amerikkka #Xenophobia #TrumpEffect #Portland #PunchNazis

“OMG Yousef’s character has been ruined for not apologizing and now he’s irredeemable” Like, do ya’ll think before you type shit because last time I checked he wasn’t looking at Sana when he was kissing Noora so it’s obvious he doesn’t know she saw him so why the fuck would he apologize if he doesn’t know he did anything wrong? 

It’s ya’ll who are ruining Yousef’s character being extra with your interpretations. I will say while the kiss is one thing, if they keep this back and forth with this Sana being hurt over Yousef/Noora and having Yousana gone on like nothing happened then I will be furious and it will prove how white people can not/should not write for characters of color.

And can I just say if the situation was reversed and Sana decided to go for a Muslim boy and forget Yousef she would not be getting shit. Like, she deleted Yousef from her facebook and was basically going to cut him out of her life for not being religious and people understand her, but now Yousef is not allowed that same courtesy.


Baylor University suspends fraternity after “Cinco de Drinko” bash with sombreros, maid outfits

  • The racist Cinco de Mayo antics have begun early this year.
  • Baylor University’s chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity was temporarily suspended on Monday pending investigations by the university and the fraternity’s national organization, the Dallas Morning News reported.
  • Photos circulating on Twitter showed partygoers wearing sombreros and serapes while DJing, drinking and dancing at the “Cinco de Drinko” party.
  • According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, students reported that partygoers also dressed as construction workers and chanted “build that wall.”
  • On Monday, hundreds of students voiced their disapproval of the party with an on-campus protest, according to the Baylor Lariat, a campus newspaper. The protest was called “Love Thy Neighbor.”  Read more (5/2/17)

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