racist modeling

officialhermionegranger replied to your post “okay so yikes @ karlie but why are ppl attacking her more than they…”

Yeah I get why people are mad at her and I’m a little mad at her (she should have known from the start that the shoot was offensive) but the root of the problem is definitely vogue and whoever came up with the stupid idea in the first place

thats exactly my point!!!! like people seem genuinely more obsessed with insulting her rather than sabotaging vogue and realize how racist the modeling industry is. and the modeling industry per se is not the models, its the stylists, the photographers, everyone behind a photoshoot or a fashion show so??? drag vogue too this is what im saying

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  • Well I made this post because that anon racist message make me lose my temper. Seriously that bullsith make me out of control right now. I have been thought racist since age of 11 so I know how to mannage with it. I recieve like hundreds racist message about my modeling job everyday but I learn how to handle it, I just deal whit it. BUT WHEN YOU COME TO ATTACK ME BECAUSE THAT PAST FEW WEEKS I ONLY POST, TALK, REBLOG, FOR SUPPORTING MY BROTHER AND SISTER IN AMERICA IN NIGERIA IN KENYA IN ITALIA IN CAMEROUN. I can take it, if you haven't see it yet I'm BLACK, IM PROUD. + this is not even a fashion blog it's a personal one. THIS IS MY TUMBLR I WILL POST WHAT I WANT TO, WHEN I WANT TO, AND TALK ABOUT WHAT I LIKE TO. If you are not happy, if you can't deal with it, well THE UNFOLLOW BUTTON IS HERE FOR THAT. You see ? You see what they did ? they just make us out of control and after that they say that our reactions is too much. FUCK OFF.