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do you think asian people have the right to be angry? they have just as much privilege as whites imo, and they've never really been targeted.

unless u are asian you really need to stfu because asian racism is very real and alive like yikes you dont have their personal experiences therefor you have no right to invalidate them 

if u are asian and see this post reply/reblog w your racist experiences

The Problem with Dany

If I had to pick a character who was the most difficult to talk about in this series, it would probably be Daenerys Targaryen.  The intersection of every single conflict and perspective–in world and modern–about her is one that is almost impossible to address without sidelining one element of it.

That her arc relies intensely white saviorism; depictions of the Dothraki are laden with racist tropes; her experience in Slaver’s Bay harkens to (but does not perfectly mirror) white conquest in the 19th century.  This pairs uncomfortably with the fact that she is 13-16 years old (I’m focusing predominantly on book!Daenerys in this–if you are here for show!Daenerys proceed with that in mind), a child sold into sex slavery, a rape victim, and someone who believes firmly and acts upon the belief that any society that relies upon slavery is not society.  As a woman in Martin’s historically inaccurate misogynistic world, she confronts challenges that are designed by the creator of the series to confront her womanhood; as a Targaryen/Valyrian/Westerosi far from her home and without the resources of that home, she is left with little choice but to look forward.


Before even touching on the content of A Song of Ice and Fire, a point that causes trouble, right out of the gate, is where do “problems” with Daenerys arise?  When, for example, does responsibility lie with a character, and when with the architect of her story?  Add into that–when does the responsibility lie with neither character, nor creator, but with instead the fans who are discussing the media in question?

All this is not to absolve Daenerys of whatever sins exist within her storyline. There are choices that the character makes that are reprehensible and for which the ultimate responsibility does lie with her; however it is also to say that many of the things that Daenerys is loathed for are decisions that lie instead at Martin’s feet.

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  • Some well-meaning Tumblr idiot: Umm? You forget that Asians and Asian Americans exist too??? Why are you erasing their voices??
  • Me, an Asian American: Hey. Fucking shut up already if you haven't personally interviewed every Asian American on their opinion.
  • Same well-meaning Tumblr idiot: You wouldn't understand oppression. Fucking stupid whitey.
  • Me, an Asian American with a pic of herself on her own blog: Yeah, okay. Sure thing, buddy.

So I’ve mentioned before that I frequently visit the Museum of the Moving Image to stand with people at the “He Will Not Divide Us” installment. Today, I found out that it has been shut down by the museum due to “violence”. Let me be honest. I work at this museum. I’m pretty confident that this is not the true reflection of the people who work in the museum (for the most part). And I get the concerns – but I don’t agree with them. As I’ve said before, there was nothing but love and support coming from those who visited the installment. Lately, there has been an infection of alt-right members, racists, sexists, trolls, and people motivated by hate stalking around the area. These are the people who have created a sense of “violence” (yet there was no actual physical violence occurring – the only arrest made was of Shia Labeouf weeks ago). I’m deeply saddened over the cancellation of “He Will Not Divide Us”. The artists put a lot of work and sacrifice into this, despite what you personally think about Shia Labeouf and his privilege. I’ve seen him strip away of his former title and protest alongside average (but not-so-average) minorities in Queens, NY. I’m so grateful for the movement he and his team has made, and it’s not over. He will not divide us, he will unite us, and we will continue to fight with love wherever the cameras are recording.

i’m just… i feel like i have such an unpopular opinion but this clip wasn’t amazing or redeeming it just made it more glaringly obvious that julie doesn’t really know what she’s doing like,,,,isak’s development is,,,,nasty

why would he punch mikael?? why is he saying things like ‘sana has to educate people if they’re being racist’ and invalidating her experiences because ‘most norwegians aren’t racist you’re looking into it too much’ 


I still vividly remember getting in a debate about ace discourse and someone inboxing me a racial slur. there’ve also been countless times i’ve been anonymously called a r**ard after weighing in on a debate. 

here’s a thought for the night: you are not absolved of being prejudiced by virtue of…whatever you’re doing. saying racist/ableist/etc bullshit, even when you think someone’s being a jackass, is still racist/ableist/etc. 

someone disagreeing with you isn’t some fucking free pass for bigotry. 

The Boyfriend Experiment (EXPOSED!!)

How dare she reject you? How dare she not want to give you her number? So you can study ‘Alone. Together.’ How dare she nicely reject you by saying she has a boyfriend so you don’t feel bad about yourself? You’re ‘fucking sick and tired’ of women saying that they have a boyfriend so you’ll leave them alone? Maybe women are ‘fucking sick and tired’ of most men thinking that they are entitled to a woman. Maybe women are ‘fucking sick and tired’ of having to claim they have a boyfriend as it’s the only way most men will leave them alone. This video was put up to ‘expose’ the girl but in reality it actually exposed OckTV for being self-entitled trash.

Entry #68: PSA: When Asians/Asian Americans talk about racist/prejudice experiences, that does NOT give anyone the right to smear our experiences


Dear Diary,

I am really tired when some (for the “not all” people *rolls eyes*) white people and even some fellow People of Color try to smear the experiences we Asians/Asian Americans talk about. For example:

Asians/Asian Americans: Fuck this racist/prejudice incident against Asians/Asian Americans!

White people: But Asians are smarter and richer than white people though!

Fellow People of Color: But Asians are so racist and want to be white though!

Every fucking time Asians/Asian Americans try to speak out, this is some of the shit that I see. So let me address some of them then:

  • YES, there are some of us who will be financially better off than white people.
  • YES, there are some of us who will get better grades or have higher academic achievements than white people.
  • YES, there are some of us (most to be honest) who are anti-black and/or prejudice against fellow People of Color.
  • YES, there are some of us (unfortunately) who want to be white, wish to be white, or worship white people.

So with that said, don’t you think we fucking know this already? Don’t you think there are some of us who are trying to speak out against some of this shit? Don’t you think there are some of us who are trying to ally with fellow People of Color? Don’t you think there are some of us who are trying to educate each other, and even educate white people too? Don’t you think there is intra-community fighting among Asians/Asian Americans over all these issues? Because there is. A lot.

And of course Asians/Asian Americans have a very long way to go when it comes to social justice. We have much to read, much to learn, and much to do. We have much to unpack, much to unlearn, and much to undo.

But at the same time, when we talk about our experiences, that does NOT give anyone the right to downplay or smear them. We are NOT asking to be babied, we are asking to not be silenced because Asians/Asian Americans are valid. We are meaningful. And we will be part of history years from now, long after our time is up.

Note: Self call-out post. I do not and cannot speak for all Asians/Asian Americans.

Love, Angry Asian Guy

Okay so I know that tumblr has a hard-on for Six of Crows and yes it is an AMAZING SERIES. But there’s one part of the book that really, really bothers me. And that my friends, is Matthias Helvar 

Now, no one jump down my throat about this because it’s like a half formed thought and not a carefully written meta

I just…couldn’t help thinking that the relationship between him and Nina is SO UNREALISTIC. And sort of…icky? I mean first of all, why is the burden of changing his mind about Grisha placed on Nina’s shoulders? I know that it’s mostly just Nina existing and being her amazing self that changes Matthias’s mind about Grisha but likE COME ON. First of all, you shouldn’t need to fall in love to not act like a racist prick. But this is the choice Leigh makes, so regardless of the fact that Nina chooses to also fall for Matthias…it’s still a narrative where a racist is suddenly not racist because he’s finally met someone who defied his preconceived notions about the race he hates. But this is not! how! racism! works! in the real world! 

I mean, in our world, Matthias would be like…equivalent to the KKK. Or an ICE agent. Or…someone who really hates all muslims. Or the pulse nightclub shooter. He isn’t just some guy who supported Trump because he hated Hillary. He’s…the guy who chose to join the group responsible for hunting down a specific marginalized group, the Grisha. He isn’t like…just a citizen of Fjerda. His job is….getting rid of Grisha. Like…he is the Grisha world equivalent of the KKK in the South during reconstruction.

Which brings me to my second point.

I wouldn’t buy a love story about a black woman and a man who is a member of the white knights of the KKK. I mean…first of all…why would she want to be with him. And secondly… even if he did love her and they did get together- because there are plenty of interracial relationships where one partner remains racist- a person’s racism is not fixed by love? I mean, we see evidence of this all the time. “i have black friends so i cant be racist” “I have a black boyfriend so i cant be racist.” and it’s like…nah, you can still be racist. I mean, to make a better comparison, since one to race in america isn’t exactly right, like…a witch in scotland in the 16th century would not be falling in love with a man who had tried to burn her at the stake. And that’t not a story I want to read. I want to read about the witch falling for another witch. Or the man who frees her. Or LIKE ANYONE ELSE EXCPET FOR THE MAN WHO WANTS TO BURN HER AT THE STAKE. 

I mean…I don’t buy a love story between a slave trader and the woman he imprisoned on his ship. At least not the way that Leigh has done it. (this arc, can actually work, and the winner’s curse does a good job of dismantling the master/slave love arc and destroying colonialism). I mean I get that we want to believe that love transcends all boundaries but…it….does not. I mean it just doesn’t work like this in the real world? In the real world you don’t forgive the person who was responsible for selling you into slavery. That Nina somehow manages to is…strange. I mean…I get that she turns him in but…her guilt over it baffles me. It makes sense given the love narrative Bardugo sets up but…also…she just could have not done this arc at all and I think the books would be better tbh. 

I know that Bardugo doesn’t attempt to solve his racism easily, I understand that it’s slow but…I just don’t buy it. I don’t. And I don’t think that Nina should have to go to Fjerda and change all the bigots’ minds. That’s kinda…fucked. It’s like…can we not expect marginalized people to be responsible for advocacy all on their own? How about some allyship? And I understand that this is what is meant to happen- they are supposed to go to Fjerda together. But then he dies! And she plans to go alone! Like wtf?? Who will help her? Who will protect her? Who will introduce her into Fjerdian society? I mean the positive aspect of their relationship to me was that he ended up becoming an ally. Regardless of if I feel like the relationship and his character arc are realistic or not (they’re not), I still was clinging to Matthias’s allyship. And how great it was that they were going to save the world together. How lovely it would be for the marginalized character to not have go do everything on her own. Because, I mean, it’s not like we haven’t seen evidence irl in america of how white power will never be overthrown unless white people are fighting for black equality as well or anything. It’s essential that ppl in power rally for marginalized groups and I thought thats where Leigh was going…

And then womp womp.

Just kidding, Lucia, Matthias died and Nina is now going to venture off into Fjerda- where they basically capture Grisha on sight, all by her lonesome. fucking sure. sure. That sounds exactly like what we needed.

I guess in the end, I am not one to put stock in “be nice to racists and welcome them and maybe they will change their minds.” In my experience, racists are racists regardless of how many kind muslims/immigrants/black americans they have met. And homophobes are homophobes no matter how funny they might think Ellen is. And like, you should be able to treat other human beings with respect regardless of skin color or whatever else. How about…racists just not be racist etc etc etc

Honestly I’m v open to ppl talking with me about this because my reading could be wrong. I thought about it for a while because i don’t want to be the person who picks things apart for no reason and is just looking for a fault. And I understand the allure of making two people at odds fall in love. But Leigh doesn’t handle it that well considering that he you know, dies. Sure, there’s symbolism in the fact that a fellow druskelle kills him- like his own past and past racism fucking him over but…I fail to see how it adds much to the story. 

Since everybody loves bringing up what I said about Mental illness and racism

-People with Turrets Syndrome may have tics that involve shouting expletives. Sometimes, by no choice of their own, the expletive is a slur of some sort. They cant stop it anymore than you could stop a hiccup. THAT DOES NOT MAKE THEM A RACIST PERSON!!

-People with Echolia/OCD/Autism can get a word stuck in their head/stuck saying something out loud on a loop. The more the thing is something they dont want to think/say, the stronger the compulsion grows (the “dont think of a pink elephant” phenomenon). Sometimes that phrase will be a curse word, or slur (which your brain stores in the same vocabulary slot as swear words). THAT DOES NOT MAKE THEM A RACIST PERSON.

People who experience delusions/paranoia may have a delusion that involve an immediately visible physical trait (“Everybody in a red shirt hates me” “Everybody with blonde hair is carrying a gun” “All the females in this building are pregnant with my offspring”). Sometimes that trait will be skin color, or dialect/accents, or something else associated with race. Nobody picks their delusions. THIS DOES NOT MAKE THEM A RACIST PERSON

Like its not black and white, there are literally conditions where you DO NOT HAVE CONTROL of your voice/brain. You dont get to pick how your brain malfunctions. You cannot judge somebody’s politics or personality by phenomenon that they have no control over.

“A mentally ill person’s tics/delusions is not a reliable representation of them as a person” shouldn’t be a controversial statement in 2017. Just say you only support mentally ill people with cute/benign/quirky symptoms and save yourself the typing.


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Do you feel Marvel comic's hatred of Wanda is because she is perceived as "pre-feminist" and therefore fair game for leftist writers like Bendis and Spencer to kick? I cannot help but notice how "post-feminist" Carol, Kamala, Kate, Jessica, even the godawful America etc are treated with kid gloves and praised as "bestest ever amazing perfect!" while Wanda is "evil crazy bitch". Have you noticed how all the villain Avengers in SE are "Silver Age"? All the main "heroes" are around Bendis era.

Nick Spencer doesn’t hate Wanda. He’s doing the same thing Remender did in Uncanny Avengers: using her as a way of “proving” his story isn’t offensive. Because he can point at her and say, “Look, it’s a minority. Hydra aren’t Nazis, I promise.” He’s trying to have it both ways. Use Minority Street Cred™ to legitimize his story, while not using a minority that gets a lot of attention in American discourse.

All of this goes back to Wanda’s ambiguous status in terms of race. The Neverending Argument about what constitutes “white.” Because the Romani aren’t a part of American consciousness in a real, substantial way and because people love clear-cut binaries, a Romani character who usually (but not always) has the same skin tone as the generically white characters confounds a lot of people. Or they say she’s white and call it a day.

There have been writers over the past couple of decades who have exploited this. From Remender to the “The Avengers Are Too White” storyline in Avengers Volume 3 where it was obvious the protesters did not think Wanda “counts” as “diversity.” (One of them literally had a sign that said she is “not enough,” which, um???) There’s also Robinson’s awkward handling of Wanda’s Romani identity, coupled with him having another character call her white, and the takes on her origin story that emphasize racist violence and experiences of racism as being central parts of her life, only to imply – or outright state – that she isn’t Romani herself.

That last one is because people forget Magda exists, but that’s another story.

Similarly, Ashkenazi Jews have a very complex, confusing place in this attempt to make a racial binary, one that is complicated even further by people who keep saying, “But it’s a religion,” as if that is the end-all-be-all of Jewishness. That’s without getting into different concepts of race in different parts of the world and how that affects both groups.

All of this real-world complexity bleeds into Wanda as a character and along with her messy history, makes Nick Spencer think he can use her to make Hydra appear to be ~totally not Nazis~ without getting any mainstream pushback. And on that front, he’s not getting any mainstream pushback. People are more concerned that Black Widow is kissing the wrong boy.

Anyway, the mishandling of Wanda overall is the product of a bunch of factors, not the least of which are her convoluted history and the fact that she is written exclusively by white men who would rather contort her to fit their plot than empathize with or try to understand her culture and position and point of view. The major underlying problem is a lack of Romani perspectives in the offline American mainstream and at Marvel. (Unfortunately, the Jewish writers at Marvel tend to be Company Men with their own issues with writing women so we’re not getting any help there either.) If you’re not even allowed into the discussion, the people in charge don’t have to consider your concerns. Whether or not Wanda is “feminist” isn’t the problem. It’s the absence of Own Voices in charge of her narrative.

Bendis doesn’t hate Wanda either, for the record. He has one of those Tragic Unstable White Girl fetishes, and he thought he was doing us all a favor.

I remember, last year, judging Grave for blocking someone I knew. I thought Grave was acting high and mighty and even made fun of her on my blog. That was stupid of me and I finally understand why people would block some others in this fandom. Gosh there are certain types of comments I would hate to have on my posts. So, if anyone is ever offended by my comments on their posts (I know sometimes they might get… borderline inappropriate. Specially Rhett ones) please PLEASE tell me. I’ll try to correct it.

IMPLICIT Racial Bias...

It means you (white people) don’t go around slinging the n-word, and maybe you don’t even belong to the KKK…

But what it DOES mean is that instead of listening when we’re being frank about racism, you do things like send “innocent” asks to black bloggers. And your asks are really declarative statements like, “I’m not racist, but…” or “I’ve never seen racism where I work” or constantly demanding a “source” for something black people have clearly said was a personal (racist) experience that we’ve repeatedly had with white people.

Implicit racial bias means you constantly equivocate. You question if obvious racism was ~really~ an act of racism. Maybe if Tamir Rice had just behaved better, then you reason, he wouldn’t have been gunned down…maybe if Sandra Bland was just a little nicer, then that cop wouldn’t have slammed her to the ground and arrested her…and maybe if Mike Brown had just been a little bit more docile, well then maybe he wouldn’t have been gunned down, right? I mean, never mind the fact that white people do that every single day and live to tell about it - somehow, maybe you think it’s just a little “different” when Black people do the same, right?

And your implicit bias doesn’t stop in real life. It carries over into every single aspect of life. Even in film.

From Iris West + Barry Allen, to Abbie Mills + Ichabod Crane, to Finn + Rey…implicit racial bias means if there’s a black character paired with a white character, you’ll find some reason why the white character makes better sense with another white character. But you’ll never think your reasons have anything to do with racism (somehow you never think that). It just “makes more sense” to you. For some reason.

Real talk: You guys are exhausting. It’s tiring being Black in a white world. It’s tiring answering (or avoiding) your constant micro-aggressions and your need to be “not racist” while clearly being racist.

Hint: You don’t always have to speak. It’s okay to just listen sometimes. It’s okay to just take someone’s word when we’re repeatedly telling you what’s up. It’s okay to realize that — especially if you haven’t lived a lifetime with Black people — you’ve probably been wrong about everything that you thought you knew about race and racism.

If You Honestly Believe That...

- All white people are racist.
- White people can’t experience racism.

- Men can’t experience sexism.
- Men Can’t get raped.
- All men are sexist.

- Cis people are automatically transphobic.

- Straight people are automatically homophobic.

- Falsely self diagnosing yourself for a mental illness isn’t hurtful to people with real mental illness (like no, you don’t want a mental illness, they suck. Don’t fake it. If you actually think you have one, that’s different, but faking it makes you an asshole)
- Incest is okay. 
- All women HAVE to be a feminist.
- Feminism is the definition of equality.
- ANY race is superior to another race.
- “Skinny Shaming” doesn’t exist. 

 Please unfollow me.


“New York Times editor Michael Luo wrote an open letter to a woman who told him to “Go back to China” in October and started the hashtag, #thisis2016. Asians/Asian Americans across the nation responded to Luo and his encounter by using the hashtag and sharing stories of their own racist experiences. We decided to respond to the hashtag as well on Bowdoin’s campus. These are all real statements, quotes and encounters that Bowdoin students have experienced recently. This is our version of #thisis2016.

Video: http://nyti.ms/2e0F76M

Co-sponsored by ASA & SASA

The photos are currently on display in Smith Union and will be there until mid December.”

– Bowdoin Asian Students Association
SJC Facts #03

If you use the phrases ever at all at any point for any reason “you can’t be racist to ______” “you can’t experience racism if you’re _______” then you are literally being a racist (ironic how that works, isn’t it?) and every word that follows loses substantial value and substance as far as I’m concerned. If we’re talking or discussing something and you say one of these two things or god forbid both - you have already lost because you have already proven that you are at best a brainwashed drone who cannot reason for themselves or at worst a deceitful, viperous snake with the express intent of pushing racist ideas and agendas on what you perceive as “the right kind of people”.

If you say either of those things the conversation is over…

Because I don’t talk to imbeciles and racists.


I’m in the first picture on the left with my best friend. We went to the Trump Rally protest in Eugene. I met some cool people and the protest was like one big block party. We were peaceful overall and there was live music from a mariachi band. The Trump supporters kept telling us to go fuck ourselves, get a job, and many more things. Here are some of my favorites from the protest.

Also, I was interviewed by the AP.


They cut out most of what I said which was, “compared to Bernie Sanders 30 year tenure in congress, Trump is like a college student trying to get a job out of college, no experience. He’s racist, sexist, he made fun of a disabled reporter, and he’s made islamaphobic remarks. Bernie Sanders has been consistent throughout the years from the civil rights movement to gay rights to healthcare reform. He started as a mayor in Vermont, worked his way up to house of reps, and is now the senator of Vermont. Compared to the other candidates I believe Sanders is most qualified.” Everything about Bernie Sanders was cut out and only a sentence was put in.

This is proof that the media wants Sanders to fall and proof that they wanna sensationalize Trump. News outlets were calling us an angry mob. We’re just fed up with everything. We’re fed up with this shit country and were fed up with Trumps bullshit.

On a side note, the topics that came up during the protest were sexism, racism, empowerment, immigration, black lives matter, love, and chanting.

TL;dr: I protested Trump and I was interviewed by the AP. The protest was peaceful despite media calling us angry and the AP skewed my interview and cut everything I said about Bernie Sanders out.