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So I’ve mentioned before that I frequently visit the Museum of the Moving Image to stand with people at the “He Will Not Divide Us” installment. Today, I found out that it has been shut down by the museum due to “violence”. Let me be honest. I work at this museum. I’m pretty confident that this is not the true reflection of the people who work in the museum (for the most part). And I get the concerns – but I don’t agree with them. As I’ve said before, there was nothing but love and support coming from those who visited the installment. Lately, there has been an infection of alt-right members, racists, sexists, trolls, and people motivated by hate stalking around the area. These are the people who have created a sense of “violence” (yet there was no actual physical violence occurring – the only arrest made was of Shia Labeouf weeks ago). I’m deeply saddened over the cancellation of “He Will Not Divide Us”. The artists put a lot of work and sacrifice into this, despite what you personally think about Shia Labeouf and his privilege. I’ve seen him strip away of his former title and protest alongside average (but not-so-average) minorities in Queens, NY. I’m so grateful for the movement he and his team has made, and it’s not over. He will not divide us, he will unite us, and we will continue to fight with love wherever the cameras are recording.

The Boyfriend Experiment (EXPOSED!!)

How dare she reject you? How dare she not want to give you her number? So you can study ‘Alone. Together.’ How dare she nicely reject you by saying she has a boyfriend so you don’t feel bad about yourself? You’re ‘fucking sick and tired’ of women saying that they have a boyfriend so you’ll leave them alone? Maybe women are ‘fucking sick and tired’ of most men thinking that they are entitled to a woman. Maybe women are ‘fucking sick and tired’ of having to claim they have a boyfriend as it’s the only way most men will leave them alone. This video was put up to ‘expose’ the girl but in reality it actually exposed OckTV for being self-entitled trash.


“New York Times editor Michael Luo wrote an open letter to a woman who told him to “Go back to China” in October and started the hashtag, #thisis2016. Asians/Asian Americans across the nation responded to Luo and his encounter by using the hashtag and sharing stories of their own racist experiences. We decided to respond to the hashtag as well on Bowdoin’s campus. These are all real statements, quotes and encounters that Bowdoin students have experienced recently. This is our version of #thisis2016.

Video: http://nyti.ms/2e0F76M

Co-sponsored by ASA & SASA

The photos are currently on display in Smith Union and will be there until mid December.”

– Bowdoin Asian Students Association

Republicans voted for a con artist.

Trump voters were given eight years of Obama growing jobs, providing stability, building America’ stature, and bringing respect and grace back to the White House. All metrics like the stock market and job creation are at all-time highs.

Conclusion: White voters said “f*ck that”. Let’s put a white racist with no experience, and no manners, in the job because our white identity can’t handle a changing world. Empty promises will nourish their conservative souls.



I’m usually quite content to sit out of the discourse. It’s usually white people telling other white people to be more aware of their privilege, and I appreciate that. That’s the kind of discussion that needs to happen.

But like. As a person of color, I’m reluctant to engage. Talking about my own life, my own feelings and anger is often met with challenge both on the internet and irl.

Like. I’m not here to have to beg for my own validity. And in my experience, racists don’t stop shouting over me until other white people make it a deal breaker. I can argue and draw my boundaries all I want, but bigots don’t respond to people they believe are below them, they respond to those they believe are their peers.

This tumblr community means a lot to me because so many are willing to engage in controversial discussion. I love that living in ma'at is a such a huge motivator for sloughing through the uncomfortable stuff. I appreciate the bravery and humility it takes for us to learn from our mistakes.

That being said, I have seen the need to make my position clear to those that might call themselves my allies, especially in light of recent events.

It’s not my duty to coax you into treating me as a human. My real friends believe that bigotry is unacceptable. I don’t have the luxury of believing that I can negotiate with bigots that are deemed “redeemable” because where they are welcome is where I am not safe.

For me, this is indeed us vs them. I have yet to see the progess that white saviors believe they might achieve by somehow rehabilitating their racist peers.

So that’s where I’m at. Peace out.

I want to share a story about a sexist, racist experience at one of my previous schools.

Because I was kicked from two regular high schools, my only option left was to go to adult’s high school. Most students there were in their early twenties. Almost all teachers were absolutely wonderful. They were so dedicated to helping people who ended up in this shit school to get their diploma anyways. 

My math’s teacher was a very beautiful, kind, patient Chinese-Dutch woman. At the start of the year she was very honest with us. She told us that she had just lost both her husband and her father at the same time. She was still mourning, but she was doing better and wanted to start teaching again. If she ever had a day on which she was less enthusiastic or maybe seemed sad, we’d know why and hopefully show kindness and not bother her about it.

She was the nicest teacher I ever had. I even started to love math. There was just one problem: the men in our class were absolute assholes.

It started with whistling, constant flirting, calling her indecent things or requesting indecent actions. She handled it well: she explained why such a remark was hurtful and asked the student to stop. Sadly, this only resulted in more and more assaults. The female students stood up for and always tried to defend her, but this too did not work at all.

The teacher went to the head of the school and they agreed to a new rule: three sexist actions to a teacher, and you’re out of the class. You could join a class with a male teacher, or you could just drop the subject altogether, but you weren’t getting a female teacher for that subject ever again.

One week later, our class was empty of male students. We were left with only some girls. We got great almost-private math classes and the teacher kept strong. It was nice. But, it didn’t stop there.

During classes, the kicked out men would gather in front of the door and scream stuff to her, bang on the door, disturb the lessons. It was scary, they were all upset that they had been kicked and asked us how we ever dared to do that. The school had no security, what could we do besides asking them to leave and ignoring them?

The male students of our class followed her around everywhere. They screamed they were entitled to her because she was a submissive Asian anyways. They screamed that it was okay for them to ‘take’ her because she didn’t have a husband and father anymore. All actions were very damaging for her, but I think that last remark just broke her.

One day she didn’t show up anymore. My mentor told me in private that she had dropped out with depression and that we couldn’t contact her, she was too afraid of her address etc spreading to the male students. 

I still think about this a lot, even though it happened about four years ago. These men made my daily life hell, and they caused many more horrible stuff, but this incidence… it just broke my heart. There was absolutely no reason to be mean to her and she helped everyone, despite her own troubles. All she got in return was this pure.. horror scenario. 

Why does anyone do this?

anonymous asked:

I bet if someone said "black people scare me" or "I'm not going near black people" you'd call it racist.

I probably would because it’d be rooted in a place of racism coming from a white person or another non black person of color.

I can see I somehow offended your delicate white sensibilities but let me tell you something. Me saying I’m scared of white people comes from experience. I couldn’t even count on my hands and toes how many racist experiences I’ve had in my life and I’m only 23.

Saying I’m scared of white people or wouldn’t go near them in the context of a joke, is okay by me. Especially after watching the movie I just did which is rather good and deals with racism in a way most people wouldn’t think. I wouldn’t go near white people in the way the main character of that movie did because fuck, he got kidnapped and hypnotised and sold in an auction like he was an animal.

Could it be viewed as prejudice? Sure. But it’s not my every day view of white people. So no, I don’t see the problem in saying what I did - when black people have every reason to be fearful of white people.

Being afraid and avoiding white people isn’t racist. A prejudice maybe. But mostly it’s self preservation.

DHS police New York Department homeless services

They made me remove photos from my photo album but I think it’s against my test to shenal rights and the NYPD agreed with them which they’re pretty messed up talk about how long before sylheti was and they told me to remove the photos too just trying to show how messed up they are and for my personal record this was at the Bedford men’s Atlantic shelter in Brooklyn New York they made me remove the post on my Instagram America is not free Russia take a look Europe take a look FBI take a look they had me in their DHS office telling me to remove the photos with four officers and they put their hands on me and forced me into there office I tried telling NYPD about how the New York Department of homeless Services police allows drugs in here they said didn’t give a damn well as being detained in DHS police office I’m in the union UFCW Local 1500 I am a mild racist bad experience at 30th Street the first time around Palladia Inc confiscating my laptop father Smith father Smith telomere remove a post off my Facebook the cops asked me if I was I probably would have been putting cops and transferee to a different facility if I told him yes they were going to charge me with disorderly conduct


C: I’m sick of living my life feeling less than white women. I grew up in a military family, and spend a good chunk of time in Oklahoma and southern Illinois where I’ve had some of the most racist experiences of my life. None of the pain of being the only black kid in a school or any of that compares to 4 men leaving me for white women. I feel I live in the shadow of white women. I could honestly be prettier, but even the most plain white women are by default more beautiful than me. 

One of the moments I lost it was when my ex broke up with me for seemingly no reason, and turned out he was with a white girl. Oh his twitter, he said “White girls, an improvement from my ex” and I fell into a deep resentment that I have to be black because honestly, he isn’t the first to use words like that. Most recently, I branched out and fell in love with a white guy. He and I got into a fight over this white girl he was hanging out with (who I knew was a horrible person). The girl actually attempted to talk one of my friends into suicide at one point and forced herself on people. Anyway, he started dating her, and I loved him. She went up to me and said “You really think he likes black bitches?” And I felt anguished. This guy cast aside my feelings and points as foolish jealousy and didn’t believe me. 

Now months later, he came crawling to me apologizing about his behavior because (guess what) he found out she did this horrible stuff. She honestly is not close to attractive either on the outside or inside, and I just feel so emotionally distraught that white girls can literally be so awful they bully and harass people and they are still the preference. Honestly, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of remembering how I was called a “brownie” for the first 12 years of my life. I’m tired of being called the n word when I bump into some white people in the hallway accidentally. I’m so sick of feeling like I can’t express any sentiment at all publicly about how white women like her make me feel without people calling me a “reverse racist.” At this point, I don’t even know what to do anymore.

Common trends I’ve noticed with acephobes:

-Often communists
-Often female/identify as female, and frequently are lesbians (same with biphobes)
-”it” or “nounself” pronouns, generally are transtrenders/support trans trending.
-”down with cis”, “reverse racism doesn’t exist”, “only white people can be racist”, “men can’t experience racism”
-Suicide bait people they disagree with/don’t like
-Use elementary school level insults

Acephobes are all around gross.


Two things:

1. For everyone who watched Fresh off the Boat thinking, “I’m going to relate 100% to this as an Asian American,” you’re not because we’re all unique and this is Eddie Huang’s experience. 

2. For everyone who watched Fresh off the Boat and thought this is definitively the life that Asian Americans lead/have led, it’s not because see above. Also, no one is claiming that it is THE ASIAN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. It’s just AN ASIAN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE.

Those two things having been said, I love it because it is about a kid struggling with things that other kids struggle with at that age and simultaneously, things only a certain group of people have to struggle with. My point: it’s relatable but it is not the definitive depiction of Asian American childhood in the US. 

Credit to aqv. I definitely ripped some of this stuff that I wrote here from you. 


Hours after issueing an “apology”, the Trump Campaign goes full racist.

“The Donald Trump experience just keeps getting weirder. Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, who previously made headlines for wearing a necklace of bullets during an interview, was questioned about her 2012-2013 tweets in which she referred to President Obama as the “head Negro” in charge and that he wasn’t a “pure breed” because his father wasn’t born in the United States.

Now, she is doubling-down on her racist tweets with an utterly bizarre self-deprecation and a very curious choice of words.”


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