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So, when Liberals complain about appointees who have demonstrable histories of racism, misogyny, homophobia, and supporting white supremacy, they’re “whiney, cry-baby Liberals.” But, when Conservatives complain about a Black, Muslim, Nigerian President, they’re being the loyal opposition. OK, gotcha. Glad we cleared that up.

Yes, Immigrants and Minorities have been the ones who have granted your boss the 937% Increase in Salary!  That is why it is a Moral Imperative to Hate Them!

This is your Average Conservative, Racist Republican Logic, absent the Facts about just how much your boss’s income has risen!


When you think of Nixon, Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43, the amount of corruption, both literal and philosophical, is massively discounted in the media. 

This is the quintessence of white privilege, and parallels the racist bias white conservatives have when judging Obama.

i really wish the small town midwestern scene wasn’t so inherently conservative-slash-racist-slash-generally-depressing because I feel a lot of affection for its Weirdness From Mundanity That is Both Comforting and Unsettling

Shitty fish frys during lent sponsored by the OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL SORROWS PARISH that even non-catholics go to; no one has a problem with it, but no one seems to know why or how they show up either. That single restaurant in town that isn’t a chain and you see at least six people you know there every time you go; the owner knows your parents and your parents parents and sometimes you wish they didnt. the 8 million churches, like, surely there’s not enough people even living here to keep all these open? that one sorta-creepy office-looking building that there’s always threeish cars at, but you’ve never quite figured out what it’s for. The Character who Everyone has seen jogging down main street in a bright neon track suit doing a bizzare aerobics routine no one can figure out (it’s funny until your mom tells you what she heard about them at the PTA meeting one time, which is invariaby something terribly sad and Everyone knows). The subdivisions built in the early aughts on the edge of town that are slightly nicer than the houses in town, but all look the same, and every street has a pretentious-fancy stone wall with the name of the street on it, and they’re all something crazy generic like “Crestwood Hills” or “Stone Ridge Court”; the person you hated in eighth grade lived in one of these, and somehow you know that they will again someday. the taco bell off the interstate that is, somehow, shitter than the average taco bell, but all the high school kids get high and go there after dances and over the years their energy has imbued with with some kind of trashy youthful magic. that eerie feeling when you’re at a crossroads out of the way at night and you stop at the red light for what feels like a really long time, but there’s no other cars in sight, and you have to take a moment to acknowledge that you’re following society’s rules Just Because rather than for any practical reason here and you could TOTALLY just run this red light without any consequences and and and then it turns green and it’s a huge relief

how naive i was to think that conservative racist thinking would die out as our media platform turns to the internet and the old ways they traditionally get people in their groups are dying out

alt-right literally formed from 4chan like

they are always going to be here, the white youth is always going to be targeted and pulled into racist white supremacist groups

and i never want to ever hear the phrase “it’s online, it’s not real life, stop feeding the troll” bullshit ever again. unmoderated and unchecked hate on these websites has literally given way to a new neo-nazi group

Many Trump supporters are as racist as you think they are

Voters love Donald Trump’s “tell is like it is” attitude, and it seems his South Carolina supporters have no problem speaking their minds either. Some of these opinions, however, are disconcerting. 

  • 38% wish the South had won the Civil War
  • 70% wish the Confederate battle flag still flew above the S.C. capital
  • 16% agree “whites are the superior race”

The number of those who support Trump’s Muslim ban is even more astounding.

anonymous asked:

How does Bronx Tale call Italians out on their racism? Just curious

Oh!!! I got u my man!
The musical is set during the 60s. During that time, Nixon was trying to turn other ethnic minorities (in this case Italians) against black people. In the musical, there’s a street where all the Italians live, and a street where all the black people live. There isn’t any mixing, and the Italians are super racist and gross about it. (Basically if you come into the neighborhood you could get beat up or worse.) Which was a sad reality during the 60s! And Italians are still super racist and conservative today, so! Anyways, the main character falls in love with a black girl, and the second act goes into a lot of depth about the prejudice that an interracial couple would experience at that time. Especially an Italian and a black person. (Because the Italian guy’s family is angry and terrible about it. And I can’t spoil anything but his friends make some pretty terrible threats.)
Anyways!!!! I just thought that it was a really important topic to discuss, especially because proper representation of Italians is kind of few and far between in media. And calling us out on our racism?? SUPER GREAT!
This was a pretty heavy topic to please tell me if I crossed a line anywhere! 💙💙 I hope this helped, though.

just bc “dutch trump” didnt win doest mean the results of the dutch elections are good, our system isnt about winning in the first place cus we work with compromises and coalitions. first of all wilders came SECOND, thats higher than last elections! if anything that means right wing anti islam politics is on the rise. second of all our pm and the party that “won” are JUST AS BAD when it comes to that same anti islamic anti immigrant racist rhetoric, the only difference is that our pm normalizes it and puts it in the mainstream, which to me is even worse. not only that but our labour party hit the biggest losses so our coalition will exist out of conservative, christian, racist parties. literally the three biggest parties are right or centre-right. the far right populists havent been defeated, its been internalized and normalized so im not happy about these results at all.