racist comedy

...well, Hanna-Barbera, /that/ got awkward in a hurry.

Announcer: “The Yogi’s ostrich is literally burning up the track!“

Me: “Um… no, it definitely isn’t. I guess the animators were too lazy to animate it catching fire.”

Announcer: “The Rottens’ ostrich is ahead by a dozen necklengths!”

Me: “Yeah, no, it’s barely more than 3, I measured. 

Haha! Oh, you silly cartoon-makers, and your silly, lighthearted mistakes–”

Cindy Bear: “Boy, I sure hope you get revitalized soon, so the south can rise again!

Me: *mouth hangs open in utter shock and confusion*

Ok, I know it was the ‘70s, but… seriously? They just decided to randomly throw in a vaguely-Confederate-supporting phrase? In a kids show? To be said by a cartoon bear riding an ostrich? 

Like, I can only imagine how this went down.

Paul the Writer: “Well, shoot, I think we’ve used up all the stereotypical phrases for the designated ‘southern’ character to use.”

Tim the Writer: “Crap, that’s no good! At this rate, we’ll have to create characters with unique, original personality traits!”

Paul the Writer: “I know, I know, it’s terrible! What do we do?

Tim the Writer: “Uh… uh… oh! What if we shoehorned something in about the South rising again? That’s a phrase, right?”

Paul the Writer: “…isn’t that sometimes associated with racism, and disliking the outcome of the Civil War?”

Tim the Writer: “Maybe… but it’s ok if a cartoon bear says it, right?”

Paul the Writer: “Ah, good point! Let’s use it. There’s no way this’ll be considered offensive in a couple decades.”

y’all i don’t understand why i have to spell this out but 

if white people putting paint and makeup on their skin in order to look black and then act out stereotypes for “comedy” is racist

then cis men dressing as women and acting out female stereotypes for “comedy” is transphobic. especially if the center of the “comedy” is how masculine this cis man pretending to be a woman looks. 

why is this difficult to get 

Sarah Silverman is a Neo Nazi

Well PewdiePie is a Nazi for dressing up as a Nazi? Then so is Sarah Silverman for dressing up as Hitler!! Context doesn’t matter according to the Liberal agenda!!

Just like racial slang, either NONE OF THEM are okay, or ALL OF THEM ARE OKAY. 

It was a JOKE, just like Sarah pulled. 

But if you are going to pull the bullshit racist card, then you might as well be a biased bigot.

If you think Pewdiepie is a Nazi for dressing up as one, but Sarah isn’t



so haha, 

Logic: 1

Liberals: 0

Try again.