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I’m just gonna talk about somethings real quick. SJWs aren’t bad in my book, they’re just fine if they aren’t heterphobic, cisphobic, racist against white people, sexist against men. Because SJWs (the bad ones) make a big deal about bigots who are sexist against women, racist against blacks, homophobic and transphobic, though those are bad they are just as hatful and sometimes worse than the bigots because they will deny that cisphobia and heterphobia are real (which they are) so if you see a SJW being a bigoted idiot, please educate them.

Attitudes that need to go away in 2017

Black Tumblr: Black people can’t be racist against white people! The worst white people deal with is jokes about starbucks or how pale they look. 

Rational people: What about them being bullied into suicide for being white? What about black people against interracial relationships? What about black people wishing white people would die? Or the assaults on white people for being white? Or the removal of people’s rights for being born white? Or the kidnapping and torture of people for being white? Or maybe the attempted genocide of white people in South Africa? So hating, assaulting, torturing, and killing people for their race doesn’t count as racism to you?

Black Tumblr: 

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im writing an essay about reverse racism and how it's not a thing and i have to use sources to back up my argument. ive had this conversation with several different ppl and no matter what i say theyre certain black people are racist against white people too and always end with "well the definition says if one person of one race thinks they're biologically superior to another race- that's racism period." and i dont know quite how to argue against that bc by definition that's technically tru but??

Critical Race Theory

Look it up


You are terrible if:

-You are sexist against women

-You are sexist against men

-You are transphobic

-You are cisphobic

-You are any genderphobic

-You are homophobic

-You are heterophobic

-You are biphobic

-You are any sexualityphobic or romanticphobic

-You are racist against blacks

-You are racist against whites

-You are racist against any fucking race

-You are an anti-feminist

-You are a radfem

-You insult people for their past

-You insult people for having a lot of sex

-You insult people for not wanting any sex

-You are against otherkin

-You are against muslims

-You are against jewish people

-You are against christians

-You are against athiests

-You are against any fucking religion

-You insult people due to their mental stability

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racism is based on class oppression, you can't be racist against white people. also ks turn literal abuse survivor gay men into fucking objects for people's entertainment. but nooo it's just something you can block and it doesn't affect real people!

Racism is not based on *solely* oppression, it’s based on having prejudices, anatagonism, or discrimination against someone of a different race (aka skin color honeybuns) on the belief that their race is the superior one.

That new defintion you radicals are trying to push on people does not fly with me, it’s a way to demonize white/light skinned people and I’m fucking sick of it.

Killing Stalking is a piece of fiction that people enjoy, if it involved a straight couple you all wouldn’t bat a fucking eye.

I’m tired of the “what about the abuse victims uwu” argument, it’s overused and honestly you all seem to forget not all abuse victims fucking think alike; a lot of them enjoy fiction like this, whether for coping or not.
People have been enjoying raunchy fiction like this for centuries, it’s nothing new. I’d prefer people reading and indulging in fiction than actually going out and committing crimes and physical abuse towards real human beings.

But apparently fictional human beings are way more important than real ones– of course you guys don’t really care about abuse victims!

You can fucking block you moron, it’s not that hard. If you can’t handle shit on the internet, specifically fiction, then you need to log off and go outside for a bit because you’re acting like a child.

anonymous asked:

Black people can be racist against white people. Like that video of the black woman pointing a gun to the camera as she said "Make white people extinct." Racist is a race against any (or all) other race(s). Its not only white people against others.

this isnt racism. racism is a systematic issue. a black person will get jobs denied from them because theyre black. a white person will get jobs denied from them because theyre incompetent or because of other, unrelated-to-race issues. its impossible to be actively racist against white people in the US. however, in places like europe, it is possible, because ‘white’ isnt the same there.

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