A cab driver called Somali-American Rep. Ilhan Omar “ISIS,” threatened to remove her hijab

  • On Nov. 8, Minnesota elected America’s first Somali-American legislator, Ilhan Omar.
  • After a meeting at the White House on Tuesday, Omar got into a cab back to her hotel.
  • She was then bombarded with “the most hateful, derogatory, Islamophobic, sexist taunts and threats” she’s ever experienced. 
  • Omar wrote on Facebook the cab driver called her “ISIS” and threatened to remove her hijab. 
  • She said she attempted to exit the vehicle as quickly as possible. Read more

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I found the documentary on Leilani Muir and others who were victims of the eugenics movement in Alberta.


It’s ~47 minutes long and covers some of the lead-up, as well. Short version of that: wealthy white women married to Canadian farmers decided to lobby the government to protect “Canadian stock” from such terrible things such as not being white, not being neurotypical, not having the right religion, and not being wealthy.

Anyone interested in Canadian history or who thinks Canada is some idyllic place should watch it.

After doing a Google search. He isn’t a member of the KKK. He gets kkk members to leave the KKK.

“For me, a completely reformed former KKK member or white supremacist would be someone who not only apologizes for what they’ve done, but actively works toward repairing or providing reparations for the lives in the communities which they’ve affected—or for the thousands of people who have seen images of them in that white hood and the trauma that it’s invoked in so many young people.”

Yet in original post he is mocked by people for doing this:

“When you join the Mafia you do not snitch, you do not sell out your own. You will be killed. That’s their code. The police have their own—it’s called the blue wall of silence. The Klan similarly turns on those who betray the group, and the black community is no different.” 

“I try to bring out the humanity in people, We all are human beings at the end of the day.

I hope this podcast gave you some insight. He’s talked many members out of the KKK through friendship. This mans a Hero. #Love it!


To Respond to this threat, the Left must revive the Fight For the Four Freedoms of the FDR era.

We need to modernize this campaign into the Fight For the Four Justices!

Social Justice,

Racial Justice,

Economic Justice,

And Environmental Justice!


Man branded ‘racist’ after opening 'Really British' store
Chris Ostwald was shocked when his store became the centre of a racism storm after it opened in Muswell Hill in London, with shoppers accusing him of making a political statement.

>Be British
>Be in Britain
>Sell British products
>Be branded racist and attacked

The tolerant, non-racist crowd was so angry with his fascist store they.. bullied his foreign assistant so hard she quit her job..

“His critics have accused him of being insensitive during a period of heightened cultural tension.”

“[…] having a big sign saying ‘Really British’ makes me feel you’re implying that other local businesses in the area are therefore somehow 'not really British’.“

“[…] you might have chosen a more inclusive name in 2016.”

75 years ago today, people of Japanese descent were ordered by the US Government to evacuate certain West Coast Areas

The photo above, taken by legendary US photographer Dorothea Lange, is housed in the Library of Congress with the following caption,

A large sign reading “I am an American” placed in the window of a store, at 13th and Franklin streets, on December 8, the day after Pearl Harbor. The store was closed following orders to persons of Japanese descent to evacuate from certain West Coast areas. The owner, a University of California graduate, will be housed with hundreds of evacuees in War Relocation Authority centers for the duration of the war.

75 years ago today, an American Citizen, who had attended Berkeley then opened and ran a successful business had to close down that business and report to an internment camp for the sole crime of having Japanese Parents. The sole protest he left is seen above, it stands as a warning to us all. The warning is more chilling when you realize that,

The vast majority of the Japanese that were placed in camps were American Citizens.

And to top it off, just this year, a surrogate for Donald referred to the internment of Japanese-Americans as a reasonable precedent for governmental action against minority groups, in the name of national security. 

When an advisor to the President-Elect suggests that internment is a reasonable response to minority communities, it is important that we remember what that actually looks like.  

There has never been a point where spending a lot of time with white people has made them less racist.  We had slavery for hundreds of years, and after that we had even more terrorism and Jim Crow.  White settlers spent time around Natives and still thought it was okay to destroy us.  We have always existed on this land and in this country but racists still pretend our existence is intolerable to them.  There has never been a point where they weren’t “used” to us, that’s why they had laws on the books to control us.  Living next to us and sharing spaces with us and having us raise their kids didn’t change them.  Why?  Because we weren’t “human” to those white people.  That’s what Trevor doesn’t get. 

Its not about “being used to black people”.  Our (Humanity’s) natural condition isn’t to be a flaming bigot.  That’s something we are taught and a way we choose to live.  Tomi is the way she is because she chooses to be, the fact that she frames our humanity as an “opinion” should be proof enough that she’s only using him in order to appeal to the white liberal crowd.  The fact that they would waste time policing frustrated marginalized people instead of condemning her shows she’s already succeeding in that. 

And being nice, sending gifts, and complimenting these people normalizes them.  And you might hope that they will just *magically* choose not to hate you. But that still leaves black women, and everyone else who doesn’t fit in to whatever arbitrary standards they have for humanity.  They’ll smile to your face and take your cupcakes and flirt with you over drinks but they’ll insult your children, call for the death of men just like you, and support the continued genocide of many marginalized people. 


Latinos report more than twice as much discrimination as a decade ago, study shows

  • In a study published in the online journal Social Science & Medicine — Population Health, researchers found that 68% of Latinos reported some kind of discrimination from fellow Americans. 
  • Researchers named anti-immigration laws like Arizona’s SB-1070 as one source of the anti-Latino sentiment.
  •  They also discussed the unintended effects of anti-Latino discrimination, namely its effects on Latino health. Read more

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