Kinda seems like a one sided conversation, doesn’t it? I’m tired of “conversations on race” whenever another innocent, unarmed black person is executed by the police. They’re as perfunctory as they are repetitive.

We need justice, not another hollow conversation that doesn’t change anything and does nothing to prevent the next shooting.

(original image credit: Clay Bennett)


Part of my roadtrip tool me to Atlanta. And, the Civil Rights Center was amazing. Very powerful. They have this one exhibit where you sit at a lunch counter and close your eyes and put on headphones. And It plays sounds like you are at a sit in and people are yelling. And it times how long you can sit there for. I think i lasted almost a minute before i was almost crying.

It…made its point.

White LGBT people come up with various flags, make additions to and subtract colors from Gilbert Baker’s original flag, and create variations on the original flag’s theme all the time. Yet when one community - the Philadelphia LGBT community to be specific - wants to include black and brown colors in the flag to 1) highlight the presence of black and brown LGBT people in the city, 2) make notice of the trials and tribulations LGBT people of color have gone through as a result of homophobia and racism, 3) draw attention to intracommunity racism, and 4) remind everyone that LGBT people of color’s contributions to the community have been endless, important, and yet sadly discredited (and even appropriated) - suddenly white LGBT people are all about historical purism! Suddenly they cry that “race and sexuality have nothing to do with each other!”. Does that also apply when white LGBT people refuse to let LGBT people of color into clubs and spaces, or refuse to date them, or don’t even befriend them? Please do let me know. 

Fuck this narrative.

It erases disabled people. The elderly. Children.

It’s classist, ableist, racist, and just wrong.


Fuck capitalism, liberalism, and political ideas of worth and value.

Full offence, but if you’re in law enforcement and you shoot into a car with a four year-old child sitting in the backseat because you “feared for your life,” then you’re not only a fucking failure as a police officer, but you’re also a pile of shit human being who isn’t worth the piece of paper your birth certificate is printed on.

Like, not only did Jeronimo Yanez literally murder Philando Castile in coldblood for no good reason other than “I think Black people are scary,” but he also put his well-being (which wasn’t even under threat in the fucking first place) above that of a preschooler. He decided in that moment, based on nothing but a racist pre-judgment, that his life was worth more than that of a little four-year-old girl, and in a world with any justice he would have been locked up for that reason right along with a manslaughter conviction. 

The jury for this case basically just looked this poor, absolutely traumatised little girl in the eye and said “We think you are disposable.” Obviously, they thought the same of Philando Castile. 

There is no non-Black person in this country who should not be wallowing in shame right now; our depravity is a scourge.