So, if you’re like me and work in a place with public bathrooms, you most likely have seen this shit before. Some racist fuck graffiti’d up your bathroom with nazi bullshit with a permanent marker.

Tired of this bullshit? Me too, so I’m gonna show you how to get rid of it nice and quick! 

The tools you need: A cleaner appropriate for the surface, the appropriate tool to to wipe said surfaces, and the crucial piece: A dry erase marker.

It’s embarrassingly easy to get rid of and is gonna make those nazi fucks upset that we don’t tolerate their bullshit. 

Just grab your marker…

…and draw over it

then you spray it with your cleaner and then… wipe


now you too can use your new-found hack to get rid of sharpie graffiti

remember kids: fuck fascists, fuck nazis and racists, and fuck white supremacy 

can we stop pretending that doctors treat everyone equally and that they don’t have prejudices towards poc, lesbians/gays/bisexuals, trans people, fat people, people of a certain religion, poor people/people on benefits etc and that it actually stops people from getting a diagnosis and/or treatment. stop acting like people with chronic pain, mental illness or other medical issues can just “go see a doctor” and get all the help and diagnosis’s that they need. 

Mike Pence going to the 49ers/Colts NFL game was nothing but an elaborate stunt. He spent thousands of dollars to bring his friends, family, and the Secret Service to a game where he knew in advance that players would take a knee. Of fucking course there was going to be players taking a knee. He had no intention of watching the game, he wanted to create a scene. The White House is doing shit like this, and focusing on it so much, so THEY can try to control the narrative and whitewash what these protests are about. As seen moments after leaving the game:

anonymous asked:

Wait, who's whitewashed in New Mutants?

*Cracks knuckles*

Roberto “Bobby” da Costa AKA Sunspot is a biracial, white/Black Brazilian man. (The fact that he is Black is actually a crucial part of his origin story too, considering he discovered his powers because racist assholes physically and verbally assaulted him in the middle of a soccer game.)

This is Bobby in the comics, vs his actor, Henry Zaga:

They got the Brazilian thing right, but gee… something seems to be missing. I wonder what it is.

Cecilia Reyes is a Black Puerto Rican woman. She was originally going to be played by Rosario Dawson, (while not perfect, definitely better than who they ended up with) who backed out of the role for reasons unknown. (She probably saw what shit it is.)

This is Cecilia in the comics, vs her actress, Alice Braga:

Well, isn’t that weird. But what an innocent mistake, am I right?

Danielle “Dani” Moonstar AKA Mirage is a Cheyenne woman. A Cheyenne woman with dark skin, and who you could never call whitepassing. 
(Dani has also been one of Marvel’s punching bags for a while now, and I am still eagerly waiting for them to give her her powers back and let her rejoin the X-Men where she belongs instead of fucking around in Asgard.)

This is Dani in the comics, vs her actress, Blu Hunt:

Huh, interesting. I’m sure casting a whitepassing native girl is totally coincidentally matched with the other whitewashing, yeah?

“But Blu Hunt is a First Nations woman, shouldn’t you, a First Nations woman, be happy they didn’t cast a white woman to play Dani?” Well, yes and no. Yes, I’m not as angry as I would be if they casted a white actress, as Hollywood ever so frequently does. But we are not required to be happy for Hollywood doing the absolute bare minimum when they should be aiming for accuracy. You know what the optimal casting would be? A dark skinned Cheyenne woman. Like Dani. But I would have been pleased with at least a dark skinned native girl period. And when you pair this casting with the casting of the two other characters of colour, it’s really fucking interesting how supposedly out of their international search for actresses, they could only find a whitepassing girl as suitable to play this very much not whitepassing character.
Like, if someone came up to me and said “Hey, do you want to play Dani, we know she’s one of your favourite characters!” I would say no. Because while I am half Mi’kmaw, I am whitepassing, and Dani is not.

And finally…

Xi’an “Shan” Coy Manh AKA Karma is a Vietnamese lesbian, who eventually is also an amputee. Shan was the first leader of the New Mutants…

And yet she is not even in this movie. They just. Cut her out. She is the leader of the very team they are making the movie about and they erased her entirely from it.

“An Asian lesbian you say? Oh no. We can’t have that in our movie.” 

Now, all of these characters have faced whitewashing in the comics from time to time, as well. Comicbook whitewashing is a thing. But that doesn’t mean the movies should follow suit. I’ve seen people post pictures of whitewashed art of these characters and say “look, it’s great casting!” You are comparing whitewashing to whitewashing and need to shut the fuck up.

So, this is my biggest problem with the New Mutants movie, if you can even call it that.

…My second biggest problem is that it’s fairly fucking obvious what the plot of the movie is, based on the trailer and comic knowledge, and I’m gonna go ahead and skip a story about the kidnapping and torture of an Indigenous child with the ability to create illusions out of people’s fears and thus turns the place into a haunted house and by extension is the villain of the movie by what will surely be a Shocking™ plot twist.


In response to #MeToo, “listening and learning” emerges as the “thoughts and prayers” of social justice movements

We stumbled into a reckoning. It had been a regular staff meeting — standard announcements, small talk, and project updates— until we began discussing the results of the 2016 presidential election. My fellow white coworkers and I bemoaned the state of the nation. What went wrong? How did we get here? And why didn’t we see it coming?

After many long minutes of shock from a chorus of white voices, a colleague of color chimed in. “We did see it coming,” she said. “We saw it coming in our work. We saw it coming in our country. We told you. You just didn’t listen.”

There was a long silence. I felt my stomach collapse in on itself, the telltale sign I was hearing a terrible truth about myself. She was right.

“Black women don’t get to be surprised. We don’t get to be exhausted or ‘woe is me’ or any of it. We’ve been here a long time. So, I guess, welcome, but what took you so long?”

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