Desmond Cole and others are giving a much needed reality check on the hashtag #WhatyoudonotknowaboutCanada (which is largely filled with dismissive Canadian stereotypes aimed at US Voters wanting to flee to the ‘utopia’ that is apparently Canada).


Black man pulled over for sitting in his car and reading

On July 7, former high school English teacher Louizandre Dauphin decided to drive to a quiet place to do some reading. Sound suspicious? Residents that saw him in his car thought so and, naturally, they called the police, who stopped the black New Brunswick, Canada, resident as he drove back home. The interaction ended peaceful — but was made all the more ironic by why he went on the drive in the first place.

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Ever notice how Islamophobes almost exclusively only attack women when it’s in public/in person?

Some asshat waved a noose at a couple of hijabi women at a central LRT station in my hometown a couple months ago, telling them it was “for  them”. 

When’s the last time you heard of an Islamophobe doing something  like that to a Muslim man?

Somebody hates me because I'm Chinese.

It started with eggs. I would find them smashed on the back of my car every morning. You could tell they hit at the top left corner and slowly dribbled down the window and onto my bumper. The rain would come, but never enough to erase the aggression. I thought it was some kid, just trying to rebel and live outside the law for a moment in the darkness of the night. I didn’t fault them for it, I was a teenager too. But it was clear that I wasn’t getting the message. They gave up on eggs and decided to be clearer so they wrote “chink” and “Chinese” in the dirt of my car so that I could always read it in my side mirror.

Somebody hates me because I’m Chinese.

Dirt messages don’t last and the rain fell again. They decided to get creative and let us know in new ways. As I walked home last night through the fresh snowfall, I walked toward my car and noticed that the snow didn’t sit as it should. On my windshield was a giant face, with slanty eyes and an angry frown. I went inside and it froze overnight. Today, I scraped it off my windshield, bit by bit. I guess it was a pretty good depiction because I narrowed my “slanty” eyes and I frowned pretty angrily too.

Somebody hates me because I’m Chinese.

It’s been 3 months since it started. They don’t know anything about me; nothing for them to love, tolerate, or hate. They see me as an outsider, as nothing more than the collection of physical features given to me as I was being knit in the womb. They don’t see me as the precious creation that I am, designed for a purpose with love and intention.

Somebody hates me because I’m Chinese.

I was born a Canadian. I even have all the documents to prove it. My written/spoken English is better than the average citizen. I suffered through years of frigid prairie winters and desert-like SK summers. I eat poutine, and I love democracy. I’ve finished my sentences with “Eh?” and I refer to hoodies as bunny hugs. I’ve been an active part of Canada Day celebrations, and I’ve learned to sing the national anthem in both of our national languages.

But somebody hates me because I’m Chinese, and I wonder if they watched me scrape my windows today.


European Citizens Providing Food, Other Help To Exhausted Refugees Marching To Austria - Buzzfeed

More than 1,000 Syrians began marching from Budapest to Austria Friday as they fled violence in their own war-torn country. Along the way, local residents provided some help.

Canadians like to act all morally superior to Americans because of the way they treat black men and women in their country, but then they place the same stereotypes on native Americans and treat them just as bad. Like come on.