It’s wonderful that the Hamilton cast/audience made their voices and protest heard loud and clear, but ~DO NOT let it distract or misdirect~ from the real issues and horrors that Trump and his administration are HOPING YOU’LL MISS or FORGET ABOUT.

Fascism is misdirection of real concerns.

#DumpTrump #NotMyPresident #TheResistance

This teen’s perfectly succinct and forceful shirt about bigots just sitting down and being quiet just won the internet

Twitter can sometimes seem like a dark place. But sometimes, amidst the trolls going off on one bigoted rant after another, people like Houston teenager Aaron Tamez can occasionally have a poignant moment via the social network. Where he found the shirt is even better.


Today in I Want This Shirt But It’s Sold Out So I Might Make One: Aaron, a gay 17-year-old from Houston, Texas, tweeted photos of himself wearing this snarky, social-justice-y shirt to school and the internet rightfully rejoiced

[IMAGE: A high-school-age boy wearing a white t-shirt and jeans in a locker room. The shirt reads: WHY BE RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, OR TRANSPHOBIC WHEN YOU COULD JUST BE QUIET?] 


Name A Pence Musical:

The KKKing and I/
The Color White/
A Racist in the Sun/
A Rising in the Klan/
Do the White Thing/
Django Rechained/
I’m Dreaming of a White Congress/
Think Like a White Man, Act Like a Master/
The Klantastic Four/
IT the KKKlown/

Keep it going.


Charlize Theron’s son likes wearing an Elsa costume and people got really transphobic about it

The controversy arose over photos of her son Jackson, now 4, dressed as Elsa from Frozen. This week, Jackson was spotted, with his mom, wearing a dress and a hat with a long Elsa braid. It wasn’t long before Twitter trolls started slamming the actress for her decision to let Jackson dress like a princess.


Here’s how homophobic, sexist, racist, ableist, transphobic and fatist each state is on Twitter. Real estate site Abodo conducted nationwide research by combing through tweets sent from June 2014 to December 2015, in order to find out which states harbor the highest rates of prejudice against various groups. They also found the most bigoted cities.

Here I am writing an essay on what should be common sense as hundreds of thousands of people are being killed, beaten up, verbally abused, etc. every second that passes.

WE ARE ALL PEOPLE. people that breathe. people that learn. people that mess up. people that FEEL. No matter our differences, WE DESERVE LIFE.

the only difference between some groups of people is that some groups have a history of being oppressed and have taken injustice numerous amounts of times. whereas others have been the oppressors and have given injustice. separating these two, as i speak is not discrimination. it is mere fact.

multiple phobias of the LGBTQI+ community. straight cisgendered people have never felt ashamed of themselves for being straight/cis because that is the societal norm. the LGBTQI+ community, as individuals, have felt like freaks or abnormalities at some point in their life. they’ve had to go through years of learning self acceptance and years of struggle to finally get to the point where they can be proud of who they are. but the struggle does not end there. there continue to be people who bash others and even kill people for their differences in sexuality and gender identity. straight cisgendred people will never experience this. the LGBTQI+ community is discriminated against.

racism. people of color have felt ashamed of their culture in a country made up of white people. they have been made fun of for the way they live. the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the way they wear their hair, etc. they have felt embarrassed of their cultural heritage because of others (not necessarily only white people) telling them that their culture is weird or disgusting. POC have felt like they should hide their culture and try to fit in with the majority, the white culture. after centuries of racial discrimination and cultural discrimination we’ve made people feel embarrassed of their culture or their skin. white people will never experience this in america. POC are discriminated against.

cultural appropriation. today, some white people wear bindis, henna, box braids, corn rows, etc. and although you may not know it, this offends us people of color. we’ve felt ashamed of our culture for a long ass history and suddenly today these are the new aesthetic tumblr fashions. this offends us because the same group of people (again, just to clarify, im not saying individually, but the group itself) wearing our culture have made US feel bad about it and now they’re wearing it as a fashion and trying to make our culture look cooler on them by stealing it. this is a different story if you are attending a hindu event, for example, and you wear a bindi or a sari. at the event you are wearing it for cultural, not fashion, intentions.

sexism. women have been told they are less than men for centuries across the world. in america, as recent as the 1950′s, women were under great societal pressure to get married by their early twenties and essentially were taught to think the “Mrs.” title was more important than a college degree. they were raised to think they could only either be a housewife or a maid. like how history goes, these stereotypes and norms are passed down through generations since the beginning, and date back to traditional and conservative times when women were literally treated like domestic animals. today, the misogynistic views are still so widespread that even some women are misogynistic. sexism is shown through various ways today in America, such as the wage gap, the one sided dress code in several schools, slut-shaming, rape culture, etc. women are told they cant show too much skin or they’ll come off as “slutty” they’re told not to cover up too much or they’ll come off as “prudish”. they’re told to act a certain way but not too much or they’ll threaten the societal ideal and they are literally controlled like puppets. because of the societal ideal we’re taught women should fit, we can’t let them just live their life how they want it. be a housewife if you want to. be a business woman if you want to. be a stripper if you want to. be whatever you want to be. don’t let society try to squeeze you into this “perfect doll” they’re trying to make you. let women live their life the way they do and don’t tell them they’re any less than you or anyone else because of the way they choose to live it. men will never experience this discrimination, but they can experience pressures that society puts onto them that feminism covers. however, WOMEN are discriminated against, and all genders are benefitted from feminism.

police brutality. while all races can face police brutality, police brutality on blacks/POC or immigrants/foreigners is fueled on racism and xenophobia. in the most recent big case of police brutality, a 28-year-old black woman named Sandra Bland was pulled over for not signaling a turn and the cop opened her car door because she refused to put out her cigarette. cops are not allowed to open your car door unless they have a search warrant or you consent to a search. not only did he disobey this rule but he pulled her out and it’s unclear what he did to her in the video but you can hear Sandra Bland screaming, “You’re about to break my ribs. Can you stop!” and “You just slammed my head onto the ground. Do you not even care about that?”. This is an obvious case of police brutality. She had her hands up clear in the air and the cop still abused her. Police brutality normally stems from ego/arrogance of having a status of power. In this case the cop starts threatening Bland saying he will “light her up”, all because she didn’t fucking signal a turn. Later, news gets out that she apparently hung herself in the jail cell. however what it seems like is she was dead from the start in her mugshot. She was 6 feet tall, taller than the wall she supposedly hung herself from. Cops in America treat us like mere bags of meat they try to get rid of if something goes wrong. They try to hide up a murder by saying she killed herself? They try to cover up obvious cases of police brutality by saying they were armed or that they didn’t have their hands up when there is visual evidence? There is no difference between a cop in america and a terrorist. our own justice system doesn’t protect us. instead, our justice system is what we should fear the most. our justice system favors whites and cops over anyone else. our justice system might as well be a terrorist organization. when will ignorance and oblivion in America come to an end. WE. ARE. PEOPLE. TOO. we have a family to get to, a job or education to get to, friends to see, we have a whole future ahead of us, but we have to die this quick because of some terrorists that America likes to call cops?

intersectional feminism. intersectionality is a concept that discusses oppressive institutions into one interconnected movement called intersectional feminism. basically, intersectional feminists talk about issues women of color face in america as well as countries outside of here. they also talk about issues trans people and trans people of color face. they basically talk about every issue that lies on this spectrum of things wrong in this world. we dont just focus on the wage gap in america or the free the nipple campaign we look at the broader picture of the planet as a whole. why do we need intersectional feminism? we need intersectional feminism because some women in asia are still treated like pets in their own home. we need intersectional feminism because women in the middle east have acid thrown on them over a small dispute with the male figure of the family. we need intersectional feminism because people continue to invalidate gender fluidity and bisexuality. we need intersectional feminism because more than 46% of trans men and 42% of trans women kill themselves. we need intersectional feminism because 50% of trans people have been raped or sexually assaulted. we need intersectional feminism because 1 in 8 trans women of color are murdered.

america needs to wake up. we are all people. underneath our different skin, personalities, genders, races, sexualities, qualities, we are ALL people with feelings and potential and a bright future. we’ve all bettered ourselves in the past few years. some of us finally gained the confidence to be body positive. some of us have finally learned to accept our sexuality after years of being told to be the perfect straight child. some of us finally overcame suicidal thoughts and self harming desires. some of us finally got a job to move out of an abusive home. WE’VE ALL MADE SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT. why do we have to make it all go down the drain because we’re different and we threaten society’s ideal? we need to raise awareness on this. we deserve a life just as much as the rest of you. we deserve a future surrounded by love. we all have so much ahead of us. we need to put an end to all this killing fueled on fear of differences once and for all.


For the white gays who thought my rant on the gay community was bullshit, explain this. White gays are fully aware that it’s not okay to judge people by the color of their skin, yet admit to believing in racist stereotypes about gay men of color AND perpetuate it without hesitation. You guys have a victim complex when you’re the ones doing the abusing. This is why nobody likes white gays and why you all need to shut the fuck up and listen when gay people of color speak.


When you don’t understand history. Like the legacy of the confederate flag can compare to the LGBT flag. The confederate flag is a symbol of oppression, genocide & racism. The LGBT+ flag is a symbol of freedom, visibility, togetherness & peace.

How can I inform Twitter about the constant homophobia, racism, intraracism, colorism and slander black women and black lgbt people endure on social media 24/7 so we can have the accounts of those who do it suspended as well? Anybody want to help me out on this?