As if we and terrorists were one and the same.
I used the expression “Muslim on Muslim crime” after I found it in a French alt-right/neonazi article comment section, it was just after the Quebec Mosque attack, at that time little was known, presumably the attacker said “Allah u Akbar”(which was not the case since he was a non-muslim White guy) and people on this website were positively jumping in happiness and gushing about how it was “une attaque entre ces enculés de musulman” and how natural selection was doing its job.
I thought at that time that “Muslim on Muslim crime” was a completely accurate description of how western societies as an all perceive us being bombed and gunned down like dogs by thousands all around the world, and explained the absolutely non-existent empathic reaction, as we and these terrorists have been fused into one entity for more than 16 years now.

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Someone started putting 'ban islam' stickers up around my neighbourhood and surrounding areas again, however I have a ton of stickers to cover them up now, so I snuck out tonight and walked around for a while doing that. I'm not quite tall enough to reach some of them completely but I'm proud of myself and I just wanted to share.

This is a really great example of direct action against islamophobia too! Good for you, anon. <3

So I’m in sociology class and the lecture starts and I pull out my pencil case which happens to have a little model of an AK 47 on it (because I’ve been into guns since I was a kid and always wanted like a collection of them on a wall when I grow up) and this white chick sitting next to me sees it and screams at the top of her lungs, “YOU HAVE A GUN ON YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE A GIRL AND A MUSLIM?” and the whole fucking class nearly bolted out of their seats and the professor kind of halted because wtf someone has a gun on them but its not actually one because its literally attached to cloth and everyone is staring at me and I have to hold this shit up because I don’t people thinking that my 19 year old ass that can barely cook for itself is capable of being a terrorist while failing college and like babe its a pencil case and the thing is made of fucking plastic and i don’t give a flying fuck if I’m a Muslim or a girl or even a damn squirrel for crying out loud, i liked the fucking thing so now I’m gonna use it. And after this unnecessary chaos dies down this chick apologizes because she thought ‘it was a real gun and that i would shoot someone’ like sure sweetheart its a 7 inch figurine, I’ll use it to kill the fucking smurfs. Honestly, its 2017 and people are still so fucking racist and sexist like when will your ‘cultured’ asses grow up 


If you guys saw tonight’s “Hey Arnold: Jungle Movie”, then a lot of you must have been surprised by the sheer amount of subtle racism in it. 

Just look at these examples. The first image of Arnold being cared as the “great white hope” towards the brown people, doesn’t that seem familiar to anything? You can also see Helga and Gerald being sluggishly left behind as a hint that women and minorities can never be treated equally as “the great white man”

Second image was most insulting as it shows Gerald trying to “play game” upon a child, why was this shown exactly? Gerald never behaved like this, it was quite off-character, especially since he’s with Phoebe now. Is this how the writers viewed most black men maybe? A walking stereotype that only thinks with their penis? I’ve seen this tiresome and ignorant trope over and over in Hollywood films. And the fact that they added Gerald saying “Why can’t I never be the chosen one”, which puts a slap to the face of Gerald and says “White men are always chosen and Blacks/other minorities are always second”

The third image presents Olga, the “pure white princess” forced to seduce a brown hispanic man that at first looked quite handsome, yet when he smiles the face is made to resemble of a chimp smiling with its bad teeth. The face is so similar towards that particular image, I believe it was used as a reference. So this “bad brown guy” becomes excited with another “bad brown guy” becoming upset and beating the crap out of him like an animal. This racist trope has been used throughout history as the “Holy white woman” being seen as “a goddess” where they cause “lesser” races of men to act barbaric.

I simply hated this film, which breaks my heart since I am a Hey Arnold fan but there was clearly a message being presented towards this movie and it’s “The white man comes to save the day towards the violent and worthless brown people” 

Craig Bartlett and his writers are pieces of shit for this.

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What do you think of the scene between alec and Raphael in 2x09? I hate how people glorify that as some badass alec moment. Another scene that I loathe is in 2x03 when Izzy had her foot on that werewolfs neck and said good doggy.

Sorry this took forever to answer, anon. I love getting asks but sometimes I just don’t want to deal with the response to them, if that makes sense. Some days I wanna fight, some days I wanna just reblog beautiful things.

But to answer this, yeah, these are not bad ass moments. These are moments that should make you a little uncomfortable and should remind you that sleeping with/loving a downworlder doesn’t make a shadowhunter suddenly not racist towards downworlders.

Izzy’s good doggy moment is the most blatant and clear example. Alec’s is a little more emotionally messy but Izzy in this moment is a clear example of how shadowhunters view downworlders who aren’t following their rules. And it’s not pretty. It shouldn’t be. Shadowhunters, the show itself, has not shied away from the racism within both the the mundane world- Maia’s comment about being stopped for being black and Simon comparing microchipping and taking DNA samples from downworlders to how Jewish people were identified at the start of/during the Holocaust- and within the shadow world. It’s frustrating that fans are so eager to do so for it. 

Like I said though, Alec’s scene with Raphael is a bit more convoluted but it’s still rooted in that mindset. Downworlders are the bad guys, the guys breaking the rules, tempting innocent shadowhunters and bringing them down. Etc. I love Alec. I don’t think he was explicitly thinking these things, but his actions are born from the mindset he was raised in. How quickly he accused Magnus of knowing and not telling him, how he blamed Raphael and never once stopped to actually look at Raphael’s state of being. Izzy and Raphael are both addicts. I understand Alec was protecting his family, and I understand he didn’t know the whole story. I can even see how it must have sounded and looked to him, but what he did was not okay. Storming into Raphael’s home and beating the crap out of him. It was not okay. I get it. It’s a genuine and realistic scene. It’s an emotional scene. But it isn’t Alec being a bad ass. It’s not something to celebrate. Alec has plenty of bad ass moments, that wasn’t one of them.

I think it’s great and important that the show has these kinds of moments. It should be a reminder that the shadowhunters aren’t always good or the heroes. I mean, Valentine and the Clave alone should remind people of that, but I think it’s easy for some people to latch onto Alec and Izzy and even Jace and be like see they love downworlders, they’re not racist. But. They are

I’ve said it a million times, but the best example of how pervasive the racism is against downworlders is to see how quickly Clary fell into that mind set. Calling the downworlder’s entrance to the City of Bones the “servant entrance”, not telling Luke about the soul sword because downworlders should be protected from protecting themselves, expecting Simon to go along with the micro chipping, tazering Luke to free his own sister, etc. 

things closeted racists say

• (when a black man is killed by cops) “well he was a criminal”

• “well if i said that about a black person…”

• “black on black crime”

• “all lives matter”

• “it’s not because they’re black, it’s just…”

• (when called out about being racist) “but i’m *insert non-white race*”


This coming generation deserve better than what my generation experienced growing up. We do not need the EU help, we are more than capable of getting things done. Massive respect to the Rwandan government for stepping up.

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You have to conclude at this point that the tabloids *want* a race war. Every time someone drops a carrier bag in London now, they’re tweeting immediately about how it’s probably a terrorist attack and speculating on who to blame. We’ve had proof after proof that shitty attitudes towards oppressed people help to create terrorism. They can’t claim they don’t know what they’re doing.

We’ve all had enough experience of false alarms at this point to know that it’s unwise to open your mouth before the facts come out. The people who do so anyway are hoping the rage and resentment they generate will stick around even once the facts come to light.

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Regarding cultural appropriation: what happens when two people from the same closed culture have differing opinions? One says absolutely no one who is outside of the culture can practice. The other says some can, if they are properly educated and trained. Who do you listen to? What do you do? I ask this because I’ve seen differing opinions before.

You’d listen to the majority. There’s always that one person who doesn’t give a damn about people appropriating their culture, however the overwhelming majority does. 

Listen to what the people say, not the one person who’s suspiciously telling you its okay. 

Bad Take - NYT: Ben Shapiro, a Provocative ‘Gladiator,’ Battles to Win Young Conservatives
Ben Shapiro, who has been called the voice of the conservative millennial movement, is trying to define conservatism at a time when its meaning is up for grabs.
By Sabrina Tavernise

This is such a puff piece; it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pitiful.

Ben Shapiro is a hack. But people, especially young conservatives, love him because hey, he sounds smart! He writes books! He reads books! There are videos of him on YouTube outsmarting young liberals! He makes you feel smart and informed!

But his intellect doesn’t extend to his ideological arguments, many of which fall apart after even a cursory examination. Rather, he’s a master manipulator. He’s good at coming up with arguments that seem just reasonable enough to feel accurate, even if they’re nonsense. He’s good at adhering just enough to conservative orthodoxy even as he’s updated himself for the YouTube and meme era. He’s good at distancing himself from the loons just enough to feel credible, even as he places himself FAR off on the right. He’s good at grabbing attention, which he clearly does by focusing on issues that get conservatives riled up and prodding at liberals to satisfy conservatives’ thirst for blood.

But behind the manipulation, there’s little there. His views amount to little more than a stump speech and talking points. What’s even more embarrassing is how the NYT sanitized his more vile rhetoric. They failed to mention how the Daily Wire, Shapiro’s website, published a video that argued how the genocide of Native Americans was a good thing because they were violent savages. They glossed over how he worked on Breitbart for years, a website that trafficked in white nationalism while he worked there.

So, moral of the story: Ben Shapiro is not making you smarter. He’s making you intellectually lazy. If Ben Shapiro is the future of conservatism, the future of conservatism is bleak.

It’s ridiculous that people are now saying “why is no one talking about this?!” Over the slave trade in Libya

Plenty of people have tried to bring attention to problem of slavery in the Middle East. Everytime they have been accused of racism and islamaphobia. Of being liars and bigots. Slavery in the Middle East was stamped politically incorrect to talk about by the very people now outraged by. Even when the press has attempted to shed light on it they have been accused of “spreading hate” and prejudice. All because of this doctrine that somehow every injustice in the world is perpetuated solely by white people. That any suggestion this isn’t true is the result of hatred and racism. When really it’s that moral cowardice means people are happy to look the other way when it comes to slavery as long at the people doing it aren’t white.