I Bet Nobody Petitioned March 3rd tho

IHOP: Let’s celebrate National Pancake Day! Free pancakes for everyone!

People: OMG how selfish is this??? Why are we only celebrating pancakes??? What about waffles? Or Crepes? How about French Toast??? Breakfast foods are delicious period, not just pancakes! Let’s celebrate EVERY breakfast food! #ALLBREAKFASTFOODSMATTER!

Mar. 4  4:27 pm

Dear fellow Whites: if you tag your selfies Whiteout or Blackout on Friday, even “as a joke,” please know that you are outing yourselves as racists, and you deserve every bit of backlash you get. People are dying every day, in part because Blackness is seen as unimportant. Tumblr Whiteout is a racist ploy to devalue others. Please don’t. I hope my White followers will share this message.

#Blackout was created in response to a racist society

Dear White People,

Please explain how we’re being racist. You’re little immature Whiteout temper tantrum is as necessary as Straight Pride Parades. Here we have a minority group trying to celebrate their community and you see it as grounds to harass us and invade our space? Not cool at all. Leave the blackout alone this was never about you.

Mar. 5  1:59 pm

From unconstitutional searches to racist emails, here are some of the most revolting findings:

1. Over-reliance on fines and fees for revenue — and pressure to generate more

For years, Ferguson has relied heavily on law enforcement fines and fees to keep city operations running, with the percentage of city revenues generated by such fees gradually increasing over time. In 2011, fines and fees collected by the municipal court accounted for $1.38 million of the city’s $11.07 million in general fund revenue, rising to $2.46 million by 2013. Last year, the city budgeted for the court to collect $2.63 million in revenue.

2. Disproportionate targeting of African Americans

While black people account for 67 percent of the population in Ferguson, they comprise 85 percent of vehicle stops, 90 percent of citations, and 93 percent of arrests. Despite disproportionate targeting of African Americans for searches, the report found, police were actually more likely to find contraband on white people.

3. Baselessly accusing an African American man of pedophilia

In one summer 2012 case, an officer approached a 32-year-old black man cooling off in his car, on the grounds that his windows were more darkly tinted than city regulations allowed. But “[w]ithout cause,” the report states, the officer went on to accuse the man of being a pedophile; the officer would not allow the man to use his cell phone, subjected the man to a pat-down, and demanded that he be allowed to search the car. The man refused the latter request, prompting the officer to point his gun at him and arrest him.

4. Arresting people for exercising their First Amendment rights

Despite federal court rulings that recording police activity is constitutionally protected under the First Amendment, an officer wrestled a 16-year-old African American boy for his cell phone after the teen recorded the officer’s traffic stop of his mother; more officers later arrived and arrested the boy, his mother, and his brother.

5. Tasing a woman for not removing her bracelets

The report exposes widespread excessive use of electronic control weapons (ECWs) like tasers. In a 2010 case, a lieutenant used such a weapon in “drive-stun mode” against a Ferguson City Jail inmate who did not remove her bracelets after being asked to do so; the woman never posed any physical threat, the Justice inquiry states.

6. Using canines to bite nonviolent civilians

Officers deployed canines against low-level, nonviolent offenders, including minors, according to the report. In December 2011, officers allowed a canine to bite an unarmed 14-year-old African American boy who was waiting at an abandoned property for his friends. Officers justified the arrest by stating that the boy had a committed a burglary — if anything, the boy had only trespassed, Justice finds — and asserting that the boy was hiding from officers and was warned that the dog would bite him if he continued to do so.

7. Deploying violent force against the mentally impaired

While court rulings hold that an individual’s mental impairments must factor into use-of-force decisions, officers used violent force against mentally impaired people in a number of cases. In a notorious 2011 case, officers shot and killed a man who was running nude through Ferguson and pounding cars while proclaiming that he was Jesus; the man was schizophrenic.

8. Racist emails

Underscoring the deep-seated racial prejudices and bias that plagued the local law enforcement system, officials sent numerous racist emails over the years, the probe finds. An email written shortly after then-Sen. Barack Obama’s 2008 election the presidency said that he would not last long in the Oval Office because “what black man holds a steady job for four years.” Another email depicted the president as a chimpanzee, while others took digs at Michelle Obama and stereotyped racial minorities as shiftless welfare recipients.

Read more.

This #blackout shit is the stupidest fuckin thing I think I’ve ever seen on this website. It makes it look like black people aren’t allowed to post selfies on this website ANY OTHER FUCKING DAY OF THE YEAR so we have to make a day where NO ONE But black people are allowed to post selfies. If that doesn’t make this website look racist as hell I don’t know What will.

#MuslimLivesMatter Hashtag and Anti-Blackness

Here’s a comment that was sent to my Ask FM about the #MuslimLivesMatter hashtag: “You honestly have the audacity to complain over the #MuslimLivesMatter hashtag? Instead of showing solidarity you make it all about yourself as usual. You’re despicable. If you’re the new face of feminism then it’s a face I spit in.

My response: Showing ‘solidarity’ where ‘solidarity’ means non-Black people appropriate Black labor (common), erase the fact that Black Muslims exist (common), and continue in anti-Black and abusive spiels, like this one of yours, while simultaneously thinking I as a Black woman owe labor (also common). Right? 

Yeah, I know all about your type of ‘solidarity.’ Not interested. You demand my labor yet want to spit in my face? Why does that sound familiar? Like, CENTURIES of FAMILIAR.

And I didn’t really critique that tag. I primarily retweeted Muslims who critiqued that tag because see those particular people, unlike you, understand what solidarity actually is. And they even offered ideas of a different tag as to not obscure the experiences Black people have with anti-Blackness/obscure queer Black women’s labor (that’s who created #BlackLivesMatter) nor obscure Black Muslims dealing with the ramifications of *both* racism and Islamaphobia.

The only person who deserves spit in the face are anti-Black misogynoiristic people who are parasitic and think my Black womanhood only exists as an object of servitude. So that would be you.

Next time, instead of being an anti-Black misogynoiristic coward slithering into my Anon to write bile at me over something I really didn’t even get into in my timeline, go actually support Muslim people. That would include the Black ones that you so desperately want erased. And think about why your supposed ‘activism’ can only exist via exploitation and violent erasure of Black people. Why is that?

Solidarity, right? Great.