As many as 2,000 teachers around Seattle stood up in solidarity with the Black community wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts and pins on Wednesday, October 19th.
The rally sparked after an incident in September, when teachers of John Muir Elementary school received threats when they decided to wear t-shirts with the words “We Stand Together” and “Black Lives Matter.”

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I was arrested on Oct. 10, on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a holiday where America is meant to celebrate the indigenous people of North America.

I was in North Dakota, standing in solidarity, side-by-side with a group of over 200 water protectors, people who are fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

People who carry a rainbow of colors on their skin. People who gathered together because they realize that if we don’t begin taking genuine steps to protect our precious resources—our soil, our water, our essential elements—we will not have a healthy or thriving planet to pass on to future generations.
I was in North Dakota, standing side by side with Native Americans.

You know, those who were here before us.

Well, guess what, America? They’re still here.

And they are still fighting the good fight. A fight that serves each and every one of us.

They are still putting their lives on the line to protect the roots that feed our existence.

And, guess what else, dear America? They are still being ignored.

We are still throwing them in jail.

We are still silencing their dedication to protect us from the planetary consequences that will catastrophically bleed from our ignorance.

We wear their heritage, their sacred totems, as decoration and in fashion trends, failing to honor their culture. Headdresses, feathers, arrows. Moccasins, sage, beadwork. You know what I’m talking about, Coachella. Walking around the flea market this weekend, I can’t even tell you how many native references I saw being used in a way that feeds our western narrative.

We buy plastic teepees from Toys-R-Us and set them up in our living rooms for children to play in.

We grow up romanticizing native culture, native art, native history… without knowing native reality.

Somehow, we’ve allowed 200-plus years to go by without questioning the western truth we have been told to believe about Native Americans.

And now, in 2016, in the day and age of exciting technology, which empowers revolution and curiosity, we are still blindly (or maybe not) allowing 200 years of unjust history to continue.

We are allowing Native American voices to be swallowed by the white noise of distraction.

Doesn’t this sadden you, America?

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10/15/16:  Bayonne, New Jersey –  A mosque in the city of Bayonne was the victim of an act of vandalism on Saturday, the 15h.  A 20-year-old man named Jonathan Hussey was arrested in connection with the hate-crime.  The words “F*** Arabs!” “F*** Muslims!” and “Trump” were spray painted on the side of the building.

10/15/16:  Garden City, Kansas – A trio of men from Garden City, Kansas were arrested for plotting a terrorist attack on Somali Muslims in Garden City, Kansas.  The plot was thwarted by the FBI, after being tipped off by an informant and the girlfriend of one of the plotters. Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright, and Patrick Eugene Stein are facing terror charges, for attempting to blow up an apartment complex and mosque in the area.

10/20/16 – Fort Smith, Arkansas – Three assailants are being sought in connection with a case of vandalism at the Masjid Al Salam, in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  The words “Go home,”USA” and “F*** Islam” written on the facility’s sign.  The vandalism occurred early Thursday morning, and one of the suspects is described as a “white man in a baseball cap.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations had called on the FBI to join the investigation about the vandalism earlier in the day.

“Given the recent spike in anti-mosque incidents nationwide, and the targeting of Islam and Muslims in the presidential campaign, we urge the FBI to add its resources to the investigation of this case,” 

This is horrific and hateful. Whoever did this is obviously racist, but also very ignorant and undereducated. People practicing their religion isn’t the problem in this country, it’s people who think they have the right to use tactics like the above that are. #Hate it!

Guys! Watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show special on Fox if you can! Show those sexist, transphobes, racist assholes that Laverne Cox IS a queen worth bowing for! And that she can more than ROCK the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter!

I’ve seen so many hateful comments on FB towards her, mostly hiding their racist transphobia behind the poor ass excuse of RHPS not needing a reboot. Because god forbid women, let alone a trans one remake something for fun! No one complains when an actual cis male decides to make a reboot of something.


I think this is the only way this will change is when us white people stand up and say “this isn’t right, this has to change” we need to stop being quiet and thinking that because we, as individuals, are not racists, that that is enough.  It’s sad that there is even a need for this in 2016. But it’s an awesome thing to be involved in. People EVERYWHERE have a responsibility to defend each other, protect each other, and educate.

what is this garbage excuse from Pharmercy shippers that any critics are racists bent on destroying an interracial femslash ship

you don’t get to trot out POC in interracial relationships or mixed race lesbians to defend your shitty racist fanart. we’re not fucking here for that.