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tbqh, seeing all the stuff where ppl make lance say "papi/mami" in a sexual way is so gross!! like, i'm latinx and i know for a fact that 99% of all latin spanish-speaking households use "mami" and "papi" as terms of endearment and affection!! not in a sexy or kinky way!! like, those are usually nicknames towards their children!!!!

it’s so gross!! it’s a mix of daddy kink, racism, and fetishization and those are all gross on their own but then mixed… askdfjlasdkfj ugh

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i had to deal with trump supporter that thinks trump cares for LBGT+, and they think he hasn't done anything bad and that Hilely is bad and that her supporters attack people.... i seen poc been physically attacked by trump supporters, most of his supporters are skin heads and kkk members, that way bloody worse, i like need hug because mentally can't stand this bigot people, why can't we just need nice and kind 😣

Ugh, I can’t stand Trump supporters either. I was at Pride yesterday, and there was a booth with a man with “Gays for Trump” signs. He justified it by claiming he was a “practicing homosexual” (old white guy of course). I just can’t with Trump’s racist, misogynistic supporters. Please take care of yourself! Dealing with this is extremely mentally exhausting.

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CAMERON DAKOTA CLARKE from Roanoke, VA. His tweets/acct have been deleted since he found out I had his contact info. Couldn’t find much info but thanks to a twitter follower I have his employer’s phone number: Brown’s Car Stores in VA (703) 352-5555. Call them at that number or send them a message on their contact form and report the shit out of him. White folks need to learn there’s consequences to their disgusting behavior and beliefs.

A school poster assignment in which I chose to focus on Canada’s epidemic levels of violence towards Aboriginal women. If you’re interested in learning more, the page for Amnesty Canada’s No More Stolen Sisters provides some basic information. The #MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women) tag on Twitter will give you more of a personal idea of how this effects Aboriginal communities across the country.

Our government refuses to even acknowledge that this is a legitimate societal issue, and I think it’s something that deserves a lot more international attention than it has received.


TW for racism, bullying

NY Teen Overcomes ‘Dark-Skinned’ Taunts to Earn $10,000 Scholarship

“Nosa Akol, 17, was called “burnt toast,” among other hurtful names, but now the Binghamton, N.Y., teen will be the recipient of the 2015 4-H Youth in Action Award, which includes a $10,000 scholarship.

 “Burnt toast.”

“Dark as night.”

“Your mother kept you in the oven too long.”

These were the kinds of racially charged comments that Nosa Akol walked into on her very first day of middle school, which would mark the first time in her life she’d ever been subjected to bullying.

The results were damaging. Nosa admits to The Root that insecurities started to take over. “I felt really insecure,” the 17-year-old student from Binghamton, N.Y., recalls. “Middle school [is] kind of where people start breaking off into their groups, and that’s where I first experienced bullying, and that’s where my insecurities began taking over and just really started to deteriorate me mentally, emotionally and physically.”

Originally from South Sudan, Nosa, who has a rich, dark skin tone, came to the U.S. with her parents when she was 5 years old.

“Growing up in Sudan, everyone there has the same skin tone; no one points that out. And then, growing up in America, everyone has a different skin tone, so [my parents] wouldn’t, even if I had told them about it, there wouldn’t be any understanding. They wouldn’t really know how to deal with it,” she explains, saying that for this reason, she kept the bullying bottled up inside her.

But Nosa’s story is one of triumph and overcoming her insecurities. The Binghamton High School student, who joined Citizen U 4-H as a freshman, has been announced as the 2015 recipient of the 4-H Youth in Action Award, the highest honor in the organization.

Still, the humble teen says she’s still processing the fact that she was chosen for the award, which will also make her the recipient of a $10,000 scholarship to a college of her choosing.

This triumphant day might have not come if Nosa had let the bullying get to her. According to the teen, the torment got so bad and had such an impact on her, she would make up excuses so she wouldn’t have to go to school. “I didn’t want to wake up in the morning and go to school. I’d come up with excuses as to why I had stay home,” she acknowledges.

Right now the college-bound teen is hoping to study political science and international agriculture, her mind set on using her degrees to empower women in South Sudan.

“I know that agriculture just does not stop at farming … so I want to find a way to take agriculture and turn it into an education for the women of South Sudan and make that into a business, and hopefully by empowering the women, it empowers the entire community and makes a change and a difference to try and end the violence there,” Nosa tells The Root. “I like to travel, so I don’t think I’d ever stay in one place, so hopefully I’d be able to work in many other countries as well as South Sudan … I just want to travel and help people.”

The ambitious teen also hopes that her story can inspire other kids who want to do something to help their communities, showing them it is possible to effect change, even as youth.

“This generation, we can’t wait for the generations before us or the generations after us to make a change; it’s up to us if we want a better world for ourselves,” she points out.  “We need to stand up and we need to do something about it.”  

Read the full piece and watch the video here


‘Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones exposes racist harassment on Twitter

On Monday afternoon, the Ghostbusters star and Saturday Night Live cast member tweeted that she was tired of receiving constant harassing messages with overt racist and sexist imagery. Jones announced that she was going to stop blocking her Twitter harassers so that their tweets and comments could be seen publicly in order to expose their offensive nature. Almost immediately, her fans sprung into action. 

I know you have been eating curry since you were a little kid, but I don’t think you having just had it, because of cultural relevance, really appreciated it in the same way a foodie like me does.
—  Senior Business Major

Please spread the word about this. In my city (Savannah Georgia), the police took a young bipolar black man to jail after he had a mental health crisis (instead of the hospital, as his family wished) and while he was in custody, they used a taser on his testicles back in January. He died soon after. His name is Matthew Ajibade. Police hid the video of this from everyone, including his close family. Nobody has been charged for his murder, and it shows how police torturing innocent people (mainly people of color) is very common in America. Watch the video, read about it, and sign the petition here:

The Australian Government is considering restricting the sale of Vegemite in “dry” Aboriginal communities, i.e. communities where the government has already banned the sale of alcohol. Because it’s supposedly being used to brew moonshine in bathtubs. 

Any documentation of this? Nah, we just have to accept Nigel Scullion’s word that this is happening. And, unlike the celebrated narrative of white Americans fighting Prohibition, that this is a bad thing that needs to be quashed. We certainly shouldn’t take it as a sign that prohibition never actually fucking works, and that a safe, regulated supply of alcohol is much better than pushing people towards moonshine with a mystery concentration of ethanol and other, more toxic fermentation byproducts.

We *could* fund extra mental health resources to address the links between intergenerational racialised trauma, alcohol abuse, and interpartner violence. We *could* be a society where alcohol abuse is treated as symptomatic of illness, where the sufferer deserves compassion and respect.

But nah, much better to treat every Black person trying to buy a jar of nutritious spread as a potential criminal.

I can’t begin to express how much I hate this government.

I’m not here for some of y’all saying it would have been easier if Leslie Jones just ignored the parade of racism and misogyny flooding her twitter. PEOPLE.WERE.CALLING.HER.AN.APE. How could you possibly say it would have been “easier” to ignore all THAT? Especially since they KEPT HARASSING HER AND SENDING HER FAKE TWEETS TO DEMONIZE HER IMAGE.  She had every right to react, and yet she shouldn’t because they’re “trolls”? Um no? because in the end, the intention was to hurt Leslie. Do not downplay this disgusting behavior by slapping the word “troll” on it. Fuck this mindset bordering on white privilege. 

Stop telling black women how to react to racism. Stop telling us that we should hold our tongue when we’re being racially abused. 

It is not, at fucking all, easy for any black/pocs to just casually ignore racist abuse like that. Get that through your skull. 

can we please talk about how bellamy, pike, and jaha are the bad guys this season? and raven “needs to stop solving her problems by hopping into bed with guys”? and monty’s whole plot this season revolves around trying to soothe the heart of his best friend who has been verbally abusing him all season and he’s not allowed to feel emotions and “has to be” alright? can we please stop pretending the 100 isnt racist af?

If all of your main ships only contain white characters, take a step back and examine how you treat characters of color.

If all of your main ships only contain male characters, take a step back and examine how you treat female characters.

If all of your main ships only contain cis characters, take a step back and examine how you treat trans characters.

If all of your ships are M/M, and you don’t have a single F/F or even F/M ship… take a step back and examine how you treat female characters, especially non-straight female characters.

Stop thinking you’re being progressive for your white, cis M/M ships. If that’s all you’re shipping, you’re not.