racism on reddit

if ur being racist/misogynistic/ableist/transmisogynistic/etc. to troll… you are a racist/misogynist/ableist/transmisogynist/etc. There’s literally no difference. The material consequences are exactly the same. It still upholds structural oppression, it still harms oppressed groups of people, it still incites aggression in people who don’t hide under the guise of trolling … you are on their side. You are them and you encourage them.

Reddit post listing some of the shit JonTron said on stream


Yeah he’s just fucking digging himself into a hole and planning on filling it back up with horse manure


  • Defending Jim Crow laws and saying the lack of them is what’s causing Muslim riots in countries without it
  • Actually saying “white genocide” is a thing and putting the boom of nazism on that
  • Demonizing immigration by saying “what’s so bad about white remaining a majority” and “no one wants to be a minority
  • Invalidating existing oppression in America

Take a read, babes, and witness this pit JonTron has created for himself.

Disclaimer: If you still want to watch JonTron’s content, there’s no problem there. His content is great (most of the time) and I still watch it. He’s a bad person, not a bad content creator.


Like, I’m pretty sure if I (a white girl) got shot dead by cops and was unarmed no one would care about how shitty I was at Algebra in high school   

“But…But…she didn’t know higher maths! Failed physics too.”

“Ah, now her death means nothing and is 100% justifiable!”

WTF? This is mental.


TiA In Action.

“If we pretend what this black woman says is genuine and racist, that means we can say all the racist stuff about black people we secretly believe and still act like we have the moral high ground!”

In context, she was mocking a fascist who believes in white genocide:



Reddit users are firing back at this guy’s racist rant about staying in Washington Heights.

A Reddit user on vacation recently took to the website to trash Washington Heights, an enclave for Dominicans in New York City. He wrote (above in italics) about the noise, taking time to insult the neighborhood’s intelligence, education and safety.

Other users were quick to call him out and shut him down. They pointed out his entitlement and prejudices across several comments. Another user, dsm-vi, brilliantly acknowledged the man’s hypocrisy.

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Fallout 4 Companions’ Blogs

Hancock - super political, Feel the Bern, lots of quotes. pro-feminism and LBGT+ rights, anti-racism and general reddit fuckery. always getting into fights with anti-sjw types. refuses to take anon hate seriously. only posts about drug usage when giving advice on how to use safely or start a healthy recovery. gets a ton of messages about “wow I didn’t know u did drugs, ur so ~smart~!” and it really pisses him off

Nick - reblogs some of Hancock’s feminism and LGBT posts, but doesn’t really center his blog around it. will still drag anyone saying dumb shit though, snark lord master. mostly reblogs audio posts of 40s and 50s songs. makes his own posts that are reviews of noir / mystery / true crime books. fairly popular. his reviews of romance novels are wildly popular, much to his chagrin. secretly follows much more hardcore kink blogs but never reblogs anything because Ellie follows him and she can never know

Curie - lots of medical facts and helpful PSAs. has posts like “have you taken your medicine today” and “straighten your back. breathe deep. drink some water.” on queue. posts pictures of the cool plants and animals she sees out in the field. very late to memes. reblogs the oldest, most outdated ones and tags literally all of her friends to make sure they’ve “seen this adorable green frog!”

MacCready - couldn’t give less of a shit about all that political stuff. blogs about gaming, mostly first person shooters. lots of comic book stuff too. reblogs a few cosplay pics, secretly follows fitness blogs because he wants to cosplay as Grognak but thinks he’s too scrawny. also envy-follows Danse to try to figure out how the fuck he does that with like … his entire body. how. does he consist solely on raw eggs and protein shakes?? (*cough*thirsty*cough*)

Danse - all fitness, all the time. super pro-military. anti-sjw. and he’s only following all those buff muscle men for like, fitness reasons. the sweaty shirtless pics he reblogs are just for … motivation. to stay in shape. doesn’t realize he’s been reblogging from a gay porn blog until he sincerely reblogs a daddy kink post thinking it’s literally praising fathers. he suddenly gets 47 asks in his inbox about it, most of them filth from thirsty anons desperate to be “Topped” (he googles this and nearly deletes his blog when he realizes what he’s done)

Piper - shipper, unironic social justice warrior, makes a ton of callout posts. her blog is always filled with #drama. she ships people in real life and refuses to stop. runs a side blog dedicated to Valencock. reviews ALL the new media – tv shows, movies, books, everything and rates it based on number / treatment of PoC, women, LGBT+, and other minority characters. ultimately deems just about everything problematic, but a pretty good resource for figuring out if you want to watch that show or not

Deacon - nihilist meme shitlord. lots of spongebob memes. all of the audio posts are rickrolls until you click on one you’re expecting to be a rickroll and then it isn’t. reblogs lots of hilarious and #relatable posts about mental illness and college students wanting to Die™ but also posts about coping techniques too. how much is him just being funny and ironic? how much is sincere? how much is a cry for help? sometimes he gets concerned asks and just replies with *makes finger guns and changes the subject*

Cait - actually follows both Hancock and Danse. reblogs the stuff about using safely from Hancock and the fitness stuff from Danse. uploads lots of real life street fight videos. stars in most of them. secretly follows Steven Universe blogs. self-identifies with Jasper and hopes for a redemption arc. sends angry anons to people who write or draw porn of Steven x any gem. posts her locations with “meet me in x location for an ass kicking” and @’s Brony blogs

Preston - baby animals, positive suggestions, helpful life advice. a little too addicted to hack my life actually, but posts adorable pictures of him being blushy and cute with his big beautiful smile so no one minds. lots of nerdy history posts, frequently cosplays. very proud of his Minutemen uniform that he made himself. sometimes reblogs Deacon’s coping techniques and Curie’s daily reminders to take care of yourself. not actually as happy as his blog seems, but he’s trying hard and doing a lot better.

X6-88 - surprisingly, it’s almost entirely aesthetics. favors dark, neutral colors. landscapes, especially forest that look like some faerie shit is going on in there. no selfies on his blog anywhere. the only posts he makes himself read like facebook statuses and google searches. I don’t need a “bit” to tell me how fit I am. holy shit this is great. how to sync my tracker. how much sodium is recommended per day. how many murders is too many

Strong - fitness instructor who refuses to use technology. has a Nokia from the nineties with Snake on it. if he ever relents and gets an email address, it will be an aol account. thinks tumblr is a type of gymnastics.

more white people jokes

Why do white people burn in the sun?
Evil can’t stand the light.

What do you call a white person who hasn’t ruined everything he’s touched?
A failure.

How do you scare a white person?
Just walk towards him.

What’s the difference between gravity and a white man?
Gravity holds everyone down equally.

What do you call a white guy who’s beating someone in the street?

What’s the difference between white people and yogurt?
If you leave yogurt alone for 200 years it will develop its own culture.

Why are hurricanes always named after white people?
Because white people destroy everything.

How many white people does it take to screw in a light bulb?
All of them: one to hold the bulb in place, and the rest of them to screw the whole world.

Why did the white man cross the road?
To steal your land.

What do you yell when you see a white guy running down the street with a TV?
Sir! Sir! You dropped your receipt!

How many white cops does it take to push a black man down the stairs?
None. He fell.

What’s the white man’s favorite hobby?

What’s the best way to piss a white person off?
Call them a racist.

What is the difference between a white man and a snake?
One is a vile, slithering servant of hell. The other is a snake.

– sourced from various reddit threads

The problem is that cops aren’t held accountable for their actions, and they know it. These officers violate rights with impunity. They know there’s a different criminal justice system for civilians and police.

Even when officers get caught, they know they’ll be investigated by their friends, and put on paid leave. My colleagues would laughingly refer to this as a free vacation. It isn’t a punishment. And excessive force is almost always deemed acceptable in our courts and among our grand juries.