racism list

  • racist people when a white character gets switched to a minority: why are they forcing diversity :\ :\ why does everything have to be 'diverse' these days??
  • racist people when a minority character gets switched to white: why are SJWs bitching about this :\ :\ why can't they accept that moviemakers are casting based on talent??
  • racist people when a canonically minority character is played by a minority: tbh i never pictured them that way :\ :\ where does it say in the book that they look like this??
Understand that
  • your blog is not a safe space
  • your non-binary gender isn’t valid
  • you have not been, are not, nor will be a 16-bit-video-game-fox-created-by-NintendoKin
  • Squirtle is the best starter
  • feminism is a corrupted movement to gain lazy entitlements
  • white, cis, hetero men aren’t inherently terrible


Yo everyone go report SaveUnicorn on twitter as they have continually been homophobic (they ship cl*lec (and apparently Matherine), and when being politely educated, went on to denounce and insult the entire lgbt community (also they believe in heterophobia)) and racist (calling Magnus Bane ugly, acting like he’s not worth Alec’s love and then separately going on to say that they hate Chinese people and stereotyping them (saying they eat dogs etc.) and also wished death on them.

They continually talk over minorities and are a toxic person in general.  

I’mma tag a couple of unrelated shadowhunters tags because I think we can all agree that this is not the type of person we want in our fandom (sorry if my crosstagging annoys you, I just need to get the message across)

They tried to excuse their homophobia with the excuse “I ship lgbt couples too”

 warning: some graphic content is on the account

When you hate ace and aro ppl so much you will cheerfully engage in and/or ignore all kinds of -isms the moment doing otherwise becomes inconvenient for shitting on aces and aros.

People tell you over and over not to erase aces and aros belonging to various oppressed groups? Cool, let’s call them a privileged fandom with No Real Problems and never condemn that shit afterwards either.

People tell you sexualizing a-spec orientations by calling them “TMI” is harmful and that it’s incredibly out of line and gross to lecture aces and aros about how they shouldn’t talk about their identities or only under very specific circumstances? And that it among other things adds to the racism and racialized misogyny they may experience? Well huh interesting, 99% of the time let’s either still not acknowledge the problem or add to it and maybe even outright mock the ppl who are being harmed for complaining.

Also I’ve not forgotten when ppl screenshotted harmless posts of mine and did it so at least a number of ppl would have seen (but didn’t do anything and in a few cases even joined in), and how in at least one case I got repeatedly mocked for being “incoherent” in the notes. Apparently screenshotting ppl’s posts just so you can talk about them behind their back and mock them is great and acceptable, and making fun of a neurodivergent WoC’s supposed lack of eloquence and not giving a shit about her anxiety is hilarious.

Oh, and then there was way back when I first got involved in “the discourse”, when ppl were saying nasty dehumanzing shit about aros and how we just use ppl (claiming it was only about “het aro men”), totally not harmful to aros at all, especially those of us belonging to various additional marginalized groups.

Ohhh, or how about when the anti-”ace tumblr” crowd tried super hard to erase PoC in the ace and aro communities, and you constantly had white ppl on the “exclusion” side talking over us and making vile racism comparisons where we were totally like racists for being on the “inclusion” side (according to these racists, ironically). Also guess how often when I called out this kind of racism I got support from ppl on the “exclusion” side. I understand ppl don’t see everything but I called out and talked about this shit so many times and argued with some (white) bloggers I’m pretty sure had a decent amount of followers. And then there were the times I got told to not tokenize myself, to shut up, and/or assumed to be white when after the first time it happened I’d made it as easy as can be for ppl to be able to find that I’m not.

Which I mean, can you see why I’m extra pissed about this “privileged fandom” thing so many ppl supported? Can you see why I’m so tired of all this anti-ace and anti-aro crap coming with racism, misogyny, ableism, etc.? Of constantly being erased and harmed by ppl whose priorities don’t include nearly at all the well being of various oppressed groups the moment these groups’ members associate with “ace tumblr” or seem like they can be used against the ace and aro communities?

So yeah, the part of tumblr busy shitting on “ace tumblr”? Has zero moral high ground and is full of racism, ableism, racialized misogyny and other vile shit, and many ppl there are too busy shitting on the ace and aro communities to find the time (or interest) to address or even acknowledge toxic harmful crap coming from ppl they actually give a damn about

Black people shouldn’t...

- feel unloved

- be underestimated

- be put down

- be profiled

- feel inadequate

- feel inferior

- be beaten up

- be shamed for the color of their skin 

- be shamed for the appearance of their natural hair

- be treated differently than others in any type of media

- have to hunt for jobs more than other people

- feel like they’re always in danger

- have to protect themselves from law enforcement

- be paid less than other humans

- feel like they’re not represented enough in the media

- have to teach their children to fear the police

- be pushed aside

- have to justify a movement to make it legitimate (#BlackLivesMatter)

  • Parents: Why are you so hateful towards white people?
  • Me: *unfurls list* Systematic racism, white privilege, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, the KKK, etc...
  • Parents: Why are you so hateful towards men?
  • Me: *unfurls list* Sexism, misogyny, patriarchy, privilege, etc...
  • Parents: Why are you so hateful?
  • Me: You gave birth to a salty kid and release her into a world of hate, fear-mongering, and ignorance what do you expect

I am so fucking sick and tired of this site sometimes, no on second thought…I’m sick and tired of people.
Lets get a few things straight, that has been bothering the shit out of me.

*clears throat*


- you CAN be sexist toward men

- you CAN be classist towards rich people

you CAN discriminate against cis people

- you CAN be racist towards white people

- you CAN propagate for equality and choose to not identify as a feminism

- you CAN disagree with both MRA, feminists AND be a great human being.


Thank you and Goodnight

an incomplete list of things my dad has done
  • gotten into a car because somebody drove past and shouted ‘alright kev’
  • shouted ‘ya bastARD’ at 3.00 am when he came in from work and fell over his work boots
  • replied ‘yeah’ to the question ‘tea or coffee’ twice, then got annoyed he got tea
  • complained that the menus were french in a french restaurant
  • was making bread, punched it while kneading and got an oat stuck in his thumbnail
  • doesnt scream on rollercoasters, just white knuckle grips onto the handles and shouts whooooAAAAhH with increasing volume
  • hates rollercoasters but continues to ride them
  • for three years him and his mate were called ‘Pot Noodle’ and ‘Little Kev’. no explanation given
  • refers to his dog as ‘the big man’
  • came home and informed us he’d bought 2000 bees
  • shouts ‘go on my son’ when watching any sports game. could be golf
  • bought a play station to play a golf game. also bought a ds for the same reason
  • has owned version of fifa from 2006-2014, gets stick from my grandad for playing ‘crap games’. he takes them very seriously and some times excitedly tells me if he wins the league
  • when he was 8 he had a girlfriend and announced it to my nan by sliding a note under the bathroom door
  • complained some chinese was censored on sky news bc it didnt matter as he couldnt speak chinese
  • had his police hat stolen only to be placed on top of the large metal jaguar at the Jaguar garage       
List of uncool things from today

1. “Still trying to figure out how to deal with The Transgender.”
2. Being misgendered.
3. “So when will you have the actual surgery?”
4. That guy with the “white power” and confederate flag patch in my store.

It’s just the little things in life (-:

Okay, but where is this intense hatred when it comes to ZAYN being called a terrorist, receiving death threats, thinly (but not really) veiled racism, OUTRIGHT racism, the list goes on and on. People tend to be MIA, which I always find interesting. No one HAS to be offended on Zayn’s behalf. But, I find it hypocritical what this fandom will and will not speak up about. Racism is the norm. And I think that is fucking disgusting.