racism is never funny

Stop falling for low-key racist white boys 2k17

I’m gonna say a quick something, because we’ve had a few messages about it: There was recently a fanfiction in the AO3 McHanzo tag that had not only a racist title, but contained a lot of casual racism for purposes of humour. This fic described Hanzo using slur words for people from China, for starters, and generally a lot of other… not great stuff.

The fic has since been deleted, but a quick reminder to our community: PLEASE be more careful with these things. Everyone understands that from certain authors and viewpoints, certain plots will be used for certain purposes, such as creating conflict within the plot, etc. But racism is NEVER a tool for humour. Racism is not funny. 

Lately I’ve seen several posts on here say something along the lines of ‘These (insert majority) need to stop using the word reverse-racism when they’re talking about racism’. 

I’m not talking about the done-to-death question of ‘why do people act like reverse-racism exists?????’ either. I’m talking about those who think people are unironically using that term when they argue that racism against white people is a thing.

which is funny because I’ve literally never heard the words “reverse racism” being used by anyone outside of this website/progressive news outlets. People just normally say racism. The only people I’ve seen using “reverse-racism" are the same ones who like to say racism against white people doesn’t exist.

this is the bullshit happening on Mercer University’s campus right now. I could go off on a rant of how this is a big deal (believe me, I already have), but you know what? It was probably only one or two students that did this, and the only thing they really wanted was a reaction. I’m not going to give them one. Some of my fellow students on the other hand…

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You know, I look at all the fan art, and "real life gifs," and despite the fact the MC is from Oriens/Japan. Asian girls just aren't pretty enough. It's understandable that white girls are the ideal beauty.

I disagree with this 500% percent. In fact, both you and this message are shit. I don’t know if this is your idea of a joke, but racism is never funny or respectable. Please unfollow me and take your trashy ass off my blog.

PS white girls are not the ideal definition of beauty and will NEVER be. Beauty is undefined and unclassified.