racism is never funny

Stop falling for low-key racist white boys 2k17

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Not a big fan of dark humor, huh? No Hitler jokes or racist jokes aimed at people not to offend them but just to get a laugh?

Well this blog is run by a Jewish woman and a black man so a Hitler or racist joke wouldn’t go over very well, no. Unless the joke is at the expense of Hitler or a racist.

Newsflash Rebecca racism and antisemetism have never been funny.

this is the bullshit happening on Mercer University’s campus right now. I could go off on a rant of how this is a big deal (believe me, I already have), but you know what? It was probably only one or two students that did this, and the only thing they really wanted was a reaction. I’m not going to give them one. Some of my fellow students on the other hand…


Sorry not cropped but… I genuinely fear for my parents’ generation because these fucking “porcupine-human hybrids” are going to be taking care of them

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You know, I look at all the fan art, and "real life gifs," and despite the fact the MC is from Oriens/Japan. Asian girls just aren't pretty enough. It's understandable that white girls are the ideal beauty.

I disagree with this 500% percent. In fact, both you and this message are shit. I don’t know if this is your idea of a joke, but racism is never funny or respectable. Please unfollow me and take your trashy ass off my blog.

PS white girls are not the ideal definition of beauty and will NEVER be. Beauty is undefined and unclassified.