racism in trans communities

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About the previous ask, thank you for the swift response. that's dreadful. Do they know that most polytheists don't even have that agenda? That some of us come from ethnic backgrounds ourselves? That our reasons would be for love of the gods, not to promote hatred. If anything, they are not true polytheists, they are terrorists just like any other terrorists there are in the world right now. Also correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think /ancient/ religions promote hatred in any way or form?

White supremacists are definitely aware that the majority of pagans and polytheists oppose their agenda. They’ve been confronted by organizations like Pagans Against Racism and Heathens United Against Racism. The reports of many pagans and polytheists recently resulted in one racist, misogynist, homophobic and transphobic Heathen group being banned from Facebook for offensive behavior. Many Big Name Pagans blog against hate on platforms such as Patheos and polytheist.com. Here at Tumblr, the Valkyrie Squad was created to combat racism, sexism, misogyny, ableism, homophobia and trans-phobia in the Heathen community. Many of us, including me, have encountered racists interested in Hellenic, Roman, Kemetic and Celtic religion here at Tumblr, and confronted them with the knowledge that their views are not held by the majority.

By and large, the prejudices of the ancient world were different than ours. But make no mistake: ancient cultures were often xenophobic and took for granted that people from other cultures could be bought and sold as slaves. That perception was based on cultural superiority, not skin color. Yet we also know that people traveled widely, and married people from distant places. Large, multicultural cities embraced a wide range of religions from many lands. While some cultures rejected gay or trans individuals, some religious cults welcomed them. Mainstream religious festivals commonly invited everyone to participate, though some ritual activities were open only to women or to men.

But there is no question that our gods love ALL humanity. They created the universe and all life. The gods encourage everyone to practice virtue, to love whom we will, to practice hospitality and welcome strangers. The gods do not restrict their calls, their attention, or their benevolence to people of any one race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual preference, gender identity and expression, ability, mental and physical health, age, financial means, level of education, or political perspective.

The majority of modern pagans and polytheists don’t seek to replicate the cultures of of antiquity. Few people fetishize ancient cultures to the extent that they reject modern medicine, or refuse modern hygiene and sanitation. In the same way, most modern pagans and polytheists reject xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism, and support humanity’s historic trend towards more freedoms for more people, and peace between nations.

Racists come up with all sorts of delusional rhetoric to support their views, and to disparage those who oppose hate. For instance, they accuse anti-racist pagans and polytheists of being “contaminated” by Judeo-Christian teachings on sin and morality. White nationalists justify their beliefs about racial purity with pseudo-science, and subscribe to “alternative facts” about history. They reject any suggestion that their gods call people who aren’t white to worship them, and say such people are “delusional.” They certainly don’t study the Delphic Maxims, the Laws of Ma'at, or the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius - and if they did, they would only disparage these great moral and ethical teachings as “slave morality”. You’re right, Anon - they are like any other terrorists in the world right now, seeking to spread their hateful views through intimidation and violence.

Today, we are challenged by prejudice from mainstream religions, assaults by atheists, and attempts by white supremacists to appropriate our gods to promote their hate-filled messages. Our response must be to maintain our focus on our gods and our community. There is no reason for any one person to shoulder the responsibility to resist hate all alone. Let us respect and assist other pagans and polytheists of good will, because we are allies in this conflict. Let us remember to take care of our physical and spiritual selves, so we have strength for the long haul. And let us worship and share our love for our gods, because they’ve been through worse than this, and persisted through the centuries. The gods are our source of strength and solace in difficult times and situations, and they take pride in the diverse communities we create and maintain.

May our conduct always find favor with our gods, and may our communities be blessed!


“Transracial” is not a thing. Justifying Rachel Dolezal’s actions by saying that she either A) had good intentions or B) is mentally ill are no excuses and she shouldn’t not get a free pass to be that racist either way. And comparing her to Caitlyn Jenner is just plain disrespecful to Jenner and the trans community. Period.

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i'd be interested in reading more about how fem gays are targeted more even in queer-friendly communities, esp if you have anything about how trans men fit into that dynamic?

”Congrats you inspired me to do some Pseudo-Archiving Work, cuz the posts I’m about to collect and link to were super important to me when I read them. The “cyber-librarian” thing in my bio isn’t for nothing ;)

A collection of posts in a series on homophobia against gay men within “queer” communities, including how it relates to transmisogyny, trans men, racism, toxic community politics, non-binary identity, the gay/queer splintering, cross-communal critique, And More~~:

So Jae Bearhat ( @fussybabybitch​ )  has written a lot on this subject, including how trans men fit into it in an extent. These posts are in a lot of ways collaborations with anonymous askers who share their experiences and Jae provides their thoughts back again. A lot of Jae’s fans who write in are gay trans men so even though Jae is not a trans man that perspective is integrated in some ways. Others have written on this as well but I think Jae does it in a pretty accessible way. Some of these posts are in conversation with other users, directly and indirectly, most notably @softtrade​ (formerly bitterpunktrash, thus why Jae refers to her as “BPT”). I’ve tried my best to get these in chronological order and not miss anything but because of how people tend to write these things on tumblr it’s likely that some things may be missing which are relevant. (#InternetArchivingIsHard)

So anyway, each link is the first few phrases of the post followed by ellipses. Please click through to read the full post. There are many occasions where Jae disagrees with the asker. I’m not endorsing any particular person so much as compiling a conversation that happened publicly for your consideration. At first I will specify who responds but at a certain point every post is an ask so assume the post being linked to is Jae’s response.

“if yr general all purpose queer event doesn’t actly include gay boys…”

“Similarly, if yr event is branded as ‘queer and trans’…”

“ gay dudes can be & tend to be absolutely awful but the constant positioning of them as inherently regressive is lil more then a sleight of hand…“

ninetofivejobdysonasshole said: it’s all turned into a pissing contest over who is The Queerest. frankly the anti-Gay Cis Man thing has irked me from day one…“

“Anonymous asked: No disrespect but what queer spaces are there that don’t hold gay men as priority 1″ Both Jae Bearhat and Softtrade respond

“Anonmous asks: tbh, this feels like a fucked up thing of me to think, but sometimes i feel like NB or Agender peeps are trans-males who don’t want to associate w/ all the negative connotations behind being ‘male…’” Jae responds

“queers seem really reluctant to the idea of “gay men” having complicated gender identities…“

“softtrade: should I identify as an invert y/y…“ Jae responds

“anonymous asks: mind if i ask what it means to be an invert?” Jae responds, at one point noting nonbinary identity as hostile to them

“anonymous asks: in what way was nonbinary identity hostile to people like you?” Jae responds

“anonymous asks: okay as kind of an enabler of the whole "queer” being hostile to cis gay men and that culture (despite being a really dude-liking bi man myself) i want to try to reconcile that stuff somehow”

“ sleepyshibe asks: I’m under the impression that a lot of malice towards cis gay men amongst the queer community is that they tend to be in the limelight more often than anyone else…”

“anonymous asks: “your placement in queer scenes is kind of contingent on being a girlfucker” really hit a note with me even though I am not a man and primarily not into men….”

“anonymous asks: i’ve been reading thru your post you made about Queer Subculture having a disgust of gay male stuff and its like… explaining so much. that i’ve experienced. i am a gay trans man who only recently stopped identifying as not-man but i’ve already had several uncomfy experiences trying to go to very ‘queer’ trans meetups & discussion turning into how awful gay men are (usually specifying cis & white but ending up covering things that apply… to all gay men.)…”

“anonymous asks: Ok so queer is inherently different than gay. Fucking men is bad, but because it does not want be queer. That sucks. You can be queer and fuck dudes but not gay first and queer second. Do you feel that these “communities” hold each other back by not getting along and assimilating?”

That’s where Jae’s writings end on this, at least on tumblr. Softtrade has also done a lot more analysis of this but they aren’t all in a convenient chronological chain of reference like Jae’s were, so I can’t compile them all for you.

Bonus: Anonymous Asks: “Will Trans Men Ever Be Accepted As Gay Men?”

I also have my own thoughts and experiences I’ve kinda ranted about a bunch, some on here and some on my private twitter, but this post is long enough as is.

hey y'all ive decided to make a short documentary on trans people!! and I’m not talking about just trans boys and girls, I’m talking all over the spectrum. I’m looking for insight into the trans community as well as people to interview, either in person or via Skype call. ive seen many trans documentaries that have only white trans folks, so I’m mostly looking for tpoc to gather further insight into the subject of racism within the trans community and what it means to be trans and poc.
if you are or know anyone who is trans and in the south jersey or Philly area who wants to be interviewed OR is willing to be interviewed over Skype OR you’re willing to make some statements over email/text email me @ olliegraff@gmail.com and we can further discuss
this is really important to me as a trans person to get out voices out there so even if you don’t know anyone a signal boost would be more than helpful

What MRAs should be doing

Building shelters and setting up support systems for male abuse victims

Building shelters and support systems for gay and trans boys and men 

Challenging their communities about racism that MOC face 

Destigmatizing male rape and abuse survivors so that they can recieve justice as well as creating an environment where more survivors are not afraid to seek justice 

Supporting feminine men and men who express their emotions

Supporting men who have mental illnesses

Supporting men with disabilities 

Creating male body-positivity 

What MRAs should not be doing:

Harassing feminists

Complaining about having to pay for dates

Asking feminists to do their work for them and appropriating feminist campaigns and movements

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I'm trans and I'm happy for Alabama. I know a lot of gay people who are celebrating right now, who fight for trans rights. Don't you dare paint everyone in the gay community with the same brush. Have some fucking faith.

One) I am ALSO trans and I am ALSO happy for Alabama queers. Really, truly.

B. I dare many things. 

III - I don’t feel like such faith has been earned. Cis gays and cis queers have thrown trans people, specifically trans women, under the bus every chance they could. They climbed their way to cis-het respectability by climbing on the piled bodies of trans women. 

4) When I start hearing rich, white, cis gays start agitating for addressing things like the critical homelessness problem, employment/home/medical discrimination against trans people, racism in LGBTQIA community, AND THE ROUTINE, CONSTANT AND UNSOLVED MURDER OF TRANS WOMEN OF COLOR IN THIS COUNTRY, maybe I’ll have a little fucking faith. 

But I’m not holding my breath

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As someone who recently discovered that I am a demiboy, Your recent posts made me realize that I probably still have some ingrained transphobia that I don't even know about, despite this discovery. After all, knowing my gender doesn't erase years of being brainwashed by society. How should I go about unlearning the transphobia so that I don't have to keep unintentionally hurting myself and others, and hating myself for doing it?


narrated by Mod Virgil

People on the street, look at those people.  Pick something out about each one of them.  Compliment them in your head using “they/them” pronouns to unlearn assuming pronouns based on appearance.

Every time you see a picture of a trans person, specifically trans PoC and trans women, compliment them.  Remind yourself how beautiful they are.  Drill it into your head that they are amazing and lovely and rad and use their pronouns each time.

Listen to more marginalized trans people.  Seriously.  Listen to trans women and trans-feminine dmabs who discuss transmisogyny.  Listen to trans PoC who talk about racism in the trans community.  Listen.  Always.  

Take the word “passing” and burn it. Never use it again unless discussing cis-passing privilege.   Take the concept and flush it down the damn toilet.

Call out your friends and family(if you are safe to) when they make transphobic statements, jokes, or misgender someone.  Every time.  

When consuming media, look at the transmisogynistic instances in it(trust me, almost every show and movie has a transmisogynistic gag/scene), do not excuse them.  Think about why they are transmisogynistic.

Just be critical of everything you consume.

Read stories written by trans people, stories that have trans characters who aren’t shitty tropes.  Normalize the idea of trans people in your mind.  

Ask everyone you meet what their pronouns are.  Actively remember that anyone, regardless of presentation, pronouns, etc could be trans.

Pee on cis people

-Mod Virgil

Emotional labour and the pink collar: white women in social services, commitments to "social justice", and their work with marginalized communities

Making this its own post because the situations keep getting worse and more offensive.

I’m a white cis woman, just as a reminder, but I’m entering social work spaces for the first time as a worker, and as a worker who is an out lesbian and sex worker who advocates strongly for both communities as well as houseless LGBT youth/sex workers and the intersections there.

And my experiences with white straight women professionals in social services has been almost uniformly TERRIBLE.

They expect minorities to do the work of emotional care taking for them. Even former sex workers do this.

They pay lip service to anti-oppression ideals and anti-racism (in certain cases like, LOUD lip service) without ever taking the steps that would make them inclusive. They reject job applications from poc because they don’t have “enough experience” even though we all know and understand that because of systemic oppression it’s harder for people of color to access the professional education and experience that these white woman gate keepers are looking for, so they only hire more white women. But only the right type of white woman.
And if I (or other people) tried to bring this up, it was always an individual problem, it wasn’t the agencies in question’s policies, it was just that THIS ONE PERSON wasn’t qualified. Over and over and over again.

They prioritize the emotional comfort of white straight cis women over the safety and freedom of expression of women of color, of trans women, of sex workers, and of queer women who aren’t primarily in partnerships with cis men.

People who question this are accused of bullying, attacking, and if we don’t back down, we’re reported as “unsafe” and our concerns are shut down along with our jobs.

White women, especially white straight cis women, won’t EVER sit with their discomfort. “I think it’s really great how comfortable you are with voicing your opinions, but I don’t like how your opinions make me feel.”

They force other people to do the emotional labour of soothing them. They make their discomfort with their own racism, homophobia, and trans phobia the problem of those respective communities and frame it as an issue of bullying, of individual minorities being mean to the poor lil white lady social workers.

And nothing ever changes. Their social justice values are bullshit. Their ethics are hollow. It is really, really, total bullshit.

These spaces, even though they’re supposed to be welcoming, safe spaces, they still are infected by the ills that all other spaces are - racism and misogyny and elitism and classism, academia jargon and all of this stuff. These spaces aren’t immune. If you come into these spaces knowing that and your job is to come in and make it a better space.
—  janetmock on finding community as a trans person, especially when not all LGBTQ spaces are inclusive to trans people. Listen at wearecitizenradio.com or on tumblr here.
A magazine for black women!

I want to make a magazine for black girls/women. But I have to pitch it to a room full of people who won’t get how important it is.

We need something by really by us and really for us in the media. And, we need it to thrive. I can sense that just in my small corner of the internet. All my black girl friends see it too.

This magazine will encompass everything we talk about. From pop culture to social issues such as sexism, racism, colorisim, trans/homo/bi-phobia in our communities and outside our communities. I want personal perspectives from black women from all walks of life and all around the world.

Please reblog and like this if you feel the same. I feel like this could turn into something real and exciting.

There are even some people on here I want to include like onyourtongue with an African-European perspective and katblaque with her trans perspective and theijeoma with how her heritage inspires her poetry. I need women of African descent with powerful thoughts that are constantly teaching us.

blackwomenconfessions‘s popularity is proof that we need a safe space for ourselves. It’s the kind of thing that I would feature because it’s the kind of thing that has inspired me.

ourafricafedupblackwoman , themelancholyblackwoman , (@ I made a friend here and I can’t find her url… Deborah who wants to make movies if you see this!). If anyone has interest, like and reblog please I need notes. Tag people who may be interested I’m having a brain fart rn!!

*anti-sjw voice* third wave feminism is bad bc it’s all about shaving your head and dying your hair and fat girls demanding respect and affording rapists and harrassers no mercy and including trans women and recognizing the inherent racism in the feminist community

*anti-sjw voice* don’t they know that women have it worse in (cross-checks notes on hand with blogger’s country)… this rural african town census from 1998???????? checkmate feminazis :)