racism in peru

this is some problematic shit.

I’m working on making new clothes & searched “peruvian women’s clothing” for inspiration. Got as far as typing “peruvian women” when I noticed some incredibly messed results in the drop-down. Of course, the wikipedia page on Peruvian Women is listed fourth, ironically chronicling the shittiness Peruvian women experience, work that is essentially invisible & lacking value, low representation in positions of power, machismo culture, forced sterilization of poor & indigenous women, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, GENITAL MUTILATION, AND some of the highest MATERNAL DEATH RATES.

but you know … that’s not nearly as important as whether or not they’ll let you fuck them with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

All they wanna talk about is whether or not Peruvian women are EASY, UGLY, SCAMMERS, ATTRACTIVE, SEXY … and low and behold, comes to the conclusion that you can talk normally to these EXOTIC people. This same author in a different article also calls Peruvian women “manipulative” and will subject you to “weird cultural stuff”, like having social gatherings & meeting their family. THE POOR GUY WAS FORCED TO TALK TO PERUVIAN FAMILIES !!!!!

But he is “experienced with Peru and its women”, so … you know, trust him.

Our ethnicity is not your porn category, you sad shit. WE ARE NOT FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION.


Portraits of Peruvian Women

Posting this because I’m tired of seeing Peruvians discriminating against one another and ignoring the fact that our country is a multiethnic one and that no matter how different our skin color and features are we are all 100% Peruvians.