racism enablers


Step 1: never ever say anything about anti-black racism

Step 2: tone police the “angry black people” when we complain about racism or racist white people

Step 3: use false equivalencies to equate hurt white feelings to black pain & suffering

Step 4: paternalistically say “you’re really not helping your case”

Step 5: play the misunderstood victim who was only trying to help

Let me make something very clear here. 

If y’all Sanvers/Maggie stans could separate the character Maggie from the actress and be able to have critical opinions about the character  AND would self - police your fandom and people who couldn’t you wouldn’t be seeing all this “hate” [criticism isn’t hate] in your tags.

I like Maggie Sawyer as a character. I also like Sanvers as a ship. I’d like both the ship and the character more if it was actual representation for QWOC but either way I still like them both.

However I’m not gonna let my enjoyment of the character and the ship mean that I am dismissing and probably trying to silence the rightful anger of my fellow QWOC or Queer woman aligned people of color at the fact that once again all we have representation wise is two white women. Like yay the lesbian representation is great but the whiteness is ever constant and grating.

It being okay that Floriana Lima, a white woman, is playing an admitted WoC is not gonna be the hill I fucking die on just because I like the ship and the character. 

I am not gonna be an enabler of racism, and that’s what whitewashing is racism, just because I like a ship and the character.

And if y’all could do this then you wouldn’t have to see people like me in your tags, but you can’t or at least you don’t want to so here we are and we aren’t going anywhere.

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White supremacism through the collapse of Jim Crow was a conservative movement centered on a state-sanctioned anti-Blackness that sought to maintain a racist status quo. The White nationalist movement that evolved from it in the 1970s was a revolutionary movement that saw itself as the vanguard of a new, whites-only state. This latter movement, then and now, positions Jews as the absolute other, the driving force of white dispossession—which means the other channels of its hatred cannot be intercepted without directly taking on antisemitism.

Contemporary antisemitism, then, does not just enable racism, it also is racism, for in the White nationalist imaginary Jews are a race—the race—that presents an existential threat to Whiteness. Moreover, if antisemitism exists in glaring form at the extreme edge of political discourse, it does not exist in a vacuum; as with every form of hateful ideology, what is explicit on the margins is implicit in the center, in ways we have not yet begun to unpack. This means the notion that Jews long ago and uncontestably became White folks in the U.S.—became, in effect, post-racial—is a myth that we must dispel.

Antisemitism, I discovered, is a particular and potent form of racism so central to White supremacy that Black people would not win our freedom without tearing it down.

Eric Ward, “Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism,” Political Research Associates


if what makes you angry is marginalized people calling out oppression

and not the oppression itself

your priorities couldn’t be any clearer

The fact that oppressed people can’t make a single angry statement about their oppressors without being asked to clarify they didn’t mean literally everyone in that group just in case they hurt someone’s feelings blows my fucking mind.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings by pointing out that you’re part of a group that benefits from the dehumanisation of others.

I guess I was just too busy being actively dehumanised to care.

Not all Trump supporters are racist, misogynist, xenophobes. All Trump supporters saw a racist, misogynist, xenophobe and said “this is an acceptable person to lead our country.”

You may not have racist, misogynist, xenophobic intent, but you have had racist, misogynist, xenophobic impact.

Impact > intent.

So when you get called racist, misogynist, and xenophobic – understand that your actions have enabled racism, misogyny, and xenophobia in the highest halls of our federal government, regardless of why you voted for him.

You have to own this. You don’t get to escape it because your feelings are hurt that people are calling you names. You may have felt like you had no other choice; you may have felt like he was genuinely the best choice for reasons that had nothing to do with hate.

But you have to own what you have done: you have enabled racism, misogyny, and xenophobia.

Impact > intent. Always.

—  Phillip Howell 

anonymous asked:

Do you believe that white people can stand up and say black lives matter and talk about police brutality alongside the black people that are already talking about it? or Are they supposed to keep their mouths shut?

I believe that all people of varying races should stand up and use their voices to speak on matters that greatly impacts the survival an entire community. So yes, white people can and should stand up. Should they say black lives matter? Definitely because black lives do matter and we live in a society that has forgotten such truth. Being silent in situations of social injustice sends two signals although it may not be intended your silence is interpreted as such:

  • You do not support us. 
  • You do not support racist people. 

The problem with that, is by saying you do not support us you are indirectly  aligning yourself with that of the oppressor. The silence that you exhibit enables racism. 

White people are privilege and the black community implores y’all to use that privilege to speak up because existing in a society where you are deemed less is very difficult when trying to get your point across as we are marginalized and muted. Please use that white privilege to help influence those around you when it comes to matters of social injustice as those who are opposed by the words voiced by a black person may be find those exact words more accepting when being voiced by a white person. 

I hope this answered your question x 

Fuck white people







This is why beating Trump is more important than just beating a horrible candidate. Trump’s use of racism is enabling fellow racists to be as offensive as possible.

anonymous asked:

ok listen can you stop with the anti trump stuff I voted for him and im not a hateful or bigoted person

No I will not

pass this on
“Not all Trump supporters are racist, misogynist, xenophobes,homophobes. However, all Trump supporters saw a racist, misogynist, xenophobe,homophobe and said “this is an acceptable person to lead our country.”

You may not have racist, misogynist, xenophobic,homophobic intent, but you have had racist, misogynist, xenophobic,homophobic impact.  

Impact > intent. 

So when you get called racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and homophobic – understand that your actions have enabled racism, misogyny, and xenophobia, and homophobia in the highest halls of our federal government, regardless of why you voted for him.

You have to own this. You don’t get to escape it because your feelings are hurt that people are calling you names. You may have felt like you had no other choice; you may have felt like he was genuinely the best choice for reasons that had nothing to do with hate.

But you have to own what you have done: you have enabled racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia.

Impact > intent. Always”

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they may be typical white boys but in no way does it exclude them from punishment for using a racist slur. that slur was born in hatred and every time a white person says it, its a slur. stop trying to make yourself feel good about liking them still even though theyre problematic. you are enabling racism by excusing a big problem

Everyone is problematic. And of course I won’t stop liking them for a thing like that, I won’t excuse them either, and I honestly don’t give a shit about making myself feel better because I don’t feel bad in the first place.

I simply don’t expect them to be perfect. I’m simply not surprised by it. Louis goes around throwing ‘westside’ here and there, he thinks he’s a tough guy, he thinks he’s gangsta somehow, or some shit like that (which I think he does half-ironically and half-seriously) so this doesn’t come as a surprise to me, it was about time he used a word like that to feel ‘cool’ or whatever he thinks that makes him.

But I also judge the intentions, I know no one should use ‘nig’ ‘nigga’ or any other version of the ‘n word’ because of its history, and I know I never used it and I’ll never even dream of using it; but hip hop culture took that word and changed it, rivindicated it somehow, and Louis made the big mistake of using it in that conception. Of course he’s not allowed to, since he’s not a poc and it’s not empowering for him, but he clearly doesn’t realize it, and I won’t treat him like he’s satan incarnate for glamourazing hip hop culture and appropriating of a word he’s not allowed to use. Just because it makes him feel tough, or because he wants to look like a douchebag I’m not sure. I’ll just scrowl at him from here and perhaps I’d ask for an apology, but I won’t act like the world ended because of it… I would fucking punch the shit out of him if he directed it towards someone tho… but he wasn’t doing that, it was just the act of an ignorant white boy who thinks he’s the shit because he quite embarrassingly tries to imitate some rapper or another. He makes me cringe and shake my head, and he makes me feel embarrassed for him, but he doesn’t make me hate him. He should be educated about it, but I’m not sure he’d get it, as Liam didn’t get it when he fucked up with the Duck Dynasty thingy.

If you think black people can be racist against white people, unfollow me.

If you think black people talking out about white people is racism, unfollow me.

If you don’t believe that a white person can’t enable racism through their silence instead of calling people out, unfollow me.

Basically, if you’re a piece of shit, unfollow me.

geekandmisandry  asked:

Ugh Kat, racism only exists if you let it. You personally. You. Kat Blaque. You are personally enabling all racism ever apparently. Have you tried NOT allowing racism to exist? Give that a try, but also never mention racism. Seems pretty simple.


I feel so powerful


We as a country have to get beyond our fixation centered on the racism of individuals and actually look at the racism of institutions.
—  Ben Jealous: The association sued an entire city in Los Angeles county, for housing discrimination two years ago and it was like crickets from the national media. They just didn’t want to talk about it. Each time that one of these things happens, there seems to be an inverse relationship in the media between the number of people impacted by an act of racism vs how much the national media is willing to talk about it.

If you white and you start your message off with “that girl is racist but-” YOU ARE EXCUSING HER RACISM.





E V E R.

anonymous asked:

Not a number thing, but I have a question to pose... I have been trying to understand how racism against white people is impossible, but whenever I try to ask people on tumblr they get angry at me or do not answer my question in a way I understand. I can understand how the term reverse-racism is baloney in reference to affirmative action, but I do not understand how animosity based on race is only racism sometimes. Or am I misunderstanding what people are talking about? Thank you o wise one.

The simplest way to put it is that the “animosity” you’re describing is the result of oppression based upon the perspective that to be not-white was to be essentially inferior. It is the emotional reaction to being the victim of systems designed to maintain the oppression and elimination of whole groups of people. To this end, the animosity people of color (and here, I’m using the term generally to refer to non-white peoples) direct towards white people is not racism because they are white, but because white people are complicit in a history of oppressing, destroying, and appropriating the cultures and bodies of people of color. We are angry at the systems and structures that maintain our oppression: white people are just the beneficiaries of that structure, and thus they become the targets of our animosity.

Are some of the ways that this animosity is made manifest dangerous and harmful? Absolutely. However, you shouldn’t take this as a pat on the back or license to “call out” people  of color: leave that to other people of color. What you need to realize whenever you’re faced with “racism” from people of color is that the animosity itself is one of the only reasonable emotional responses to centuries of abuse at the hands of white people and the systems that they have put in place. And it isn’t just animosity towards white people, it is animosity towards a world that attempts to remind us daily that we are inferior or disposable by virtue of our skin.

I laid all that out for you so that, hopefully, you could see how it is not simply the fact that “animosity based on race is only racism sometimes.” The expressions of animosity towards white people from people of color (again, generally) are not racism, they are merely the affective response towards our oppression. On the other hand, the racism that people of color experience (and I don’t mean to imply a parity here) emerges out of and is maintained by the very systems that we take for granted. Given that white people establish the systems, are responsible (mostly) for their maintenance, and are the beneficiaries of those systems, it is impossible for a person of color to exercise the systemic power known as racism because we simply lack the capacity.

Sure, we can act out of our animosity towards white people, towards the systems themselves, but we cannot embed that animosity into the structures of society except in a local context. White people, on the other hand, have the means and the habituated desire to embed racism into the structures that they erect. I say “habituated desire” because the embedding and the racism itself often goes unnoticed by white people because it is part of the background of the world. Here, I might get overly technical, but you’ll have to bear with me: the world is oriented around whiteness as the default, the basis, the normal. As such, the structures are intended for those who possess white bodies. Because of this, bodies of color never sink into the background, we never “fit in,” and we are made aware of this every day of our lives in a white world.

It is because racism is a habit of whiteness and white people, that it goes unnoticed by white people. Further, because it goes unnoticed, it is reproduced in every structure erected by white people, which enables racism to be perpetuated by people who don’t even think they’re being racist. And that is the hardest thing to come to grips with for most white people: they cannot see their actions as racist because this is the way that the world looks to them. And the only reason the world appears this way is because, as the power majority, white people have sought to organize the world around their experience. Sometimes this organization is overt with colonialism, stop and frisk, and the war on terror. Sometimes this organization is covert through diversity initiatives which position the diverse body as the other which is allowed into the space of whiteness, thereby maintaining the centrality of whiteness in the space. 

Sometimes it even goes unnoticed, as in the case of well meaning white anti-racists who seek entry into spaces of color, or white feminists who seek solidarity with feminists of color through the sublimation of the experiences of women of color. These people mean well, but they cannot see how the demand to align experience or to be allowed into a space that is not “for” them is an act of racism: the very thought that you have a right to be in a space that is not organized around your experience, and that the space should conform to you, is evidence of how racism can be completely unnoticed by people.

Going back to your point, it is not that “animosity towards people based on race is only racism sometimes,” it is that racism is more than animosity: it is systemic and it requires the capacity to reshape the world and its institutions in your own image, thereby excluding those who are not like you. Animosity cannot reshape the world in the image of people of color, nor can it alter the structures of society which have been embedded with the ideology of white supremacy. We, as people of color, can be angry at white people for a variety of reasons, but we will never be able to be racist until we possess the power to reshape society to exclude people who are not like us.

Now, I’m going to do you a solid and give you the answer that I normally reserve for my undergraduates (and sometimes my colleagues): racism against white people is only possible in a world where white people are not the power majority. It is only possible in a world organized around the experiences of people of color. In short, racism against white people is only possible in a world that does not exist.

Anon, if you want some books on why people of color cannot be racist against white people, I suggest the following.

Understanding White Privilege

On Being Included

Privilege: A Reader

Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Critical Race Theory

Black Feminist Thought

Seeing White Privilege

anonymous asked:

Are there seriously people attacking others if they bring up issues other than Ferguson? They make me ashamed to be American. Oppression shouldn't be a contest. How disgraceful....

Unfortunately, yes. Or it’s like they’d be like “why haven’t you reblogged it? You don’t care and are enabling racism!”

There was somebody I follow who got attacked for this…but the reason they weren’t blogging much about it was because they are Mexican and were obviously more preoccupied with the drug cartel murders and disappearances taking place in their own country.

I think solidarity is a great thing, and it’s not like we shouldn’t bother caring about other issues. But the frustration us non-Americans have is that often there’s a double standard- some people will expect us to know everything about US issues but they don’t return the favour to us. People really shouldn’t do that- if you’re going to insist everyone should lend their help, you cannot insist it’s one way and not bother to find out about non-US issues. That’s really being self-centred in the most hideous way, especially when one considers how the US already has the biggest megaphone in the world and your media is often not subject to the kind of systemic censorship elsewhere.