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Many of the young white people you see in photos standing next to lynched black people from the 1960s are still alive today, teaching their kids and grandkids racism. These are the people you see making excuses for police who murder unarmed black people. They’re the people who say they aren’t racist, but vote for the politicians who pass voter ID laws and who gut the Voting Rights Act. They’re the people you see exclaiming “Blue Lives Matter!” and who voted for Donald Trump.

But they insist they aren’t racist because they don’t openly use the n-word and aren’t publicly wearing white hoods while lynching Black people like their forefathers did.

Racism was not “a long time ago” and racism is highly adaptable. It does not magically disappear with each passing generation. The new racism is equivocation in the face of obvious anti-Blackness; contemporary racism denies racism’s existence and downplays the impact of racism - but just like many of the police who beat John Lewis, racists and their racist children & grandchildren (and racism itself) are still very much alive today.

The American Negro has the great advantage of having never believed the collection of myths to which white Americans cling: that their ancestors were all freedom-loving heroes, that they were born in the greatest country the world has ever seen, or that Americans are invincible in battle and wise in peace, that Americans have always dealt honorably with Mexicans and Indians and all other neighbors or inferiors, that American men are the world’s most direct and virile, that American women are pure.

Negroes know far more about white Americans than that; it can almost be said, in fact, that they know about white Americans what parents—or, anyway, mothers—know about their children, and that they very often regard white Americans that way. And perhaps this attitude, held in spite of what they know and have endured, helps to explain why Negroes, on the whole, and until lately, have allowed themselves to feel so little hatred.

The tendency has really been, insofar as this was possible, to dismiss white people as the slightly mad victims of their own brainwashing.
—  James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time
It’s never racism, no matter how racist it was.

It’s never standing up for racism, even though they are defending the racist behavior and scolding the people speaking against it.

It’s never exactly what it fucking is. 


geejayeff (from this post) with perhaps one of the most insightful explanations I’ve read, for describing when white people nonchalantly defend racists and try to tell black people and others that something a racist said or did wasn’t “reeeeally racist, you’re just taking it wrong, it’s all in your head”

#GasLighting: it’s not just a slimy tactic used by emotionally abusive men in destructive relationships


I mean…everyone’s heard that saying, “if a person is nice to you, but mean to the waitress, then they are not a nice person” right? Why does anyone think this concept somehow changes with family and racism? I understand that you can’t help what family you’re born into, but a racist being nice to their own family doesn’t make them a “nice” person.

Here’s the “funny” thing about structural, institutional racism: all but the most ignorant of white people will agree that in America, “the system” is racist against black people…but every day that system is actively and passively upheld by millions and millions of individuals…who ALL swear that they themselves aren’t the slightest bit racist.

It’s always that other person, the one who’s just a little more obvious about their racism, who is blamed for any and all racism.

Deeply ingrained, generational racism will continue to be passed from parent to child until a whole lot more people begin to honestly examine and acknowledge their own implicit racial biases, and then actually dO something about it. 

anonymous asked:

SERIOUSLY??????? Tamir Rice had a gun. A gun with the orange safety identifier removed. A real-looking gun he was aiming at people. They didn't use his race as a danger indicator, THEY USED THE FACT THAT HE HAD A FUCKING GUN. Don't take the fucking safety indicator off of a gun and then point it at people if you don't want to get shot. Stop sticking up for these criminals. I hope you need the police sometime soon, maybe then you'll realize how necessary they are.

[re: this post]

First off, I’m Black and I love myself. So you won’t eeeever have to worry about mE calling the police for almost anything, because I know NO MATTER WHAT I CALLED FOR, there’s a high probability that I’d end up getting shot, shot at, falsely arrested, or accused of doing something I didn’t do…so someone would have to be in the act of chopping down the last oxygen creating tree on earth before I did something as crazy as calling the police

Secondly, THIS is the innocent, baby-faced 12yr old child you’re calling a criminal. His name was Tamir Rice and he did absolutely NOTHING wrong

AND NEWSFLASH: Ohio is an Open Carry state. Tamir had a *toy* bb gun that was NOT pointed at the police when he was gunned down…but even if he did have a real gun, that’s supposedly legal in that state. Guess things like the Second Amendment and Open Carry laws only applies to white people..?

Even white mass murderers like T.J. Lane are arrested and taken into custody ALIVE. It totally blows my mind that in order for a suicidal white person like Lance Tamayo to experience “death by cop” they actually have to go out of their way and flagrantly point real guns at passers by and the police, and even then the cops don’t repeatedly shoot them

And before you try to assassinate the character on his parents, let’s recall the 9yr old white child who’s gunservative™ parents gave her a loaded Uzi machine gun (such fine parenting). And also, let’s not forget about the scores and scores of white people who walk around carrying loaded weapons in public to exercise their Second Amendment Rights, all without the police ever killing them —because (surprise) no racist ever dropped a dime to 911 to report them as looking “threatening” or “suspicious” and even if they did, the cops would TALK to them first, and not arrive on scene with guns blazing

Oh, and you can also skip the “black-on-black crime” derail too because I’ve already covered that thread bare racist trope too

Moving on…surveillance video shows that officer friendly-to-white-people wasn’t even there for two seconds before he literally (not figuratively) jumped out shooting. So in addition to his being close enough to be able to see that Tamir was an innocent child, officer Tim Loehmann is very obviously lying about having given two or three verbal warnings to drop the toy gun before summarily executing Tamir. And even worse, after Tamir was gunned down and lay on the cold ground bleeding out, where again, the police could clearly see that Tamir was a child, Loehmann did not even try to administer first aid. Tim Loehmann and his equally complicit accomplice Frank Gramback, are human scum 

It will never cease to amaze me how racists always engage in transference to somehow criminalize black people when we all know that the next school shooter or the next mass spree shooter is probably going to be another white male, just like the overwhelming majority of the last ones (see also: racial projection and white-male-entitlement-syndrome)

(image via moderndaykathleencleaver)

So I’ll say it again: the police are not evaluating actual circumstances for danger —instead they are evaluating a person’s race as an indicator of danger and have assigned blackness with a value of “imminent threat” where deadly force is an acceptable encouraged first response to anything from jay walking, to being-12-while-black 

10. The End Run: Escapism.

Of course, racism is terrible, but what about sexism? Or classism or heterosexism?” or “Racism is a result of classism (or any other oppression), so if we just work on that, racism will end, too.”

I agree with Audre Lorde’s statement, “There is no hierarchy of oppression.” I would not establish a rank order for oppressions. At the same time, we cannot attempt to evade recognition and responsibility for any form of oppression.

Statements like the ones above divert attention from racial injustice to focus on some other form of oppression. They are usually said by whites (women, working class people, lesbians, gay men or others) who experience both white privilege and oppression in some form.

Whites are more willing and more comfortable decrying their oppression than scrutinizing their privilege.

Oppressions are so inextricably linked that if whites allow their fear, guilt and denial to constantly divert them from confronting racism, even while we work to dismantle other forms, no oppression will ever be dismantled.

eight black churches torched in the South within two weeks

mainstream media: lightning maybe? electrical fires? spontaneous combustion? wHO can p o s s i b l y know why all these black churches (and no white ones) are mysteriously burning themselves after charlston? well i will tell you one thing - definitely nOT hate crimes no sir. and certainly nOTHING to do with racism or calls to remove the confederate flag…because black president now so post racial :)

In the jewelry store, they lock the case when I walk in,” a 23-year-old black man wrote in May 1992. “In the shoe store, they help the white man who walks in after me. In the shopping mall, they follow me.”

He described an incident when he was stopped by six police officers who detained him, with guns at the ready, and treated him for 30 minutes as a dangerous suspect.

That young man was future Senator Cory Booker, who had been a senior class president at Stanford University and was a newly selected Rhodes Scholar. Yet our law enforcement system reduced him to a stereotype — so young Booker sat trembling and praying that he wouldn’t be shot by the police.

I’m not going to post in that facebook thread again because I woke up and found that asscasket saying such bizarre things as:

“ Please, tell me about the long history of whites oppressing others. Should we begin with the Egyptians or bump up the date and start with the Spanish?”


“Typical ignorant liberal, putting their false dichotomy schema on display. Don’t like Obama? You must be a Republican… and racist.”


“Well, [Allen Bernard West] doesn’t like Obama. Therefore, he is racist. Or are we going to backtrack now?”


“Or is it only racist when white people don’t? That’s it, isn’t it? Because feeling that way couldn’t be actual racism. No way. No. Of course not.”

and (to my friend, who is a fat guy and was trying to collect our trash with me)

“ And I’m not signing up for Obamacare so good luck paying for your heart disease, fatboy.”

I’m geting real tired of this crop of peers that think they can go to yourfallacyis.com and pick things that match sort of how they feel regardless of applicability, just say completely random stuff to avoid answering for being totally wrong, and pretend that for so long as they don’t admit defeat, that they are in a superior position and have won.

For people who demand ‘reason’ or 'logic’ or 'actual evidence’ when they make an argument, they fall back on acting like unaffordably superior piss-crystals whenever they are challenged. I’m beginning to get flashbacks of why I left my SSA group. 

And it’s almost always men that do this.

What are we doing to boys that makes it reasonable to them to behave this way?

So they made a made a movie about Nat Turner and the rebellion he lead in Virginia 1831 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nat_Turner). It Stars Gabrielle Union, Aunjanue Ellis, Aja Naomi King, Nate Parker and Oscar judge and racism denier Penelope Ann Miller. 

I’m interested in seeing this.

What i don’t understand is why they decided to name this movie Birth Of A Nation. 


Why not just Nat Turner, The Rebellion or The Uprising of 1831. Something that wouldn’t be linked to the most racist movie ever made in America.