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On the nazi Trump-supporter who killed two in an anti-Muslim attack in Portland

The story is strange, granted, I haven’t read all about it. But it appears a nazi Trump supporter attacked two Muslim teens and ended up killing two others.

Only.. These are all from his Facebook:

I went back down to early 2016, hundreds of posts mocking Trump, mocking racists, supporting “non-white causes” and a lot of pro-Bernie posts.

He mentions Trump is the “fast poison” as opposed to Hillary being the “slow poison”. I assume he hopes things will “escalate” under Trump, what things will escalate to or what he thinks the benefit of that will be, we can’t know for sure, of course.

Yet despite all these posts contradicting what he would do after, he ends up at a Trump rally, doing a nazi salute, and attacking Muslims?

White supremacist Bernie supporter? Disgruntled Bernie supporter that sees the anti-establishment in Trump? Deliberate false flag to smear Trump? Confused nutjob that can’t pick sides?


“Stop making it about race”

“Not all white people are racist”

“All lives matter”

“Reverse Racism exists”

anonymous asked:

can we please talk about the shitty fact that the promise, a movie about the armenian genocide, cast only ONE armenian actress as a side character and has only one armenian person working on the movie, and for the most part, cast all white actors (w the exception of some latinxs and iranians, which still doesn't mean it's not erasure)? i fucking hate this. it's so disrespectful. i hate hollywood

Literally how the FUCK are you going to make a movie about the Armenian genocide and white wash Armenians…….. like…………….. ?????? You’re white washing victims of an entire genocide in a movie ABOUT their genocide????????? So disrespectful on top of racist



He was a Jew.
He was Palestinian.
He was Brown.
He was anti-colonialism.
He was anti-cultural appropriation.
He taught socialism and sharing.
He loved sinners, including prostitutes, tax collectors (thieves of the day), divorcées (sluts of the day) and murderers.
Some of the people he respected and loves the most were women.
He was for racial equality.

He was NOT apple pie, white, blond, capitalist, meninist, anti-immigrant, shaming, antisemitic, racist, gay-bashing, or a fan of basically anything Donald Trump.

Atheist: Christianity is a religion filled with sexism, racism, homophobia, hatred, horrid morals, and isn’t supported by science. Most Christians are generally harmless, but Christian radicals are very dangerous and are influenced by their religion. 

The left: Yesss preach it!

Atheist:  Islam is a religion filled with sexism, racism, homophobia, hatred, horrid morals, and isn’t supported by science. Most Muslims are generally harmless, but Muslim radicals are very dangerous and are influenced by their religion.

The left: Wow you fucking islamaphobe; I bet you wouldn’t say that about Christianity you disgusting bigot. 

The alt-right hates women as much as it hates people of colour | Matthew N Lyons
The alt-right was key in getting Trump into power. But its strain of misogyny differs in sometimes surprising ways to that of the traditional Christian right
By Matthew N Lyons


Oh wait, we totally did.