racism & sexism

Lmao caitlyn jenner is going off on twitter for trumps decision on trans people in the military as if she didn’t willingly vote for him and support him knowing how bigoted he is before all this happened

EDIT: i want to clarify that the third panel exclusively and specifically refers to lgbt centers and other physical safe spaces. i should have made this more clear in my caption.

in the coming years, outside forces are going to try to tear our community apart by exploiting existing rifts. now more than ever is the time to pull together as a community and examine our internalized biases.

this is a comic i’ve rewritten half a dozen times, and gone back and forth on posting.

the examples presented here are by no means an extensive list. i chose them because they are the most prevalent problems i’ve noticed during the past couple years at my actual irl local lgbt center. all of these examples are more or less exact quotes that have been uttered within the physical walls of that space.

rb if you think that dark skinned black girls are stunning, the physical manifestation of sunshine, and totally under appreciated.

• You don’t have to be nice to sexists

• You don’t have to be nice to racists

• You don’t have to be nice to homophobes

• You don’t have to be nice to transphobes

• You don’t have to be nice to aphobes

• You don’t have to be nice to ableists

You don’t have to be nice to people who don’t want you to have basic human rights and integrity.