Arizona teacher resigns after tweet suggesting immigrants should be killed

  • After making a series of violently xenophobic comments on Twitter, Arizona teacher Bonnie Verne has tendered her resignation from Pardes Jewish Day School in the state’s town of Scottsdale, KTAR reports. 
  • The school released a statement saying that Verne had decided to leave her job teaching third-grade students. She’d been at the school 12 years. 
  • When it comes to immigrants’ well-being, Arizona does not have the best reputation. In 2010, the state passed a virulently anti-immigrant law, SB 1070, also known the “papers, please” law. The law required police to find out the immigration status of people they detain if there is “reasonable suspicion” they are undocumented. Read more (2/25/2017 2:38 PM)

Muhammad Ali Jr. was reportedly detained for hours at a Florida airport

  • Muhammad Ali Jr., the son of the late, famous boxer, was reportedly detained at a Florida airport for hours earlier this month – and, according to friend and attorney Chris Mancini, officials asked him again and again if he was Muslim.
  • Mancini told the Courier-Journal that Camacho-Ali was released, reportedly after showing officials a photograph of herself with Muhammad Ali — but her son was allegedly held for close to two hours while officials asked him about his religion, his name, and his place of birth, Mancini said.
  • Ali Jr. was born in Philadelphia in 1972, the Courier-Journal reported. Mancini said that the family now believes that Ali Jr. was detained as a result of President Donald Trump’s de-facto “Muslim ban” — the executive order signed in January that banned citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the U.S. and led to confusion at airports across the U.S. Read more (2/25/17 12:36 PM)

Please Report this account. It doesn’t only go as far as disliking K-Pop Groups but the Racist, Homophobic bs they are spitting is really Toxic to this fandom. This is someone who claims they are going to become a nurse. This is unsafe and unacceptable behavior please report them.

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SideNote: People gonna stop talking shit about Xiumin and his body. That Man is just fine.

medical marijuana cards didn’t come out of people wanting to help the disabled and sick in pain, it was legalized in that way …. so the rich majority white people who could actually afford to see doctors and shit, could recreationally smoke without penalty.

You know the ones with insurance, means of travel, and money–you know the shit you need to finish the process of getting a medicinal weed card–wouldn’t go to jail for doing drugs that they know damn well ain’t doin no harm.

That way they still get to fill the private prisons they invest in, and profit from, with everyone else on drug charges. mean-fucking-while they’re enjoying the recreational drugs they ruin the lives of others for.

Think About It

1) Trump’s deportation forces begin to round up illegal migrant farm workers.
2) Trump administration announces a federal crackdown on recreational marijuana use, even in states where it is legal.
3) Several Republican states announce plans to charge protesters with felonies, even if they are not personally involved in violence.
4) Totally not-racist Jeff Sessions signals an end to the phase out of for-profit prisons and a renewed emphasis on supporting them.
5) One of the things that for profit prisons do is provide free farm labor.

I’m sure that there is absolutely no possible correlation at all between these five items, right?

How do you have slavery and concentration camps in America, while still being able to go on the news and wink and say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re the land of the free. It’s outrageous for fake news to make these charges. These people are criminals.”?

sry the prison industry as a whole, even state and federal prisons are just cheap ways to get slave labor, out of people society largely doesn’t give a shit about, and should be abolished. 

They aren’t about reformation, they aren’t about justice, they aren’t even about punishment, they’re about profit.

Poor white people are not targeted by or harmed by classism more than poor POC.  And suggestions to the contrary are racist and ignore reality.

Classism against POC being wrapped up in and informed by racism doesn’t mean there’s less classism than against white poor people.  If you can only see the ways classism impacts white people as being real or serious classism, you’re fucking failing at basic analysis of how oppression works and you aren’t paying attention to how people are living in reality.

When the ruling class attacks the poor, it attacks poor POC twice as hard as poor white people, it systematically robs POC twice as much, it dehumanizes POC twice as much.

Poor white people aren’t obligated to not complain or work against the classism they definitely do experience, but they are fucking obligated to stop being racist and realize that POC often bear the worst of it.  Your situation doesn’t have to be the absolute worst in the world for it not to be okay or to be oppressive, but you also need to acknowledge and support those who are in those worse positions. POC are being harmed more by classism and impoverishment really damned consistently, and class solidarity demands acknowledging that and not acting like white people’s suffering is the only suffering that really counts and ignoring the ruling class in Western countries (and the biggest imperial powers) is almost exclusively white (and especially not Black or Native).

Also, come on, you have to know that when classism against POC and against white people looks different, it always means the POC are getting the worse deal.

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As someone who has spent time on many platforms discussing politics, I can absolutely say that a lot of the "racist Bernie Bros" are actually Trump fans who are trolling Sanders supporters. 4chan does it to Hillary supporters as well. So please keep in mind that a lot of it is from 4chan people trying to false flag attack feminist communities! 4chan has been doing things like this since Project Lollypop where they pretended to be WOC feminists to troll feminism.

That might be true, but I know that doesn’t account for all Bernie Bros and it doesn’t mean that there weren’t plenty who, after witnessing those tactics, didn’t join right in. A lot of them also stayed home instead of supporting Clinton, which proved costly. A lot of them spouted BS about Clinton being the “lesser of two evils” and the lesser of two evils still being evil, which may be true, but it’s also true that a paper cut is a lesser injury than having your arms and legs sawed off with a chainsaw. You can recover from a paper cut.


This clip is played in I Am Not Your Negro, including the beginning and it’s powerful. Please go see it.


Video from Paul Lee:

“Nearly all of a speech by Malcolm X, chairman of the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU), a secular pan-Africanist group, and president of the Muslim Mosque, Inc. (MMI), a Sunni Islamic and nationalist organization, to young people at a voter-registration rally, Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church, Selma, Ala., Feb. 4, 1965.

Malcolm X was introduced by Silas Norman, Selma project director of the militant Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), who could be seen clapping behind the New York-based Muslim and nationalist leader at 00:32 (light sweater).

Excerpted from the following two television documentaries:

1) “Like It Is: El Hajj Malik El Shabazz” (New York: WABC-TV, March 1, 1975), written, produced and narrated by Gil Noble. (00:00)

2) “Black Journal: Malcolm X: Nationalist or Humanist?” (New York: WNET-TV, Feb. 9, 1969), produced by William Greaves, directed by Madeline Anderson and narrated by Waldi Siddig. (04:38) “

lotta yall canadians, europeans, australians, etc. who are always saying shit we say is happening regarding classism and racism and misogyny and whatever else here in the united states, doesn’t happen in your country, are probably just … willfully ignorant and don’t actually recognize it yourself to see that your countries are just as fucked up as ours.

This thing about Malec and racism accusation … ok, every normal people knows that racism is a crime, it’s unacceptable. And because racism is so terrible and inhuman, it’s wrong to use accusation in racism for authors bashing, kinkshaming, for shutting down your fandom opponents or your notp shippers or shuit like that. If an artist like draw Magnus smaller than Alec, point on size difference, he/she maybe has size kink?..and it’s ok. By the way, show!Magnus IS smaller , and it’s fact . And I want recommend you this beautiful fic about size difference (in absolutely non-racist way, I swear!)

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Are complaining about Malec caricature (phildrawsfanart drew) because they don't look exactly the same as the real actors? I'm sorry do you know what caricature is? Have you tried to draw something in your life or create arts? Don't complain about fan arts or fanfiction just because the arts and works fans have created are not your style. just brush if off. It isn't drawn or written to satisfy you. We don't need your unfruitful opinions

okay alright, how about you take a second to actually pay attention to what’s going on? bc literally everyone is writing/drawing magnus like a whole head shorter than alec, lithe and skinny and tiny just to match their aesthetic. that’s not how things work tho, you’re not going to draw an actor (that fanart was clearly not based off the books or even the movie) that is fucking ripped and 5'11 and draw him like 5'7 with zero muscle whatsoever. that also is fucking racist, the way people see magnus: skinny and short and tiny and you wanna keep desexualizing him like asian men always are, and doing just the opposite with alec despite how much muscle magnus/harry has and how tall he is and how he looks exactly the opposite of those stereotypes you have in your head. but i guess you’re too gone in your racist aesthetic to get that