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Newark police chased 10-year-old Legend Preston because they thought he was an adult.

Ten-year-old Legend Preston’s mother said on Facebook that her “fun loving child is forever changed” after being chased by armed police who reportedly mistook him for an adult robbery suspect.

Preston was playing basketball near his home in Newark, New Jersey, when his ball rolled into the street. He ran to retrieve it, and that’s when he saw the police officers. 

“Some police started coming this way with guns pointed at me, and then I ran into the backyard,” Legend said. The cops only let up when witnesses stepped in.

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John Legend, Tika Sumpter Creating Series About Tulsa's 'Black Wall Street'
The series will examine Tulsa's Greenwood neighborhood, one of the wealthiest Black enclaves in early-20th century America.

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood neighborhood boasted one of America’s most successful Black commercial corridors—until the day in 1921 when an armed White mob burned and looted it, killing hundreds of Black residents. An upcoming series, co-executive produced by musician John Legend and actress Tika Sumpter (“Southside With You”), will focus on this area, which is often referred to as “Black Wall Street." 


Realtalk:  I want to watch this…but I’m also *afraid* to watch this, because I already know I'ma be pissed.

Quick Takeaways:

*** Tulsa’s Black Wall Street was the wealthiest Black community in the country.

*** A white mob destroyed the area in 1921, setting fire to buildings, killing hundreds, and making thousands homeless all because Black people were too successful.

*** The City of Tulsa never answered any fire alarms and were in cahoots with the racist mob seeking to destroy that community.

*** In 2001, the state commissioned a report to look into reparations.  The report recommended compensation to the descendants of those families whose lives were destroyed by the city and racist whites.  Nothing happened.  But they got a little park dedicated to the victims.

I’m ALREADY mad from just typing that and the show ain’t even started shooting yet…
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So for those who aren’t already aware, the Asatru Folk Assembly FB page had a post earlier this week that pretty clearly shows their support of both racist ideals and rigidly narrow gender roles. In the event it ends up taken down, here’s a screen shot:

Along with a couple of the comments they didn’t delete:

They make it VERY clear their organization isn’t open to anyone who isn’t white–never mind that “white” was a contrived term that not only erased the cultural differences of people from many different European backgrounds but also deepened divisions among people based on skin color. Plus check out the very overt message that QUILTBAG* people aren’t allowed, either. And before you try to defend the AFA as only being about the promotion of European heathen traditions, notice how the comment about “Semite” “poison and tricks” was never deleted, while comments that the AFA folks didn’t agree with have been getting removed within minutes. If that’s not approval of white supremacy, I don’t know what is.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to practice the religion of your pre-Christian ancestors. But “white people” are not an endangered species in need of protection, nor should European paganisms be closed off from people of non-European heritage. Considering the amount of travel and trade the Norse and other Europeans did with other communities for centuries, there was plenty of intermarriage with non-European people anyway, so there goes your notion of historical “racial purity”. And given that a lot of heathens practice ancestor veneration, racial purity is a pretty big insult to those non-white ancestors and the people who loved/married/etc. them and considered them family. As to the insistence on men being men and women being women in a heteronormative framework, the All-Father Odin practiced the women’s art seidr, Loki became a mare and gave birth to a colt, and women were often trained to fight alongside men. Even among the Norse things were not always that cut and dried when it came to gender roles.

We pagans have known for decades there were bigots in our ranks, particularly those espousing “folkish” viewpoints–and now there’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever. Not all heathens consider themselves part of the pagan community (and definitely not all of them are racists!), but enough heathens of all sorts come to pagan events and otherwise share in pagan spaces that this declaration by the leadership of one heathen organization is relevant to paganism as a whole.

As someone who has walked a pagan path for twenty years, as someone who has written multiple books and led rituals and taught many in workshops and classes, as someone who is seen by some as at least a minor authority, and as someone who fully intends to continue being a part of the pagan community, I say: the stance of the Asatru Folk Assembly is not a part of my paganism.

White supremacy spewing hatred and racist fearmongering against racial and ethnic minorities? Not in my paganism.

Discrimination against QUILTBAG people? Not in my paganism.

Gender essentialism in which men must be one way and women must be another? Not in my paganism.

Insisting that the only “real” family is the nuclear, heterosexually-based family while all others–blended families, single parent families, childless families, families with gay parents–are invalid? Not in my paganism.

Allowing the bigotry that pervades the dominant culture to infiltrate our community without a fight? Not in my paganism.

Not in my paganism. Not in my paganism. #notinmypaganism.

*QUILTBAG = Queer, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay


Black woman suffers racist abuse after taking over @Ireland Twitter account

“A black British woman has been the subject of racist abuse while tweeting from the @Ireland Twitter account.

Michelle Marie, who is originally from Oxford and has lived in Ireland for three years, was shocked after receiving “eight hours of non-stop hate” within hours of taking over the account, which has 40,000 followers.

The blogger and plus-size model was targeted by trolls, with one user telling Marie to “return to your ancestral lands”.

She posted that she was “hurt” by the abuse in a statement posted on Twitter, but said she would do her best to complete her week running the account.

She added: “I expected trolls, and backlash, and criticism. But today I have experienced racism, sexism, fatphobia and homophobia to a degree I have never known. I have had 8 hrs of nonstop hate thrown at me. I am hurt, shocked and appalled.”

The @Ireland Twitter account rotates each week with a new person introduced every Monday morning.

It is run by, an American news website for Irish news, and Twitter users can either apply to run it or be nominated.”

Read the full piece and see the tweets here

First FKA Twigs, then Leslie Jones, then Normani Kordei, then Gabby Douglas, and now this.

Tweet source

Make It Viral, FAM. Momma Is NOT Playing Around

Here are photos stolen from IG/Facebook and put into online ads that are very solicitous in nature. The picture on the right was a selfie taken at a video shoot for T.I. This Aleeia woman stole these pictures and posted a valid phone number in the ad. I know because I fucking called it and told her to take the pictures down. She didn’t. You want to steal my daughter’s photos and make it seem like my daughter (a lesbian btw) won’t go out with black guys, with your racist anti-black ass.

Stealing photos can ruin people’s lives. It is not funny. (I am not slamming sex workers. Do you thing, boo). I am slamming catfishing schemes and stealing identities. We are pressing criminal charges.

I hope Aleeia enjoys the internet fame she so desperately wanted. Oh, and before I forget, here is my text message to her:


Yes, my daughter gave me permission to post this.

Islamaphobia is spreading through the west faster than any disease ever did. The picture above captures armed police surrounding a Muslim lady on a beach in Nice, France forcing her to remove her Hijab. They say “leave your countries and get away from oppression!” only to throw it back our faces. Everyone please stay safe, and be weary of your surroundings, the world just continues to get scarier. 

We need to talk about what’s happening on the @ireland twitter account

Each week a different person who lives in Ireland takes over the account. This week it’s Michelle Marie, a blogger and black plus-size model.

Within hours of taking over the account, Marie was beset by trolls mocking her weight and race.

First she brilliantly addressed the fat shaming:

Then she responded (as graciously as she could) to the racism:

Thankfully, many have spoken out in support of Michelle.

But the hate just kept coming and clearly it had taken its toll. Michelle wrote a heartbreaking yet powerful statement to all the haters.

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Government tries to crush ‪pipeline protest by cutting off Indigenous community’s water supply

As pipeline protest grows, state pulls water tanks

NEAR CANNON BALL, N.D. – North Dakota’s homeland security director ordered the removal of state-owned trailers and water tanks from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest campsite Monday, citing mounting reports of unlawful activity – the latest involving lasers – and the risk of damage.

“Based on the scenario down there, we don’t believe that equipment is secure,” Homeland Security Division Director Greg Wilz said.

As tribal members from across the nation streamed into the campsite, swelling its population to between 2,000 and 4,000 people depending on estimates, the loss of their main drinking water supply came as a blow and sent local officials scrambling to find an alternative water source.


An upcoming Hollywood film will highlight NASA’s black, female scientists.

These women are an inspiration, I am glad their story is finally being told. They are examples of truly brilliantly gifted female geniuses. The world needs to know their story in order to help break down the existing negative barriers of racism and sexism.