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Are you into drag race I can't remember if you've posted about it before

I’m not into drag race, I’ve never been into drag race, if I wanted to be into drag race, yes, I probably could go out and get into it because I am what? Sickening. You could never be into drag race because you.are.not.that.kind.of.girl. Baby everything I watch I have worked for and I have got myself. I’ve built myself from the ground up… BITCH! [throws drink]

(I like drag race a lot yes)

  • *What drivers want from Liberty Media*
  • Dan: Race in Vegas
  • Seb: Race in Germany *laughs*
  • Lewis: Race in Miami
  • Lewis: more ladies in the paddock there are too many dudes
  • Seb: V12
  • Lewis: yes V12s
  • Inteviewer: Fernando you?
  • Nando: equal engines *laughs(probably out of misery)*
  • Lewis: noo
  • Dan: just not electric engines
  • Lewis: or Honda

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Could you do the rfa+minor trio with an MAC who really likes cars??

A/N: Sometimes i wish i would have taken another year of auto body in high school but i didnt *sigh* also i have a huge lady boner for classic cars so idk if i’ll play on that sorry not sorry ~Admin 404


           -Knows nothing about cars, new or old

           -But he’s seen you and Saeyoung talk about some of his cars and you seemed so passionate about it!

           -He really just wanted to impress you, and like the same things as you!

           -So he literally pulls out a random car manual when you come around the next time

           -“Ah, I see! That’s a really nice looking…. trans…mission. And wow would you look at those… uh… *Brings book closer to face* …windshield wipers.”

           - yoosung what even

           -“I’m sorry!! You just look really happy when you talk about cars with Saeyoung and I just thought maybe you’d like me more if I knew cars but I really have no interest in them at all! Look at how complicated they are!! WHAT DOES A TRANSMISSION EVEN DO???”

           -He throws the book down onto the table, his face following close behind it

           -You run your hand through his hair and when you laugh he shoots his head back up to look at you

           -“Yoosung, you don’t have to be into cars like I am for me to like you?? Just be yourself, ya big dork! I like you for your animal-loving, LOLOL-playing self<3” and i swear to god he turned to putty in your hands. Completely attached himself to you for the rest of the day but it was honestly kinda cute???


           -You’re into cars??? He’s into bikes!!!

           -While he thought that would be amazing, he was wrong

           -The two of you have very strong feelings on which is better

           -“Just try driving my car once! ONCE! It’ll be fine!”


           -So he tried driving your car in an empty parking lot. He killed it. Multiple times


           -He doesn’t like it

           -Prefers the two of you take his bike instead unless you’re driving the car

           -“But MC! You look really hot on my bike! Are you sure you want to take the car? What do you mean you love the car? But not as much as me though, right? Right?? MC!”


           -Here’s the extent of Jaehee’s car knowledge: Something feels wrong with car –> Take car to auto shop

           -Okay I’m not giving her enough credit, I’m sure she knows how to change her oil and at least how to change a tire

           -When the two of you are talking about interests and you mentioned cars, she’s internally cheering


           -She really likes learning though, so she asks you to help her learn different aspects of the engine, and how to do a few quick fixes

           -Watched you change one of her headlights once and spent hours trying to change the other one on her own

           -Denied all offers for help, she wanted to LEARN on her OWN, GET AWAY FROM ME MC

           -Once she got it, you praised her like crazy and she felt great?? Like she learned how to fix something and you’re giving her all this recognition and just, it’s an amazing feeling

           -Always out there to help you fix something, one time she brought a notepad and some pens and took notes

           - shes so cute omg


           -“MC, get in your car. I have a date planned for us- I’ll drive”

           -“Stay the fuck away from of my car”

           -He’ll try to buy you literally ANY car you want

           -Old, new, restored, a fixer-upper, whatever you want

           -Pouts every time you won’t let him drive them though


           -So he tries to spoil you with the newest and coolest car parts

           -That new engine you’ve been eyeing? He’ll get it for you. Fuck, he’ll get you SEVEN of them

           -He actually really admires your love for cars though?? Like he lowkey wishes he knew how to do something so hands-on and mechanical

           -When you’re under one of your cars on a dolly (and he’s sure that you won’t get hurt), he’ll push the dolly out from under the other side of the car and pretend he didn’t see you there and practically bug you for attention because you’ve been under there all day



           -The first time he sent a photo of his babies to you, you freaked out

           -You started naming them, spitting out their stats left and right, ranking which one you thought was the best and which one wasn’t as good as the rest


           -The two of you go for rides at least once a day

           -The two of you are always spoiling them. Always buying a ton of accessories, washing them- he’s caught you hugging some of them lovingly once totally did not join you

           -Saeran has found the two of you sleeping in a few of them sometimes

           -Y'all communicate by honking sometimes. Completely pisses Saeran off. Then the two of you just honk every time he tries to tell you off. Saeyoung thinks it’s the funniest thing but his brother vows to get back at the two of you

           -“Let’s take this one today!” “Are you kidding???? No!! This one needs more love!” “SHIT YOU’RE RIGHT”

           -He seriously has to get you your own garage down the road though because your love for cars rivals his


           -Your passion is what really gets him in all honesty

           -The way your face lights up, the sparkle in your eyes, he just loves it all so much, MC


           -“Pose on top of that car”

           -“You want me to what?”

           -He takes amazing photos of your babies so you can frame them and show them off (when you aren’t driving them)

           -But he also takes those sexy car model-type photos of you and the cars so he can keep them for himself

           -What did you expect MC? You’re amazing, and so are your cars, he wants the two to intermingle

           -Also has tons of photos of you with a dirty face after working on your babies because you’re just! So! Cute!

           -He’ll put the camera down to help you every now and then though! You want a wrench! He’ll hand it to you! v sweetheart that’s the wrong tool, i need that one. no not that one. yes that one. no not that size


           -Oh no

           -You’ve got a car obsession like his brother? Shit.

           -He’s been sucked into races between you and his brother and he hATES THE BOTH OF YOU


           - says he hates the both of you for racing but the adrenaline rush actually hits him pretty hard, he likes it

           -There have been times that he has to physically pry you off of your car because you’ve been clinging to it

           -If you’re working on something under the hood, he’ll mess with you by honking the horn

           -“IT WASN’T ME. Maybe you touched something!! Don’t fuck up the car!” you lil bitch i know i didn’t touch anything

           -He does admit that some of the classic cars are his favourite to look at. Like a 1967 Chevy Impala? BEAUTIFUL. 1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am? Y E S

           - mc lets fuck in every single one of your backseats

Chocolate and Mint

Spot had his first taste of his soulmate when he was twelve years old, and it was bitter and disgusting at four in the morning, followed by a sweet rush of soda.

When he was thirteen, his soulmate spent three hours eating chocolate, so Spot spent three hours brushing his teeth, trying to make the flavor go away. Spot hated chocolate.

At fifteen, there was an incredibly brief taste of cigarette smoke that he never tasted again, and when he was sixteen, there was twenty minutes of chapstick that had never been used before, making Spot think maybe it was a kiss.

At seventeen, Spot spent almost four hours tasting pencil eraser and knew his soulmate was taking the SAT at the same time as him.

At eighteen, he tasted what he knew from experience was blood, and worried about his soulmate.

Throughout those years, he tasted tomato sauce, soap, toothpaste, coffee, tea, shaving cream, minty chapstick, sweat, gatorade, bread, chips, soda, things he couldn’t identify and things he could, reassurances that somewhere out there there was a person just right for him. And even when he felt most alone, there was almost always a little taste of something that told him somebody out there would be there for him eventually.

When Spot was nineteen, he arrived at college, and for the first time ever, he kissed a boy. For those minutes, he didn’t taste anything other than the mouth of the other boy, and he was too distracted by the feeling of the boy’s hands on his sides and in his hair to notice.

When he was nineteen, and he was kissing that boy, tastes blended and became one, and he was too distracted by everything going on around him to notice.

When he was twenty, he was lying on his bed, watching that boy start to get dressed, his head spinning, for the first time he reached out and pulled him back down, curling into that boy’s side and sleeping close. When he was twenty, he stopped thinking “that boy” and started thinking “Race.”

When Spot was twenty, he woke up to the fresh taste of toothpaste, the bed cooling beside him where Race had been, and that mint was a strangely painful reminder that whoever his soulmate was, it wasn’t the boy who was getting dressed next to him, because he wasn’t brushing his teeth.

But when Spot was almost twenty-one, almost twenty-two, he was chewing on a pencil in the common area, trying to figure out his homework, when his mouth was suddenly invaded once again with the strong taste of of chocolate.

“Mother fucker.” He whispered, trying to focus on the page.

“What?” Race looked up from where he was watching Netflix. Not willing to admit he was tasting from his soulmate, Spot just shook his head, indicating his paper.

He and Race had been pointedly avoiding the topic of soulmates since they started dating, and he wasn’t planning and changing that anytime soon.

When Spot looked up again, distracted again by the taste of chocolate, Race was watching his show intently, sucking on something.

“What are you eating?” Spot couldn’t help himself, even as he wanted to quietly believe for a second that maybe his soulmate was the man leaning on his legs ignoring all responsibilities in favor of some stupid show.

“Kisses.” Race responded distractedly, not looking up.

“Haha, very funny, I meant what’s in your mouth right now.”

“Kisses. Hershey’s Kisses, Spot, the candy.” Race paused his show and look up at Spot. “Have you never had a Kiss? I wasn’t making a joke, it really is a candy.” Race reached into his pocket and held up a tiny silver wrapped thing. “Try it, it’s chocolate. It’s good.” Spot froze momentarily. “What?”

“I don’t like chocolate, is all.”

“Oh. Sorry.” Race unwrapped the chocolate himself and popped it in his mouth, leaving Spot trying to convince himself that it was just a coincidence, that this was the only time Race had ever been eating the same thing Spot was tasting, and that nothing was different.

Race wasn’t his soulmate, because Race couldn’t be the one brushing his teeth when he was the one getting dressed, because Race wasn’t the one eating chocolate that Spot could taste, because Race wasn’t. He wasn’t, and letting himself believe otherwise would only mean he’d let himself get more attached.

But somehow the waves of chocolate got more and more distracting the more he noticed Race eating it.

“Spot, seriously, are you okay? You look sick.”

“I’m fine, Race, really.”

“Headache? Upset stomach? Bad taste in your mouth?”

“I really fucking hate chocolate!” Spot finally burst out. “It’s disgusting, it tastes like death, I’ve never liked it and I never will! And apparently, it’s the only thing my stupid fucking soulmate will ever eat!” Race’s mouth was open, and he was staring at Spot.

“Your…soulmate…is eating chocolate right now?”

“Yes! And they have been for the past hour, and the taste won’t go away, and it’s disgusting!”

“Oh.” Race paused. “I’m eating chocolate right now.”

“Do you also manage to be brushing your teeth while getting dressed?” Spot glowered. “I hate this Race, I really do, I don’t want this to be coming from somebody other than you, but the fact of the matter, it is.”

“I use breath strips.” Race said quietly.


“When I sleep over. I eat a breath strip thing because I hate morning breath. It…it tastes like toothpaste.” Race said quietly. “I don’t…I don’t know if that’s what you’re tasting, but I…I do.” Race was hesitant. “I…do you not want me to be your soulmate? Maybe I’m not, but I…I thought.”


“I thought we lined up. I guess…maybe I was imagining it, but…I just thought you didn’t want to say anything.” Race was blushing, looking down. “You…when you chew your pencils, I taste something I thought was eraser. And when that pen exploded in your mouth, I thought for sure you…I dunno, I just…you don’t think we are?”

Spot was still processing what Race had said about breath strips.

“You…you eat breath strips? Every morning?”

“I mean, when I sleep over, yeah. I…I really hate morning breath and I guess…I wouldn’t want to kiss me with morning breath, why would you?” Race swiped a hand across his face, but Spot couldn’t tell if he was embarrassed or trying to hide something more, like tears, maybe. “Look, okay, the first time we kissed…I thought….I thought I didn’t taste anything. Maybe I was wrong, but I…I dunno.”

“Do you have a breath strip right now?”

“Why are you so hung up on the breath strips?” Race sounded more frustrated than anything else, now.

“Just…do you have one?”

“Sure, Spot have a fucking breath strip.” Race flicked a tiny square thing at him, and Spot took out a tiny little piece of whatever made up a breath strip. When he held it up, Race’s face shifted when he figured out what Spot was doing.

“If you taste it, and I taste what I thought was toothpaste…” Spot trailed off, not quite wanting to define what that would mean. Race just nodded, watching as Spot slowly put the breath strip in his mouth.

They made steady eye contact as Spot’s eyes started to water, but he recognized the flavor.

Race’s eyes widened, he licked his lips and just stared up at Spot, somehow hopeful and scared at the same time. He nodded slightly, not wanting to break the tentative, almost fearful silence between them.

“God, these things are strong.” Spot finally said.

“You get used to them if you use them enough.” Race pushed his closed laptop aside and spun completely around, so that instead of leaning back against Spot’s legs looking up he was facing Spot head on. “I’m used to them. This…this isn’t bothering me.” He finished hesitantly.

“You taste it?”

“Yeah.” For a second Spot just kind of looked at him, processing that he was finally allowed to admit how much he cared for Race, that Race was his soulmate, that he didn’t have to try and ignore his feelings and how strong they were any more. And then he grinned cheekily, unable to put any of those feelings into words and instead choosing to make a bad joke.

“We need to have a serious discussion about your eating habits. Namely, how much fucking chocolate you eat.” Race laughed.

“You find out your boyfriend is your soulmate and your response is to criticize his eating habits.”

“I told you, I really fucking hate chocolate. It’s nasty, and you eat it all the time, and I have to taste it. Stop.”

“But I like chocolate.”

“If you mostly stop eating chocolate, I’ll mostly give up something you hate.”

“Red Bull?”

“Fat chance. Something reasonable.”

“Those weird…meat things.”

“Slim Jims?”

“Yeah. I’ll not eat as much chocolate if you don’t eat as many of those nasty things.”

“Fine.” Spot allowed his real smile to break through, finally, pulling Race up towards him, kissing him firmly.

This time, he didn’t get distracted by the feeling of Race’s hands tangling in his hair until after he noticed the tastes in his mouth blending together, until he didn’t feel like he was tasting anything at all. This time, Spot let himself get lost in both the kiss and the knowledge that they felt so right for each other because they were.

Because Race really was his soulmate. Because Race really was meant to be his.

Because Spot didn’t have to pretend he didn’t care any more.

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I challenge you to sex-repulsed asexual racetrack higgins thanks ily

Not a personal headcanon of mine, but I always like a challenge :)

Race realised very quickly that he should have said something sooner. He hadn’t imagined that things would escalate so fast on the first date, but Spot did everything fast and with passion so it only made sense he took relationships the same way. The kissing was nice, even when they moved to Spot’s bed, and Race didn’t particularly want to stop it so he bit his tongue and hoped Spot would say stop before he had to. No such luck.

When Spot pushed him back and crawled up over him, Race had to draw the line.

“No,” he gasped, pushing back on Spot’s shoulders and wriggling away until his back touched the headboard and there was enough distance between them that he could start to breathe a little easier.

Spot blinked, confused as to why the attractive man underneath him had suddenly disapparated. It was clear from the way Race was holding himself, all tension and agitation, that Spot getting closer wasn’t going to help things so he fought back the urge to solve the problem physically like he usually would. Instead of reaching out to rest his hand on Race’s shoulder he sat back on his hands and used his words like he’d been told to all his life – this seemed like a good moment to start taking that advice.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked, concerned. He didn’t think he had. While he hadn’t been treating Race like he was made of glass, he hadn’t exactly been rough.

Race shook his head, relaxing a little. Spot was willing to talk, which hopefully meant he was also willing to listen.

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Valentina haters

Pressed bc your fav remains irrelevant? Ya’ll can call her fake as much a you want, the bitch is talented and focused, at the end of the day it is a competition and she played her cards well. If your only real argument is her not commenting on the hate her “sisters” received (although she did on Trinity’ live), sorry Detox didn’t do it for Phiphi. Also she is not responsible for what other people say or do. Period. (And yes I was also expecting a message from her about that but whatever, she posted it on her instagram) This is not the first time queens receive hate and let’s not fool ourselves, it will keep happening so if your skin is not tough enough to protect you from the heat maybe you shouldn’t be competing in a fucking Reality Tv Show. You exposed yourself and your character for the world to see and judge. Pd: if your other argument is the way she treated Farrah sorry but that wasn’t the time for her to speak. All she did during the whole competition was cry and put too much highlight. And if not texting you back is a good enough reason to take an important moment from a “friend” well bitch you don’t deserve her attention, who wants to befriend someone so needy? That intervention was not genuine she was just trying to be relevant. So in Valentina’s words for all her haters out there, pressed and offended by her: FARRAH, SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

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Star Wars Preference- What you do together for your birthday

Obi-Wan surprises you every year for your birthday, usually appearing out of no where, pulls you away from what you’re doing and taking you somewhere nice for the day/night. 
“Hello there!” You hear from your window as you start to take your jewellery off getting ready for a shower.
You turn around to see your boyfriend Obi-Wan.
“Obi!” You say happily as you run into his arms.
“Ready for a night out?” He asks taking your arm.
“Of course.” You tell him giving him a kiss.

Luke is usually pretty quiet about a week leading up to your birthday so he can hear what you say to Leia and Luke about what you want to do and get and what would be fun to do that day.
“Luke, how did you know?!” You say as you open the exact book that you wanted.
“Thats not all, gorgeous.” He says as he extends his arm to take you somewhere lovely.

Anakin usually takes you for a ride in the best ride he can find; taking you anywhere you want and sometimes even just going really fast around planets because racing around is fun. 
“Where to now, Y/N?” He asks you with a cheeky smile.
You look over to him with a smile.
“Lets go racing!” You say excitedly.
“That’s what I was hoping you’d say.” He says to you with an even cheekier grin on his face.

Poe likes to take you for a  trip in his space ship, where you’d race around or even do some target shooting, and it usually ends with ice cream with your friends. It’s a weird tradition but you love it.
“Yeah! Thats my girl!” He yells to you excitedly.
“Damn, we’re all out of targets, but how about we meet Rey and Finn at Maz’s place for late night ice cream and drinks?” He suggests to you.
“YES! But I want to drive.”
“Of course, baby.” He says to you with a kiss and a smile. 

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My sister and I love your drag race au so much and now all she can talk about is Yuuri and Yurio playing out that icon s3 sugar daddy moment (Yuuri would be Shangela according to her)


And then Yurio, choking back tears, “b-biTHC”

Medals, rings and other shiny things (2017 Boston Marathon recap)

I woke up at 3 a.m., 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Monday. Kept looking over at the clock, always afraid I’d wake up to find it was hours beyond when my alarm was set.

Around 5 a.m., I decided to stop trying to fall back asleep. I was not tired. It was going to be a big day. A little light was already streaming into our window, on the third floor of a Double Tree hotel just south of the core part of Boston. It was Marathon Monday. 

Skip ahead an hour. My boyfriend, Alex, was walking me to the nearby train stop, which I would take into the city. I was meeting a few friends near the buses that would take us to the start of the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton. 

Alex and I have been dating for about five and a half years after initially meeting our freshman year at Elon University. He’d pestered my friend to introduce us, and I, wary of the games and tricks that so many college boys play, dismissed him. Harsh, I know. But I also knew he was out of my league. He was handsome, confident and could bring a party into any room. And that, in my book, was another red flag. I was quieter. Bookish. The definition of an introvert. My confidence was growing, but I was —and still am — intimidated by those louder and more boisterous than myself. By this time in my life, I knew more about how to care for myself, especially when it came to relationships, so to say I was guarded would be an understatement. 

In the fall of our sophomore year, we held a joint birthday party for two of my roommates. Alex and some of his friends came over and in between making sure both birthday girls were okay and tucked in bed with water and Advil on their bedside, we started talking. Everybody had left the party by the time we actually left the apartment to meet up with friends and enjoy the night ourselves. 

We started officially dating shortly afterward. Since college, we’ve endured two years of long distance between Vermont and North Carolina. He took a leap of faith and moved down to my beautiful state in June of 2016, landed an incredible job, and we moved in together a few months later. 

(Sunday shakeout run with Alex)

Back to the story.

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Post-race press conference, Qatar

[Holy fuck Vale just went on and on and I didn’t want to clip what he said, so here’s the whole answer to the introductory question]

“I heard you say in parc fermé, if you were a betting man you wouldn’t have put any money on yourself. But that was a remarkable result after testing, and with everything that happened up to the race!”

“Yes, so. Start the season with a podium is always a great way - better than last year! But arriving from a difficult period like me. With a very bad winter test, sincerely bad from when I try in Valencia the new bike, and I never feel good.

But I have to say a big thank you to Yamaha and to all my team, because in all this period I always feel great support, great trust in me. And you know also the situation was quite critical…so. 

Something change from Thursday to Friday. Because on Thursday we still have the same problem that I had during all the test, and was very frustrating. But Friday was better. I continue to go quite slow, but I start to improve. 

So from that moment I was quite optimistic to arrive in the first five. But after Saturday you know we don’t make nothing, and the warm-up was very difficult; but sincerely for me, I suffer very much the high temperature - so the 10 degrees more that we had in the daytime. I finish the tyre after three corners. 

So this condition of the race was help for me. We change another time the bike for the race, and I feel good. I start, I don’t crash in the first three corner when a train come to me [Note: Cal clipped him from behind, that’s why Rossi’s rear-camera was hanging off his bike for the race] on my camera and everything. 

But after that, I enjoy very much. First of all, because I saw Maverick for all the race - that never happen in the test! And in the end I hope that Dovi was more in trouble with the soft rear, but I was also in trouble with the front on the right. So if I arrive there and for the push make a mistake, I was very angry. So this podium is very important.”

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Hey!! Could you maybe write a bit for the Sprace ghost hunters AU where Jack (and maybe Crutch or Davey) pranks them and scares them maybe?? I just thought it be kind of a funny idea!

I have missed this AU!

If there was one thing Jack Kelly never did by halves it was pranks. But Davey had threatened to break up with him if he pulled anymore pranks on him so he was forced to pick other targets for the coming April Fool’s Day. Spot and Race just seemed perfect.

He was recording the whole thing – if this went to plan it would be comedy gold for YouTube – and he’d organised the it down to an exact science. It had all started with recon, getting Race to reveal where and when they next planned to film a video during a casual Skype chat, then came perfecting a flawless ghost costume, all scarlet blood and white pancake makeup. By the time he was done Davey had walked in on it three times and had almost as many heart attacks, and it was time to get it out of the apartment before his boyfriend actually did go through with that break up threat.

The abandoned barn was as creepy and dark as all hell so, in short, it was perfect for what Jack in mind. Race had said something about a freak farm machinery accident that had resulted in the brutal death of a worker who was rumoured to haunt the premises. Jack could have believed it, walking around the deserted space. Donning the costume he’d made, he wriggled into the space created by a pallet leaning against the wall to wait.

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You should do a spicy boom!sonamy prompt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ok for real tho, would you write some cute, fluff, slightly angst boom! Sonamy prompt? I need some feels! Btw you're awesome I love all of your work. Is the only thing I've been reading for the last week and I'm obsess <3

Haha, just kidding! I would love to do some fluff~ I’m still not quite sure on the definition of ‘spicy’? But I think it means ‘steamy’ right? Well, I think you were kidding, right? Cause you said, ‘but for real’ so I’ll go with fluff, cute, and some mild angst. Boom is hard cause it’s not very easy to place these two in a moment of vulnerability besides-….


…..Oh my gosh.

(Also thank you so much!!! XD I know it’s a deep pool of prompts to swim through since 2 or 3 years of writing these suckers but I thank you for liking them so much~<3 I love you for your love and support! XD)


Sonic walked with a wide swing in his step, looking around before directly to Amy, and seeing what she was doing on the ground.

“Uh… Ames? Not that I’m trying to be a bother to your… ‘experimentation’ thing or whatnot, but…” he shook his hands in the air, looking a little bored before leaning over to see what she was doing, fiddling with what looked like puzzle pieces placed in a slider.

“Sorry, Sonic. I know I called you over here for your speedy abilities, but I honestly can’t seem to figure out this… stupid… errkk!!!” she tried to slide one more square piece over, tugging and struggling before getting it’s rusty self in place.

“Ha!” Amy was forced back by her own power, but the titles in the small square glowed suddenly, and Sonic’s mouth formed an ‘o’ as he leaned back.

“I did it!” Amy jumped back forward, holding her hands up triumphantly. “Okay, now I need you to- AHHH!!”

The two were suddenly pulled into the small, miniature vortex and spiraled into it, becoming small and only pint-sized selves.

“Oh no!” Amy looked herself over, “The effects of those ancient geared tablets must have triggered some form of…. of an ancient shrink ray!” she gripped her head, looking worried. “I must have misread it!” she suddenly ran over to a large book, hitting it open and then looking down at the page as Sonic raced up to look at her.

“It’s no use… it’s all the way on page 380…” she looked at all the pages, seeing how hard it was to flip each individual one separately.

Sonic jumped up, gesturing to himself and for her to move as she smiled and got by his side.

She laughed as she jumped while he ran over the pages, having them flip quickly under his speedy shoes before she was finally able to see the right page.

“Oh! Stop, stop, stop!” she motioned her hand out before dropping to her knees, using her hand to read over the now large printed words.

“Shoot!” she hit her hand to the paper, “I thought it said sight array, not shrink ray!”

“How could you mess those up?” Sonic had his arms folded, before parting them with a shrug and leaning his head back, “They don’t even sound the same!” He then looked back at her with the expression that he was somehow smarter at getting this than her.

As he shook his head in complete haughtiness, she just stared at him as if he had no idea what the difference was in hieroglyphics and modern language.

“Some things can mean a number of things, Sonic.” she rolled her eyes, and continued to read. “Now… let’s figure out how to fix this…”

“Pfft, boring!” Sonic jumped down from the book, taking off a ways.

“W-wait! You can’t just go! It’s dangerous!” Amy stood up, looking upset and worried before he about faced, hearing her words, and coming back.

“Did I hear dangerous?” he gave her a funny look, “Amy, I’m magnetically pulled to dangerous!”

“I really hope you weren’t just winging words there.” Amy insulted, as he did in fact looked offended.

“What’s your problem?! You act like I can’t understand anything!” Sonic put a hand to his hip and then gestured up to her, “Like, what? You’re some sort of ‘high scholar’ above of me?” he turned around, folding his arms and looking behind himself, pouting in a grumpy way.

“Well… yes.” Amy nonchalantly answered, even looking up a moment to bounce her shoulders as if that was ‘matter-of-factly’ a true statement, and then looked back at him with drooped eyelids. “And you’re point is?”

“Augh! I don’t need this!” Sonic threw his hands up in the air, fed up with her attitude as he was about to take off again.


“Sorry comes after the brooding, Amy. You know this.” he stayed bent down in his running pose, arms up and ready to swing out like a running man and his toe tipped up to start the first step.

“No, not that! I mean, how am I gonna get around if you take off like that?” she jogged to the corner of the book, and looked down over at him.

“Sonic… we can’t just abandon each other!”

He slid his mouth to the side of his muzzle, narrowing his eyes and drooping his eyelids as if he wasn’t really disagreeing on that comment… but he could just go if he wanted too..


Her voice turned more desperate.

He looked down, his frown slowly stretching out and untensing.


He shook his head and ruffled his hands in his quills, getting up and waltzing back to her. “Ahhh.. fine! FINE! But you have to say you’re sorry!” He stuck a finger up at her, still looking upset.

“Fine.” Amy nodded, liking that deal as she sat pretty up top, tilting her head slightly side to side to rustle her own quills into a neater place from looking down. “I’m sorry for referencing that most men are blind idiots who state their opinions as fact.” she smiled down to Sonic.

She acted so innocent…

He hated it.

He glared and puffed up his own chest, “Oh yeah? Well, I’m sorry for referring to all women as pompous and stubborn!” he folded his arms, turning away. “Acting so high and mighty… but then needing someone to cuddle with in the dark~” he suddenly mocked her by throwing his arms around himself, then placing his hands together and to the side of his face, as if doting or acting ‘feminine’ as he pretended to sleep and close his eyes.

His eyes shot back open when he heard a battlecry and looked up, jumping a bit in shock and parting his legs, racing away as Amy came down with a hammer.

The dust piled up and he coughed while fanning it away.

She breathed loudly, looking ticked.


“Yes. Thank you. Adios!” he nodded, saluted her with a flick of his two, put together fingers goodbye, and was about to race off.


“WHHHYYY…?” he groaned, swinging his arms down and back around himself in a huge, over-exaggerated whine.

He looked to her with arched eyes, as if so done with fighting her already.

“I thought that’s what you want!”

“We need to get that-!” She pointed to the tablet’s holder. “To Tails!” she threw her pointed finger down, looking ready to chew his head off.

“Hmph. And why should I help you?” he folded his arms, sticking his tongue at her before turning his head away. “All you ever do is unappreciated me.”

“Excuse me?” she raised an eyebrow, confused by his wording.

“You never listen to me!” he suddenly over-acted, flinging the back of his hand’s wrist up to his forehead, leaning himself back. “I’m all alone in this big empty world, and all I ever wanted was for you to notice me! Ah!” he suddenly dropped to his knees, laying with an arm supporting him up, looking helpless, and clearly seeming to reference a previous conversation he must have had with Amy Rose…

“I’m just a woman! With feelings too!” he kept mocking, and as he did so, Amy’s face shifted from anger to hurt, as if he was making fun of her feelings when she had spoken those words long ago.

“But of course! You wouldn’t understand!” he hit his hand down in a fists, “Because, what? What!?” he suddenly threw his hands up to his face, shaking his head back before glaring at her, turning back to his old self.

“Because men don’t understand love!?”

He bounced himself up and walked over to her, looking much more serious as she stepped back, a little afraid that he wasn’t just acting anymore…

“I came here to help you! Not be told I’m stupid!” he thrust a finger at her, and she tripped over the side of the book’s cover, hitting the stacked papers to break her fall.

“..A-Ames?” he suddenly pulled away, worried.

She looked down, sniffing as she rubbed her nose and got up.

“Is that what you think of my feelings?” She walked past him, before looking up as she did so, “That their a drama to be acted out?” she looked deeply hurt, and turned away as she squinted her eyes shut, before running off to get the tablet, pushing it as it started to jut-forward.

“…H-hey now… hold on! I’m the one that’s suppose to be offended and hurt here!” he stomped his foot down. “Don’t suddenly make this about you!”

She kept struggling to push it, but little by little, she got it going.

“Just don’t come, Sonic! I get it! You’re better off alone…” she looked away from him as she passed, before his face drooped and he watched in sorrow as she pushed the square puzzle passed him.

He outstretched an arm, “Amy..?”

He had taken it a bit too far, and looked away, scanning the ground as if he could find answers there.

“Ah, man…” he rubbed his head again, before he moved down to his neck, looking regretful.

“Amy… Ah, Ames. Don’t push it yourself!” he gave in to his better nature, rushing up and helping her push, causing the square to go must faster.

“I said I didn’t need your help anymore!” Amy felt the ease on her shoulders while she pushed, but it didn’t change the fact of how she was feeling toward his little act back there…

“Look, okay, I have feee… feeel… feelllllingggsss toooo…” he contorted his face and mouth as if saying that was difficult, before shaking his head and sighing as if relieved he got it out.

“Ah, there. Now we’re doing what you love to do. Talking about the inner-crisis of our teenage lives!” he kid, still shoving the darn thing forward.

“At this rate, we’ll get to Tails’s soon enough!” he then stated, as Amy looked back at his expression…

She smiled.

At least he tried.

The two finally made it, with a sandy and dirt trail behind them, to Tails.

Changing them back, just before he did so, Amy and Sonic stood in the box that Tails had closed the door on.

She bounced her feet, looking up and waiting expectantly for the beam to change them back to normal.

Sonic looked away, as if nervous, before scratching the tip of his head, and turning back to her, putting his hands together.

“Umm… A-about what I said…”

“Forgiven. Now brace yourself.” she happily squinted her eyes.

He looked back up to her, almost sorrowfully, before chuckling lightly and leaning closer to her.

“No.. about not treating your feelings fairly.”

“It’s in the past! Afterall, you’re a ‘solo-rider’ I get that.” she continued to let it all go, but Sonic just frowned more, trying to be real with her.

“…Ames, I wasn’t lying when I said I liked danger.”

The computer started rotating a countdown.

“Yeah? So?” Amy kept her eyes closed, still acting cheery like she didn’t care what he said.

He looked more gently to her, his eyes showing more in them then what he was saying.

If only her eyes were open to see.

“I mean…” He leaned closer, as tenderly as he could, he leaned his head behind her shoulder.

“I’m not afraid of the most terrifyingly, dangerous adventure any hedgehog could ever go on…”

The computer started counting down from 3…2….1…

“What’s that?”

Loving a stubborn woman.”

Her eyes shot open, turning to look at him as he moved his head, acting as though he hadn’t done or said anything.


The two zapped back to normal sizes, as the door was flung open in a light of blue.

Tails raced up before watching Sonic spin out the window, and then went to open the swinging close door for Amy, but she just knocked it clear off it’s hinges with her hammer, chasing after him with large smiles on her face.

And if there could be, hearts piling out around her from thin air.


It's Hard

Lightning was glad when Sally came to visit him while he was training with Cruz.

She was a good kid, and he was more than surprised when she called and offered to train him to be able to race with this new generation. When the media and the racing world turned away from him just because of his age, he didn’t know what to do. He was only forty, he wasn’t old. The King was older than that when he finally retired, and he had been pitted against the same situation. This young race technician with a promising career who had as much faith in him as his family in Radiator Springs, wanted to train him.

He was very surprised indeed.

But with the Florida 500 quickly approaching, Cruz’s training seemed to be becoming more… boisterous and demanding.

He wasn’t sure how stretching his tires out in front of him and ‘reaching for his lunch’, was going to improve his racing. And with Cruz acting super pumped about it afterwards and exclaiming loudly what a good work out it was, didn’t make him feel any better.

Sally could see this too.


Cruz turned from her portable computer, the screen covered with a list of training exercises and a schedule for each one. She was about to say hello, but Sally held up her tire to silence her. She rolled back slightly to see where Lightning was. He was a short distance from them, watching the sunset with a quart of oil at his side. His red paint shining in the setting yellow and orange sun as it slowly descended behind the dilapidated grandstands of the Thomasville Speedway.

“Can I talk to you?” Sally said softly, gesturing with her eyes that she wanted to talk somewhere else, away from Lightning.

“Sure.” Cruz replied quietly, following Sally out slowly as to not attract Lightning’s attention. They drove out of the old pit garage they were staying in onto the smooth dirt road that surrounded the speedway.

The breeze blew softly as the light of the dying sun filtered through the lush tree leaves. Sally and Cruz drove side by side.

“Cruz, I can’t thank you enough for what your doing for Lightning. It means so much to us, to him. Even if he’s the last car on earth to admit it.” Sally laughed lightly, making Cruz laugh too at the truth of the statement.

But just as they grew silent again, Sally broke it suddenly.

“Cruz… have you ever crashed?”

Cruz didn’t know what Sally was going to ask her, but a question like that, she was completely unprepared for.

“I… no, I haven’t. I mean, I was on a highway once and saw the aftermath of one. I’ve watched the crashes in races as long as I can remember, including Lightning’s. But I’ve never been in a crash myself.”

“Hmm…” was all Sally replied with. Cruz couldn’t understand what Sally was trying to say to her.

“Lightning had never crashed before… he’s always been far to carful to let it happen, and it made him scared of crashing.“ Sally spoke slightly mournfully. “He busted some tires when he first raced for the piston cup and he got a few knocks from Chick, but in his whole racing career, he never crashed. And then he did… and… and it was horrific, and he was terrified.” Sally had to be carful of how she said what she was trying to say. The tears of the memory were pricking her eyes and she wasn’t going to let them fall.

“I can’t image how hard it would have been for you both. Being in hospital, the therapy, getting him motivated to not give up.” Cruz replied in the same tone.

“And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” Sally looked to Cruz. “Because it’s been… so hard, especially on him. And it’s not just because of the crash and how horrible and scaring it was, it’s the media and the racing world. They don’t believe in him anymore. There’re comparing his crash to the Hudson Hornet’s crash, saying it was the most horrific crash ever seen since that. And it was horrific, lightning couldn’t move for a couple of months. He was under anaesthetic so he couldn’t feel the pain.

The media and racing comities played on it, saying he’s to old and not fast enough to race anymore. And even before that, everyone was questioning when he would retire just after he turned thirty-eight. So when he crashed, he felt… ashamed. Ashamed because he had done what they wanted, it was a way to get him out of racing so this new generation of racers could take his place as the best.

He’s been rejected by the thing he was born to do. He wants to keep racing, and you wouldn’t believe how stunned he was when you offered to train him. Because your giving him hope Cruz.”

“I’m giving him hope?”

“Yes, hope that he can race again. Hope that he WILL race again.”

Cruz looked down, a small stick cracked under her wheel. “I’d never thought of that. But knowing that makes me feel so, happy, because I’m REALLY helping him.” She sped up to turn and face Sally, a smile gracing her lips. “I get what you mean now, it’s going to be hard for him to adjust to this. I need to work with him in a way that’ll give him confidence so he can show the racing world he’s not finished.” She was practically glowing with her realisation.

“Exactly.” Sally smiled back and tuned next to Cruze. “Come on, we better get back in case Lightning realised we’re gone.”

When they drove back to the open back doors of the garage they immediately looked to Lightning, still watching the sunset and not moving at all to the point Sally thought he was asleep.

“Thanks Cruz.” Sally gave her a side smile as she left to park beside Lightning.

“No problem Sally.” Cruz turned to her computer. It was time for a new schedule and altered exercises.

“Hey, you awake?”

Lightning was shaken out of his trance when Sally spoke and nudged his fender lightly. “Yeah, just watching the sunset. If you want I can say something like it’s beautiful but not as beautiful as you…”

“Arhh, please don’t.”

Sally rolled her eyes, her annoyed but amused laugh following. Lightning laughed with her and nudged her fender. She nudged back, quickly turning into bumper rubbing and dreamy gazes before an idea popped into Sally’s head.

Sally gave her engine a small rev. “Come on, I’ll race you.” Her cheeky tone and wink was enough to convince him to drive off a cliff for her.

“Oh, you are so on Sal’!”

Cruz looked up with surprise when she heard the roar of a couple of excited engines, turning just in time to see a blur of red and blue speed away in a cloud of dust. She smiled.

It was going to be hard, but one thing she knew, with all the cars Lightning had in his life and all the support they gave him, he was going to prove to the world who he really is. He would be the one to decide when he was done. That it isn’t over… until lightning strikes…


Okay, but when you say you’re going to write a ‘troll appearance and rp guideline,’ it feels like there’s some narcissism there… I’ve been roleplaying trolls for a couple years, nothing hardcore - but still! I consider myself a -decent- roleplayer. And someone please hit me with a brick if I ever start trying to police RP. No, just no! Second time offense on this sort of thing is even iffy, but third and above? Let people RP, yo!

If it was a guide to possible appearances with room for wiggle, sure. Bring ‘em on. I love seeing different things for that kind of stuffs.

A GUIDELINE seems strict. Maybe I’m overthinking, but coming from someone who has smooshed down other people’s views and opinions and said they were wrong for RPing Trolls any way but their own view?

I just don’t like this sort of thing. Stop telling people how to roleplay their characters! Let them have last names! Let them do what they want! If it’s not a harmful, toxic, dangerous subject, leave them alone. LEAVE TROLL-NEY ALOOONE.

Maybe I’m just reading into it? But after they interact with a lot of trolls, I see them walk up to a ton, and then that status comes up?

When YOU guys hear of someone wanting to write a guideline for some sort of race or rp, when they’ve expressed annoyance in how pepople RP a certain aspect of said race/rp, do you think it’s more of like a creative potential? Or something for them to say “Yes this no that”? I don’t know, it just seems like the heart maybe isn’t all in it?


Like, I know I‘d LOVE a guide if it was cool thing with options, eye colors, as long as there was understanding that sure, there’s always gonna be leeway, wiggle room, etc.



Disclaimer: It’s fiction, it’s not real.

Time setting: 5 years after season 23


“Hey you. How are you feeling?”

“Bitter. Life is so unfair.”

It was the second year of Sharna’s tenure in the Broadway production Chicago. It was hard work but Sharna was getting rave review as Roxie Hart. But in one unfortunately performance, Sharna fell awkwardly down the backstage stairs and broke her leg. After the surgery, the doctor has declared her unfit to dancing professionally.

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Memorial Day: Thoughts

I love my country, no matter how complicated things may be for it right now, and today is Memorial Day - a day to honor those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for America. Those who are American should remember:

Those who have made this sacrifice are men and women. People of all races and religions. People of all sexualities. That’s precisely what makes this country great. 

Honor all - Atheists, Muslims, Christians, Pagans, and Jews. Honor black soldiers and white soldiers and Asian soldiers and Native American soldiers. Soldiers of all races. Soldiers of mixed race. Gay and lesbian soldiers. Soldiers who grew up in poor neighborhoods and who joined the military because it was their chance at a better life. Soldiers from long military lineages who truly wanted to protect their country.

Regardless of how you you feel about this country today, and where you stand politically, I think we can all agree on this one point, yes?

Mother is pissed

I normally don’t do this but I’m gonna rant

People who want the races to be separate
People who think race mixing is evil and impure
That shit really grinds my gears
Like yes
You can love your race, but to downplay another race just because you see yourself as superior?? The fuck is up with that? That shit is fucked up
But what do I know huh? To folks like that I’m just a dumb violent monkey.
Which is total bs! Like why group a entire race together huh? The fuck is up like anyone can be violent cruel and such mo matter the race!

Seriously even though we all have different skin colors, cultures etc

At the end of the we are all still human
And someday we all may need each other.

Like Christ you are free to your opinion and views but so am I rant over, I’m too pissed to continue
A Black princess who saves herself and exposes princess culture? Kids and adults say “Yes!” — Embrace Race
An interview with Jeremy Whitley about his race-positive, gender-bending, subversive series for kids, Princeless
By Melissa Giraud

Melissa: Thanks so much for writing the Princeless series! What were you trying to do in regard to race with the story?

Jeremy: In part, I wanted my daughter to be able to see a character that looked like her in the story. I’m white, my wife is black, and my daughter is mixed race. There’s already not a lot of representation in comics for girls of color.

Also, I remember my wife and I being kind of excited about “The Princess and The Frog” [Disney’s 2009 movie featuring a black princess], and then actually watching it and being hit with, Whoa, this isn’t quite what I was looking for!