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Reasons Why You Should Read  Hurricane by stars_andstuff:

  • Its great dude its just so great
  • They meet bc Alex falls asleep on the subway and Burr buys him a drink and hangs out with The Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
  • “I like you, Burr, I really do, but you freak me out! I don’t know your opinion on anything! Are you a hipster, are you a Brony, a Trump supporter, a Satan worshiper? How on Earth should I know!”
  • Its really fucking funny and Im not 100% sure if its supposed to be, but dammit it is
  • Chapter 10 is the best thing that you will ever read in your entire life
  • Aaron Burr wears sandals to work
  • They take the same train home and sit with each other even when they’re mad at each other 
  • Aaron literally raced for the middle seat are you fucking kidding me what are you five
  • my lord and savior trans!Peggy. If that doesnt convince you, what will???????
  • “Most people don’t just leave their doors hanging open, unless it’s a crack den…” 
  • christmas party at the office yall
  • alex fucking their case up like he does in every single fic ever
  • it never gets old. 
  • never.
  • *chants* drunk john, drunk john, drunk john
  • they’re so in love just leave me here to die
  • C H R I S T M A S
  • “What’s a read receipt, and how do I turn it off?”
  • Burr, T Jeffs, Mads, Drunk John, and Alexander. Christmas dinner. Together. I died and this is my ghost typing 
  • I cant say anything else without ruining it more than I already have but honestly EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS

Sirius Black x Reader

Request: About the Sirius x Slytherin Reader idea, maybe it could be an imagine where they always compete with each other, trying to be the best, like rushing towards the potions cupboard to get the ingredients first or in charms class when one raises their hand so does the other without particularly knowing the answer or even snogging someone random at parties because to make each other jealous, but the biggest competition is on the quidditch field, both of them being chasers they practically raise hell

A/N: changed it a little, I hope you like it!

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The minute Slughorn gives them the signal, Y/N jumps out of her seat and races towards the cupboard like a madwoman. “Fluxweed… fluxweed…”

Finally spying the bottle with the ingredient, she reaches out to grab it with a triumphant smile on her face – only to be met with another hand grabbing the bottle at the same time. She stares at the large hand trying to pull the bottle out of her grip, and casts her eyes up the well-muscled arm and into the face of –

“Black,” she mutters, staring at his smug face.

“Look like you weren’t first this time, love,” Sirius says, smirking at Y/N and making her blood boil.

“Let go, Black,” she growls through clenched teeth, but Sirius simply cocks an eyebrow and stares at her. Then, with a sudden display of force, he rips the bottle from her grasp, leaving her clutching empty air.

Y/N gasps, staring wildly from where the bottle was before to where it is now – encased in Sirius’ long fingers. She narrows her eyes, then with a toss of her hair, stalks back to her table without a backwards glance. Oh, she would definitely get him back for this.

When Y/N walks into charms, she makes a beeline for a specific desk in the back of the room – a desk that had an open space next to Sirius.

“Buzz off, Potter,” she says in challenge as James makes to sit in the seat first. James raises his eyebrows and backs off with his arms raised, then takes a seat next to Lily and casts an amused glance back towards his best friend. Sirius looks quite apprehensive at the sudden turn of events, and leans over to whisper to Y/N as soon as she is settled.

“Listen, love, about potions –” he starts, but Y/N shoots a smirk at him and interrupts his sentence.

“Don’t worry,” she says lowly. Then she reaches out and places a hand rather high on his thigh, squeezing it lightly. “I’m not mad.”

Sirius stares down at the placement of her hand in shock, trying desperately to keep his cool. Throughout the lesson, Y/N slowly inches her hand higher and higher until it is mere inches away from his crotch. She smirks at the way Sirius is trying to control his breathing, then using a finger, gently scratches his leg, making him groan quite loudly.

Professor Flitwick’s head snaps towards the boy and he points at him. “Mr. Black! I take it you know the answer?” Y/N fights to keep from laughing as Sirius turns rather red and shakes his head.

“Er – no, sorry professor…”

The minute class is over Y/N rips her hand from its tantalizing position and gathers her books. Before running out of the room, she leans over and whispers in a shell-shocked Sirius’ ear. “See you on the pitch, Black.”

Y/N trudges into the Gryffindor common room, shoulders slumped as she recalls the match. She had tried her hardest to best Black, stealing the quaffle from him at almost every turn and sinking shot after shot into the hoops, but it wasn’t enough. And when Potter caught the snitch – well, it was over.

But the Slytherin team still decided to attend the party, even if it’s only to forget the events of the match completely.

Y/N grabs a bottle of firewhiskey and leans against a wall, taking swigs until her throat burns. She watches the throng of people in the middle of the floor, all writhing against one another, and decides that she wants to do that too. She sets her bottle down on the nearest table with a bang and totters over to the dance floor, blinking rapidly to try and rid herself of the blurriness in her eyes.

“Well, hello there.” The random boy winks at Y/N, looking her up and down with lust in his eyes. She is about to reject his advances when she spies something over his shoulder. Black near the fall wall, some skank trailing her fingers over his arm and her ridiculously large chest threatening to spill out of her top.

She feels her blood begin to boil and looks back at the boy who approached her. “Why the hell not?” she thinks, then grabs him by the collar and pulls him towards her. Grinding against him in time to the pounding music from the speakers lining the walls, she ghosts her lips over his, giving him an open invitation – which he takes rather spectacularly. Crashing his lips to hers, Y/N and the boy are soon in a full out snogging session in the middle of the dance floor.

Y/N can taste the firewhiskey on his breath, and revels in the feel of his tongue exploring her mouth, when he is suddenly ripped away.

“What the hell is going on here?” someone roars. Squinting, she sees that it’s none other than Black himself.

She stalks closer to him and leans in close, their noses almost touching. “I’m having fun, Black. Leave it alone.” She turns around to get back to the boy, but is pulled back rather roughly.

Y/N stares at the hand on her arm – the same hand that had rudely wrenched the potions ingredient away from her in the morning, the same hand the clenched when she was teasing him in charms, the same hand that she repeatedly tried to steal the quaffle from. This time, when she looks at the face attached to the hand, she sees more than just anger.

“I’m the only one who gets to touch you like that,” Sirius says in a low growl, then pulls her against his chest and kisses her. Hard. He nibbles at her bottom lip, seeking entrance, and Y/N gladly allows him to deepen the kiss. His hands are running over her waist and her back, and her hands are stroking through his hair, and god, it’s likely the best kiss that she’s ever had. When they resurface, Sirius looks at her through hooded eyes and speaks in a low, hoarse voice.

“Let’s go.”

i stopped picking scabs, stopped resorting to the past, realized this part of me isn’t bruised anymore; what’s left is just a memory of where the bruise used to be. and sometimes that memory haunts me, but not all night. not all day. maybe there’s still a scab, but it doesn’t bleed.

so i listen to the songs that make me think of you and i feel nothing but the soothing sound of your voice when it was beautiful to me, my memory racing to the passenger seat of your car. so i answer your text messages with something dumb and i laugh when i hear your response. so this isn’t filled with sadness anymore. it isn’t a gaping hole anymore. we don’t talk about serious things. we pretend we forget.

and i miss you, but i’m glad you’re still in my life. and i miss you, but i won’t die without you.

—  getting over him
Winning at MAMA 2016-Yoongi

I wanted to make a text but didn’t know how to do it and this happened. I’m sorry, I haven’t written in eons and am still getting back into it. 
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Yoongi Drabble.
word count: 642

The moment they started their walk off stage, you were out of your seat and racing for backstage. Flashing your pass at the security guards, you held it tightly in your hand as you ran through the countless hallways and make shift pathways until you found the small tunnel the boys would be coming out of. 

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